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New Purple Fox version includes Rootkit and implements wormable propagation

Researchers from Guardicore have spotted a new variant of the Purple Fox Windows malware that implements worm-like propagation capabilities. Researchers from Guardicore have discovered a new version of the Purple Fox Windows malware that implements worm-like propagation capabilities.Up until recently, Purple Fox’s operators infected machines by using expl
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Perkiler malware turns to SMB brute force to spread

Researchers at Guardicore have identified a new infection vector being used by the Perkiler malware where internet-facing Windows machines are breached through SMB password brute force. Perkiler is a complex Windows malware with rootkit components that is dropped by the Purple Fox exploit kit (EK) and was spread by phishing campaigns. What is SMB? S
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Exploit kits: fall 2019 review

Despite a slim browser market share, Internet Explorer is still being exploited in fall 2019 in a number of drive-by download campaigns. Perhaps even more surprising, we’re seeing new exploit kits emerge. Based on our telemetry, these drive-bys are happening worldwide (with the exception of a few that are geo-targeted) and are fueled by malvertising
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‘Purple Fox’ Fileless Malware with Rookit Component Delivered by Rig Exploit Kit Now Abuses PowerShell

By Johnlery Triunfante and Earle Earnshaw (Threat Analysts) Exploit kits may no longer be as prolific as it was back when their activities were detected in the millions, but their recurring activities in the first half of 2019 indicate that they won’t be going away any time soon. The Rig exploit kit, for instance, is known for delivering various payloads — s
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