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A Critical Review of PKI Security Policies and Message Digests/Hashes

IntroductionAll of our articles in this series have looked at using the principles of Cryptography to secure the lines of communications from the sending party to the receiving party. Simply put, Cryptography is the science (or for that matter, the art of) scrambling and descrambling a message while it is in transit.The purpose of this process is to ma
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The Inner Components and Policies/Rules of a Public Key Infrastructure

IntroductionIn today’s world, Cyber threats are an almost everyday occurrence. It is a cat and mouse game, where the victim (which is the mouse, whether it be an individual or a business/corporation) is always trying to elude away from the cat (the Cyber Attacker).The goal of the Cyber Attacker is always to break down whatever walls of defense ar
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The Mathematical Algorithms of Asymmetric Cryptography and an Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure

IntroductionOur last article provided an overview of what Asymmetric Cryptography Infrastructure looks like. It is far different than that of a Symmetric Cryptography Infrastructure, in that two sets of keys are being used; as opposed to just one set. In this regard, it is the Public Key/Private Key combination which is utilized. Thus it affords it a m
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SHA1 certificate shown as insecure or with mix content warning on Google Chrome 39

As of late 2014, SHA1 certificates and it's SHA1 trust chain (not including the Root CA) will be considered insecure by Google Chrome.A three step process will increase the severity of the warning:Initially SHA1 certificates that expire on/after 2017/1/1, and which contain SHA-1-based signatures in the validated chain, will be shown the "Sec
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