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Three years ago ProtonMail was launched. Today, it is launching ProtonVPN

ProtonMail announced ProtonVPN is now available to the general public. ProtonVPN is officially out of beta. You can now directly get ProtonVPN by visiting https://protonvpn.com After more than 1 year of development, and four months of beta testing by over 10’000 members of the ProtonMail community, we’re finally making ProtonVPN available to everyone. And we
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5 Anti-Surveillance tools that can help you enhance online security and privacy

The current digital era is filled with all sorts of cyber dangers. The following tools will help you remain safe by enhancing your online security and privacy. There are many software tools that can help you preserve and protect your privacy online. For your benefit, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 software tools that can help you protect your online
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ProtonMail announced that its Tor Hidden Service is online

The popular encrypted email provider ProtonMail has launched the Tor Hidden Service to provide further protection to its users. ProtonMail is the world’s largest encrypted email provider with over 2 million users worldwide. Its popularity exploded just after the US presidential election, its users include journalists, activists, businesses, and normal
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ProtonMail is open. Do you want an encrypted email account? Sign in!

ProtonMail, the world’s largest privacy-focused and encrypted email provider, announced today that the service is leaving beta.     ProtonMail, the world’s largest privacy-focused and encrypted email provider, announced today that the service is leaving beta and will be allowing open registrations for the first time in nearly two years. For the pa
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Moonfruit Takes All Sites Offline After Threat of Targeted Attack

Moonfruit, a UK-based company that offers users a free website building service, has taken all of its customers’ websites temporarily offline following the threat of a targeted attack.The BBC reports that on Thursday, December 10th, Moonfruit was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack for 45 minutes.According to an email sent out to its
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ProtonMail DDoS Attack – Sustained & Sophisticated

So the ProtonMail DDoS Attack – if you’re not familiar ProtonMail is an secure, free, encrypted e-mail service that promises absolutely no compromises. It’s been getting hit hard since November 3rd, with a large scale rather sophisticated set of DDoS attacks rendering it unable to receive or send e-mail.It seems to have mitigated the bulk o
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How extorted e-mail provider got back online after crippling DDoS attack

ProtonMail, the encrypted e-mail provider that buckled under crippling denial-of-service attacks even after it paid a $6,000 ransom, said it has finally recovered from the massive assaults seven days after they began."It has now been one week since the first attack was launched against ProtonMail," officials wrote in a blog post published Tuesday. "Since the
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Armada Collective Hackers Target Secure Email Services with Blackmail DDoS Attacks

A hacker group known as the Armada Collective is currently targeting secure email services with prolonged blackmail distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack campaigns.Last week, Geneva-based encrypted email service ProtonMail announced that it had been temporarily knocked offline by a DDoS attack. After issuing a post explaining what it was doing to corre
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ProtonMail Back Online Following Six-Day DDoS Attack

Encrypted email service ProtonMail is back online today following a crippling six-day attack that saw the company’s ISPs and data centers under siege.Operators behind the service said the site may not always be reachable, as its servers are still under heavy strain and mitigating attack, and that it’s looking for donations to prevent its infrastr
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This Week in Security: FBI Deputy Director Hacked, $1M iOS Jailbreak Bounty, ProtonMail Pays Ransom

Our security roundup series covers this week’s trending topics in the world of InfoSec. In this quick-read compilation, we’ll let you know of the latest news and controversies that the industry has been talking about.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of November 2, 2015:The same group of teenage hackers that broke into the personal email accou
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ProtonMail paid a $6000 Ransom to stop DDoS Attacks

ProtonMail has paid a $6000 Ransom to stop prolonged DDoS attacks that knocked its services offline since Tuesday. Unfortunately, the attacks are continuing. The popular encrypted email service ProtonMail has suffered a prolonged major DDoS attack that knocked it offline since Tuesday. It was an extortion attempt, the attacker
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ProtonMail Suffers ‘Extremely Powerful’ DDoS Attack

ProtonMail, a Switzerland-based encrypted email service, recently suffered an “extremely powerful” distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that has temporarily knocked it offline.On Tuesday, ProtonMail tweeted out that it was experiencing a DDoS attack and that it anticipated some of its services would become temporarily unavailable. The emai
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