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Chrome 0-day exploit CVE-2019-13720 used in Operation WizardOpium

Executive summary Kaspersky Exploit Prevention is a component part of Kaspersky products that has successfully detected a number of zero-day attacks in the past. Recently, it caught a new unknown exploit for Google’s Chrome browser. We promptly reported this to the Google Chrome security team. After reviewing of the PoC we provided, Google confirmed th
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On the trail of Stagefright 2

In early October, it was announced that a critical vulnerability had been found in the libutils library. The libutils library is part of Android OS; it implements various primitive elements that can be used by other applications. The least harmful result that exploiting this vulnerability could lead to is the software that uses the stagefright library and ha
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Blockchain Technology Abuse: Time to Think About Fixes

Kaspersky Lab and INTERPOL recently presented research on how blockchain-based cryptocurrencies could be abused through the pollution of public decentralized databases with arbitrary data.  During our presentation at the BlackHat Asia conference in Singapore, we demonstrated the proof-of-concept using the Bitcoin network, but it's important to under
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