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Panda Security, leader in Gartner’s Peer Insights program

We’ve been warning for some time now that traditional antivirus solutions are no longer effective against the newer threats. Targeted and zero-day attacks, as well as the dreaded malwareless threats, are a growing concern for businesses. And not only that, we have also emphasized time and again the importance of preventing the losses and reputational d
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Panda Security Detects 100% of malware, According to AV- Comparatives

Panda Security has obtained a 100% detection rate on February’s Real-World Protection Test from the independent labs of AV- Comparatives. The Real-World Test is recognized in the industry for providing an accurate reflection of the protection offered by cybersecurity solutions readily available on the market Panda Security obtained the highest possible score
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Don’t Let Yahoo Happen To You: How to Protect Your Business from Large-Scale Data Theft

In 2016, the theft of passwords from internet titans is no longer an exception. Just when it seemed like the year was winding down, having left us with the surprising news of what until yesterday was considered the highest magnitude cyberattack in history suffered by Yahoo and reported three months ago, this same company returns to headlines after announcin
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How does automatic renewal work for Panda’s homeusers

How to stay protected without having to renew your subscription It seems like only yesterday when you installed your Panda Security antivirus protection, and all of a sudden… Oh no! You realize your antivirus protection is about to expire! Already? How can it be? Deep inside, you know this is something you have to do if you don’t want to find y
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Panda Security and Altitude Partner to Secure Information in the Contact Center

Panda Security, a leading advanced cybersecurity company, and Altitude, a global provider of omnichannel solutions that deliver great customer experiences, today announced a new strategic partnership. This partnership will combine Panda and Altitude expertise, solutions and services to maximize and optimize the prevention of data leakage in the contact cent
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Panda Endpoint Protection Is Given The VB100 Certificate By Virus Bulletin For Windows 10

Panda Security’s cybersecurity solutions have been recognized by the independent consultancy Virus Bulletin, which specializes in the prevention, detection, and elimination of malicious software and spam. The publication, which regularly features analyses of the latest virus threats and evaluations of the leading anti-malware products on the market, has awa
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How To Evaluate a Next- generation Endpoint Protection

We are lately seeing blogs attempting to publicly demonstrate that next-generation protection solutions, like Adaptive Defense, are vulnerable. These proofs of concept aim to demonstrate that there are malicious files that evade detection when reaching a system or attempting to run. The problem with these demonstrations is that the writer expects the malici
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Panda Security Scoop Advanced Award from Computing

Panda Security were delighted to attend Computing’s Security Excellence Awards 2016, held in the heart of London on 24th November, and took home one of the major prizes with Adaptive Defense named best solution against Advanced Persistent Threats. This first award ceremony from the UK’s leading business technology publication Computing, celebrating ac
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New Panda Security Loyalty Program

We’ve a plan for you: Discover the New Panda Security Loyalty Program We have good news for you. Here at Panda Security we have launched a new Customer Loyalty Program to reward our customers with more favorable renewal conditions. The Plan includes special renewal discounts that will increase year after year to reach 50% from your third renewal onwar
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Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has arrived, marking the first birthday of Microsoft’s “last operating system”. As promised, the update contains a raft of new features, bug fixes and enhancements. And taking their promise to improve security and privacy, Microsoft has been quick to emphasise advances in both areas. Going biometric One of the flashiest fea
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Want to be a top tech company? Use a centralized management tool.

The ship of single-device users sailed long ago. Our desks are covered with technology: desktop PCs, laptops, phones, smartphones, etc. and our technological needs have also changed (in fact, they keep changing!). We can’t just think about what we need to do: we need to take action. But despite this, it is challenging to develop an integrated strategy that t
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Advanced Reporting Tool, an Intelligent Control Platform

A platform that can detect a company’s internal threats? Many organizations and companies could have avoided major scandals if they acted in time: there’s the case of Snowden and the stolen NSA files, Bradley Manning and the US diplomatic cables, and Hervé Falciani and top-secret information from the HSBC private bank. These are all clear exampl
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Apple Macs – more secure, but not invulnerable

Over the years, Apple computers have developed a reputation for exceptional security. In fact, many people believe that Macs are completely invulnerable to malware, like viruses and ransomware. But in an age where cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated attacks to break into computers, Apple owners need to know the truth. No computer is 100% sec
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Control Access to Your Mobile Apps This Summer

Smartphones and mobile devices have become the greatest additions to the continuously booming technological industry, and our lives. If we leave our phones at home, we go back for them. We can’t wait for appointments without swiping through photos on our phones, we cook from recipes downloaded onto our tablets, and it is inconceivable to think of goin
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How to Take Advantage of Your Antivirus

The first and most important thing that the majority of people look for in an antivirus service is reassurance: to easily maintain security without it taking up too much time. Discover an easy and proven way to guarantee your security with Panda Protection Service. It is very cost-effective at only €5.99/month with no-strings-attached. You can use the servi
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