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Cybersecurity vs Productivity: The CISO’s Dilemma

Today organizations are struggling with the best way to protect against attacks that are targeting the endpoint. Too often, the security strategy has been to put the onus on the individual employee. Research has shown, over and over again, that training and user restrictions are both tedious and expensive, and have a very low success rate. This is because c
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VMworld 2017 – Our Virtualization-Based Security Resonated with Architects, CISOs and Security-Minded Professionals

We were so happy to be in our element with folks who understand the inherent value in virtualization. From booth demos to our theater presentation on the Showcase stage to the private breakfast with The Godfathers of Virtualization, we received amazing feedback. We look forward to bringing our solution to your business – is it time for a meeting? VMworld i
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OpenOffice coders debate retiring the project

Concerns at the Apache Software Foundation that the Apache OpenOffice project it hosts might be failing have prompted a debate about retiring the project, and triggered the resignation of at least one member of the project's management committee. The office productivity suite was once a key element of efforts to build an open source alternative to Micros
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Finding the Balance Between Security and Productivity

The majority of employees within an organisation are hired to execute specific jobs, such as marketing, managing projects, manufacturing goods and overseeing financial investments. Their main – sometimes only – priority is to efficiently complete their core business activity, so information security is usually only a secondary consideration.Consequently, emp
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Office 365 Advanced Security Management brings powerful protection for a price

Enterprises using Microsoft's Office 365 have a new security product that they can use to better lock down their organizations -- for a price. The company introduced a new Advanced Security Management service on Wednesday that gives companies a trio of tools aimed at helping detect security threats, provide granular controls and let IT administrators tra
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Microsoft brings advanced security management to Office 365

Security in the cloud is all about visibility and control, and Microsoft is aiming to give Office 365 customers more of both with Wednesday's introduction of Office 365 Advanced Security Management."This is really tailored to the chief security officer, the IT administrator — in smaller businesses, the IT manager," says Ron Markezich, corporate vice pres
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Slack is letting its users take their chat credentials to other apps

Slack is offering its users a new way to sign into other applications. The company announced Tuesday that it has launched a new "Sign in with Slack" feature that lets people use their login for the chat app to sign in to participating applications. Developers of applications like Quip can now enable their users to sign in with Slack credentials, which ca
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IT leaders pick productivity over security

Results from two recent studies suggest that cybersecurity needs an overhaul at most companies with root causes of the problem including poor communication, a lack of employee awareness, slowed productivity and a lack of budget.In its 2016 Cybersecurity Confidence Report, Barkly, an endpoint security company, surveyed 350 IT pros to determine the top sec
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Are you using Facebook at work? (Poll)

I’m sure you have run into it if you work at a company with an organized IT function. They provide you with a computer, but they control it and set restrictions on what you can do with it. This is justified. Keeping the systems patched and updated is necessary to maintain security. Not to talk about maintenance of the anti-malware. But security is not the on
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Intego Updates Flextivity, Improves Security and Productivity for SMBs

Intego has updated Flextivity to version 1.5 with improvements to device management and network security for businesses. This update offers several new features, including bulk approval of devices for greater efficiency, and improves application firewall rules for better control over network security.According to the National Small Business Association, 40 p
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EFF-led group wants to give do-not-track some bite

For years now, checking the “do-not-track” option on your browser has been little more than wishful thinking on the part of users who care about privacy online. But now a group led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking to make that a more meaningful action.The EFF and others have published a standard policy it hopes advertisers, analytics companie
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Ad group urges FTC to reject right to be forgotten in US

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should reject a privacy group’s push to extend the E.U.’s controversial right to be forgotten rules to the U.S. because such regulations would have a “sweeping” negative effect on many U.S. companies, a trade group said.The FTC should dismiss a July 7 complaint from Consumer Watchdog against Google, the Association of Nation
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10 Cool Safari Extensions for Warp Speed Productivity

This is the first installment in our Top 10 List Bonanza series helping you prepare for back to school. Everybody loves a top 10 list; some of our lists might not be exactly 10, some might be 5 or 15, but these are the top lists for you as a student or parent to get revved up for back to school — on the right foot. And we'll give you some discounts along wit
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Over 10 million Web surfers possibly exposed to malvertising

Upwards of 10 million people may have visited websites carrying malicious advertisements in the last ten days, possibly infecting their computers with malware, according to computer security company Cyphort.For the past month, Cyphort has been tracking various malicious advertisement campaigns, which involve duping online advertising providers into distribut
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New York judge rules against Facebook in search warrant case

A New York judge ruled Tuesday that Facebook has no legal standing to challenge the constitutionality of search warrants served on its users, highlighting the limits to online companies’ abilities to protect user privacy.Last year, Facebook appealed a court decision requiring it to hand over data, including photos and private messages, relating to 381 user a
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