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Reinventing Vulnerability Disclosure using Zero-knowledge Proofs

We, along with our partner Matthew Green at Johns Hopkins University, are using zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs to establish a trusted landscape in which tech companies and vulnerability researchers can communicate reasonably with one another without fear of being sabotaged or scorned. Over the next four years, we will push the state of the art in ZK proofs beyon
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Our Full Report on the Voatz Mobile Voting Platform

Voatz allows voters to cast their ballots from any geographic location on supported mobile devices. Its mobile voting platform is under increasing public scrutiny for security vulnerabilities that could potentially invalidate an election. The issues are serious enough to attract inquiries from the Department of Homeland Security and Congress. However, there
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Mainnet360: joint economic and security reviews with Prysm Group

On Monday, October 28th at the Crypto Economics Security Conference, Trail of Bits announced a new joint offering with Prysm Group: Mainnet360. Carefully designed to produce a comprehensive assessment of the security and economic elements of blockchain software, Mainnet360 gives teams a broader perspective that will allow them to build safer and more resilie
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Introducing iVerify, the security toolkit for iPhone users

“If privacy matters, it should matter to the phone your life is on.” So says Apple in their recent ads about Privacy on the iPhone and controlling the data you share—but many of the security features they highlight are opt-in, and users often don’t know when or how to activate them. But hey… we got your back! Today, Trail of Bits launched i
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Announcing the Crytic $10k Research Prize

At Trail of Bits, we make a significant effort to stay up to date with the academic world. We frequently evaluate our work through peer-reviewed conferences, and we love to attend academic events (see our recent ICSE and Crypto recaps). However, we consistently see one recurring issue at these academic events: a lack of reliable tools and experiments. Resear
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Webroot Supports Open Network Insight Project

  On Monday of this week, Webroot joined Cloudera, the leading provider of modern data management and analytics systems built on Apache Hadoop, in announcing Open Network Insight (ONI) Project, a database and tools designed specifically for cyber security incident response. ONI will enable security analysts and responders to manipulate the massive amoun
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Tidas: a new service for building password-less apps

For most mobile app developers, password management has as much appeal as a visit to the dentist. You do it because you have to, but it is annoying and easy to screw up, even when using standard libraries or protocols like OAUTH. Your users feel the same way. Even if they know to use strong passwords and avoid reusing them, mobile devices make this difficult
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