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Half-Year Roundup: The Top Five Data Breaches of 2017 — So Far

Data breaches aren’t slowing down. If anything, they’re set to break last year’s record pace. As noted by 24/7 Wall Street, the 758 breaches reported this year mark nearly a 30 percent increase from 2016. If cybercriminals keep it up, the total number of attacks could break 1,500 by the end of 2017. Top Five Data Breaches of the First Half
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Can You Guess the Cost of a Data Breach in the Asia-Pacific?

The Asia-Pacific is a region of unique contracts — rules, customs, cultures, languages, food and more. However, there is a common thread that glues the region together: On the whole, it is growing. Per capita income is rising, and so is consumerism. Markets are growing at a remarkable rate and show no signs of slowing. Organizations are embracing cloud, mobi
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Know the Odds: The Cost of a Data Breach in 2017

We’ve all heard that when it comes to experiencing a data breach, the question is not if it will happen, but when. You may be wondering about the actual odds of it happening to your organization. Think about it this way: The chances of being struck by lightning this year are 1 in 960,000. When it comes to experiencing a data breach, according to the Po
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US Oil and Gas Industry unprepared to mitigate risks in operational technology (OT) environments

A study commissioned by Siemens revealed that US oil and gas industry is unprepared to mitigate cybersecurity risks in operational technology environments. A new study commissioned by the engineering firm Siemens revealed that oil and gas industry in the United States is largely unprepared to mitigate cybersecurity risks in operational technology (OT) enviro
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10 Key Findings From the Ponemon Institute’s Mobile & IoT Application Security Testing Study

Today’s organizations are releasing mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications at a breathtaking pace. According to recent research, more than 4 million Android and iOS applications are currently in production, with thousands more being released every month. IBM client Cisco, meanwhile, predicted that the estimated value of the global IoT market
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66% of Organizations Unprepared to Recover from Cyberattack, Study Finds

Organizations around the globe remain unprepared to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks, revealed a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute.The 2016 Cyber Resilient Organization study surveyed over 2,400 security and IT professionals from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Australia.Of the respondents, 66 perce
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Is Consumer Health Data Really Secure in the Cloud?

Many patients, many updates, huge amounts of data. It seems the cloud is the perfect place for storing and accessing healthcare information.The cold, hard truth is medical information is now the most sought after data by cyber criminals. Some service provider solutions, such as Salesforce, integrate security and compliance measures. Encryption and two-factor
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Cost of Cybercrime for US Firms Climbs to $15 Million, Study Finds

The annual cost of cyber crime to businesses continues to rise, with US firms now paying an average of $15 million – the highest global average – representing an increase of nearly 20 percent year over year.According to the results of the latest Cost of Cyber Crime Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, US companies bear significantly higher costs compare
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Report: Phishing Scams Cost Companies Millions Per Year

The average organization could potentially spend up to $3.7 million per year responding to phishing attacks, says a new report issued by the Ponemon Institute.The study, which surveyed nearly 400 IT professionals at companies with employees ranging from less than 100 to more than 75,000, found that the majority of phishing costs (48 percent) are due to loss
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Data Location and Risk Haunt IT Pros’ Dreams, Reveals Study

Today’s evolving online threat landscape is challenging enterprises to make changes that will enhance their security. The threat of a data breach, for instance, is leading many organizations to invest in measures that will help protect their data.Even so, what intelligence is guiding these decisions remains uncertain. It is therefore an opportune moment to l
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Think You’re Immune From Mobile Malware Attacks? Think Again

For years, we have all been aware of PC-based malware and how it might infect and damage our computers. As a result, most of us are running antivirus software to protect against infection. Many of us have also become ultra-diligent about not opening questionable emails or clicking links that seem suspicious. However, how many people think about their mobile
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Dating Apps and Corporate Directories: Dr. Sleuthe Eistheimer’s New Social Security Productivity Powered by Grumpy Cat

Apps store countless types of information about our lives, both personal and professional. According to renowned Internet-accredited work/life specialist Dr. Sleuthe Eistheimer, the information is being wasted at the corporate level. “Apps have become the new software, but at a much more miniaturized level… and connected to the Internet,” h
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Malware Analysis: Investigating the Right Security Alerts

Faced with an average of 17,000 security alerts a week, security professionals play the ultimate guessing game when choosing which alerts to investigate. They can investigate an alert that proves to be a true threat and thereby shut down an attack, or they can waste valuable time investigating a security alert that proves to be a false positive, while true p
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IBM-Sponsored Ponemon Institute Study Reveals Alarming State of Mobile Security for Apps

In today’s race to build the latest and greatest mobile applications, developers and companies building the apps are increasingly zeroing in on what attracts users to them. Is it their usability? Their gamification? Is it their aesthetic design, or their ability to provide users with yet another social platform to chat with friends and like-minded hobb
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Could Your SSH Keys Become Stolen Credentials?

Recently, there have been several high-profile data breaches in which credentials were stolen, particularly in the Target and Sony Pictures Entertainment incidents of 2014. Considering that secure shell (SSH) keys are often used to access servers containing a great deal of sensitive data, we need to be extra vigilant with regard to the management of these ke
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