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Texas SB 820 Advances K-12 Cybersecurity Despite Limitations

Like many organizations, K-12 schools adapted to COVID-19 by accelerating their digital transformation journeys. And like everyone else who followed this path, they invited unwanted attention from digital criminals in the process.In December 2020, for instance, the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a joint alert with the F
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Tips for Defending Against Adversarial Actions Regardless of Their Origin

When an unfortunate event occurs, people tend to be curious about who was responsible for the event. It can be interesting and helpful to know who your enemy is and what their motives might be. But in cybersecurity, the primary focus is ultimately on preventative and detective measures to avoid similar issues.Let’s use a recent example to illustrate this poi
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Designing a 100-Day Sprint for OT Cybersecurity: What to Consider

As we begin a new year, many organizations will enter a “goal-setting and strategic planning” season. During this time, individuals are re-energized and motivated to record new accomplishments for their professional development. Traditional corporate goal setting aligns with fiscal calendars and forces companies and individuals to build goals in chunks of 36
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How Building a Solid Foundation Will Help Grow Your Cybersecurity Program

Cybersecurity is such a broad subject that many times, an organization can become stifled when trying to develop a full cybersecurity program. Some organizations that have already put a cybersecurity program in place can also unpleasantly discover gaps in their efforts, making the entire venture seem moot. One way to effectively get started, as wel
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Invest in Cyber Awareness to Prevent Attacks

Today’s cyber threat landscape is extremely challenging. Ransom this, ransom that, ransom everywhere – information technology (IT) professionals must work to protect organizations against the next big ransomware attack. Over the years, the sophistication of ransomware attacks has increased as well as the amount of money demanded and paid out in exc
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4 cosas que debe incluir una política de gestión de vulnerabilidades

Las organizaciones se enfrentan a un panorama de amenazas en constante evolución, esa es una de las circunstancias que hacen es imperativo que las organizaciones mantengan una política de gestión de vulnerabilidades actualizada para corregir y controlar las vulnerabilidades de seguridad que pueden conducir a una brecha en la seguridad de la información. Con
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The Hidden Benefits of Compliance

If I were to ask you why you scanned for compliance at your company, I’d bet you’d tell me it was to help you pass requirements easier, to ensure that your audits are good on the first pass and so that you could troubleshoot technical issues with another process.You didn’t know about that last one? Wait, are you telling me you don’t know about the hidden ben
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The Winds of Change – What SolarWinds Teaches Us

In December 2020, the world discovered that the SolarWinds’ Orion Platform had been compromised by cybercriminals, potentially affecting thousands of businesses the world over. Security groups such as the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provided advice and guidance to security teams and IT companies on what actions they should take to minimize th
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4 Things a Good Vulnerability Management Policy Should Include

Organizations face an ever-evolving threat landscape. With this in mind, it is imperative that organizations keep an up-to-date vulnerability management policy for remediating and controlling security vulnerabilities that may lead to a breach. A good vulnerability management policy should contain the following:An Overview of what the policy is intended to do
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Insider Threats: Risk Assessment Considerations for Remote Work

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led many businesses to transition a large number of employees to remote work. The shift could end up becoming a long-term trend; it’s expected to continue after the pandemic ends. Therefore, it is more important than ever to develop strategies for managing and responding to risks within your organization. Internal risk management
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Working from Home during COVID-19? What You and Your Organization Need to Consider

First and foremost, our hearts go out to those around the world impacted by the COVID-19 virus. The director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), who advises the country on public health, has indicated that the risk to the general public remains low and encourages Americans to go about their lives. Businesses and local communities a
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