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Have we lost the fight for data privacy? Lock and Code S03E16

At the end of 2021, Lock and Code invited the folks behind our news-driven cybersecurity and online privacy blog, Malwarebytes Labs, to discuss what upset them most about cybersecurity in the year prior. Today, we’re bringing those same guests back to discuss the other, biggest topic in this space and on this show: Data privacy. You see, in 2021, a
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Roe v. Wade: How the cops can use your data: Lock and Code S03E15

On the evening of June 23, in the United States, millions of women went to bed with a Constitutional right to choose to have an abortion, and they went to bed with the many assurances that are tied to that right—to speak about getting an abortion, to organize and provide support to those seeking abortions, to search for abortion services safely online, to di
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When good-faith hacking gets people arrested, with Harley Geiger: Lock and Code S03E14

When Lock and Code host David Ruiz talks to hackers—especially good-faith hackers who want to dutifully report any vulnerabilities they uncover in their day-to-day work—he often hears about one specific law in hushed tones of fear: the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, or CFAA, is a decades-old hacking law in the United Stat
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Announcing the new Trail of Bits podcast

Trail of Bits has launched a podcast. The first five-episode season is now available for download. The podcast and its RSS feed are available at trailofbits.audio, and you may subscribe on all major podcast outlets, including Apple iTunes, Spotify, Gaana, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and many others. Listening to our podcast is like having a couple of frie
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Securing the software supply chain, with Kim Lewandowski: Lock and Code S03E13

At the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, nearly everyone was forced to learn about the “supply chain.” Immediate stockpiling by an alarmed (and from a smaller share, opportunistic) public led to an almost overnight disappearance of hand sanitizer, bottled water, toilet paper, and face masks. In time, those items returned to stores. But
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Tor’s (security) role in the future of the Internet, with Alec Muffett

Tor has a storied reputation in the world of online privacy. The open-source project lets people browse the Internet more anonymously by routing their traffic across different nodes before making a final connection between their device and a desired website. It’s something we’ve discussed previously on Lock and Code, and something that, sometimes
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Hunting down your data with Whitney Merrill: Lock and Code S03E11

Depending on where you live, you can ask a company to hand over all the data it has collected about you and, in a matter of weeks as mandated by law, that company has to fork that information over. Whether the company will abide on time, however, is a different story. In the European Union, the United Kingdom, and California, consumers have a leg up
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Recovering from romance scams with Cindy Liebes: Lock and Code S03E10

Earlier this year, many members of the public were introduced to the facets of a long-ignored crime in cyberspace: The romance scam. A flashy documentary called The Tinder Swindler had premiered on Netflix, and in it, filmmakers documented the efforts of one man to manipulate several women into giving him tens of thousands of dollars after sometimes convinci
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FBI warns food and agriculture to brace for seasonal ransomware attacks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released a Private Industry Notification warning agriculture cooperatives (also known as “farmers’ co-ops”) of the looming danger of well-timed ransomware attacks. The agency warns that during the critical planting and harvesting seasons, attacks could result in the theft of proprietary inf
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A week in security (April 4 – 10)

p>Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Why data protection and privacy are not the same, and why that matters: Lock and Code S03E09YouTube channels of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, and other musicians compromisedSuccessful operations against Russian Sandworm and Strontium groups targeting Ukraine revealedDon’t enter your recovery phrase! Phishers
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Why Privacy Matters in Cybersecurity

span class="entry-content post-content">In this episode, Jarell Oshodi, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, discusses the role of privacy in the cybersecurity field. As an attorney, she brings a unique perspective to the conversation on how we can work better with our privacy officers.Spotify: https://open.spotify
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Why data protection and privacy are not the same, and why that matters: Lock and Code S03E09

p>There’s a mistake commonly made in the United States that a law that was passed to help people move their healthcare information to a new doctor or provider was actually passed to originally implement universal, wide-ranging privacy controls on that same type of information. This is the mixup with HIPAA—the Health Insurance Portability and Accountabi
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Telling stories securely, with Runa Sandvik: Lock and Code S03E07

p>In 2017, a former NSA contractor named Reality Winner was arrested for allegedly leaking an internal report to the online news outlet The Intercept. To verify the report itself, a journalist for The Intercept sent an image of the report to the NSA, but upon further inspection, it was revealed that the image was actually a scan of a physical document.  T
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De-Googling Carey Parker’s (and your) life: Lock and Code S03E06

Three years ago, a journalist for Gizmodo named Kashmir Hill wanted to understand what life was like without “Big Tech.” Far from a “digital detox” retreat—the kind of which were popular with exceedingly plugged-in, very online types of mid-20s and early-30s folks—Hill’s experiment with technology abstinence was colored by r
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Human Factors: Why Technology Alone Will Never Equal Cyber Secure

In this episode, Kai Roer, Chief Research Officer at KnowBe4, explains how human factors will always play a role in how secure our technology is.Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5UDKiGLlzxhiGnd6FtvEnmStitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-tripwire-cybersecurity-podcastRSS: https://tripwire.libsyn.com/rssYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist
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