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Securing a Remote Workforce: Top Five Things to Focus on For Everyone

Deploying a remote workforce is uncharted territory for some organizations, while others have been perfecting the model for years. Most security programs have different ways to handle their workforce. For on-premise users, which has traditionally used more of castle mentality where you attempt to prevent outsiders from penetrating the network perimeter (simi
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Hacking a network, using an ‘invisibility cloak’ – Is it that simple?

Security experts describe a real attack case that sees the attackers using a small, unidentified hardware device to hack into the target network. Is it possible to hack into a network using a sort of invisibility cloak? The short answer is, YES it is. We came to this conclusion after analyzing an incident after an audit in a Tier-1 bank. The audit r
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Rekt by the REX

The request-to-exit (REX) passive infrared (PIR) sensor. You know the one. Spray canned air or smoke in its face, it becomes disoriented and unlocks the door. Spit a mist of alcohol in its face, it gets a buzz and unlocks the door. The butt of many “jokes” for how easily it provides unauthorized entry, but is this just victim shaming? Courtesy
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A Message of Support: Coalfire Consultants Charged

If you haven’t been following recent news, two Coalfire employees, Gary DeMercurio and Justin Wynn, were performing a Physical Penetration Test against a Judicial Branch Building, the Dallas County Courthouse in the state of Iowa. The two employees were engaged by the Iowa State Judicial Branch to conduct the Physical Penetration Test, which is an auth
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Half-Year Roundup: The Top Five Data Breaches of 2017 — So Far

Data breaches aren’t slowing down. If anything, they’re set to break last year’s record pace. As noted by 24/7 Wall Street, the 758 breaches reported this year mark nearly a 30 percent increase from 2016. If cybercriminals keep it up, the total number of attacks could break 1,500 by the end of 2017. Top Five Data Breaches of the First Half
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How Hotel Cybersecurity Keeps Guests and Data Secure

Hotels need cybersecurity: Although they don’t have the volume of transactions that big box retail stores do, their transactions are generally larger, and their guests have more at stake than just their groceries. But the personal information hotels store is only part of what’s at risk. Breaking Down Hotel Cybersecurity Hospitality organization
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Don’t Leave Home Without These Five Travel Security Tips

It’s vacation time for many of us, and that means it’s Christmas for criminals. In their eagerness to experience all the wonders of leisure destinations, travelers are prone to overlooking risks to their physical and digital security. Crooks know this, which is why they target people carrying cameras, sporting backpacks or exhibiting other signs
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Does DoD-Level Security Work in the Real World?

I began my career in Information Security working for the Department of Defense, first for a Naval research facility, then Naval Intelligence, and finally with the National Security Agency. Information security for my first assignment meant locking your classified materials in a safe when you left the office at night and making sure the office door was locke
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How to Ensure the Success of a Hot Desking Strategy

The concept of hot desking — the practice of working in a shared office with unassigned desks — has been around for at least a decade. While much has been written about it from a worker’s point of view, employers and IT administrators have had a relatively small voice in the discussion around the latest office craze. Before you even consider whether th
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Subtlety Is the Danger for Cybercrime Security Efforts

Celebrities who appear to be suddenly successful have long been called “overnight sensations.” In reality, most of these instant stars worked for years to perfect their skills before they got their big break. Cyberattacks often follow the same trajectory. They are not always immediately disruptive because they are executed stealthily over long pe
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Physical Backdoor | Remote Root Vulnerability in HID Door Controllers

If you’ve ever been inside an airport, university campus, hospital, government complex, or office building, you’ve probably seen one of HID’s brand of card readers standing guard over a restricted area. HID is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of access control systems and has become a ubiquitous part of many large companies’ physical security postur
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Flaws in Samsung’s ‘Smart’ Home Let Hackers Unlock Doors and Set Off Fire Alarms

  A smoke detector that sends you a text alert when your house is on fire seems like a good idea. An internet-connected door lock with a PIN that can be programmed from your smartphone sounds convenient, too. But when a piece of malware can trigger that fire alarm at four in the morning or unlock your front door for a stranger, your “smart home” sud
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Flash mobs the latest threat this holiday season

The holiday season rings in more than just higher sales for retailers. There's also more shoplifting and lower profit margins than the rest of the year, according to a report released today. Plus, this year, there's an extra surprise -- flash mobs.Not the dancing, music-playing, watching-a-couple-get-engaged kind of flash mobs. But the kind of flash mobs
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New insulin pump flaws highlights security risks from medical devices

Medical device manufacturer Animas, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is warning diabetic patients who use its OneTouch Ping insulin pumps about security issues that could allow hackers to deliver unauthorized doses of insulin.The vulnerabilities were discovered by Jay Radcliffe, a security researcher at Rapid7 who is a Type I diabetic and user of t
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How to 'Auto Unlock' your Mac with Apple Watch

Yesterday Apple released the latest version of its desktop OS, macOS Sierra v10.12. The new software features a number of noteworthy enhancements, such as voice-activated Siri commands, support for Apple Pay payments via the Safari browser, a polished Photos app, and many new iOS integrations.But Apple Watch owners will be particularly interested in one
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