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Pick a Card, Any Card: Deception, the Human Mind and the Social Engineering Challenge

Even as the technology deployed by both cyberattackers and cybersecurity defenders grows more sophisticated and powerful, the central role of the human factor remains critical. The most effective way to break into a computer network is to trick a legitimate user into opening the door to let you in. The techniques used to achieve this trickery are known as so
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Frost & Sullivan Report Highlights Rise in Phishing Attacks

Have you ever unknowingly opened and responded to a phishing email or fallen victim to a phishing attack? A recent report by Frost & Sullivan titled “You’ve Been Phished, Again! Solution: Eliminate the Click-It Temptation,” discussed just how susceptible we all are to these fraudulent attacks and what can be done to avoid them. How Do P
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Using Phishing Intelligence to Reel In Advanced Threats and Protect Corporate Networks

Gone are the days of the Nigerian prince promising fortune to unsuspecting email recipients. Attackers have stepped up their phishing game and evolved their tactics to entice employees to click links or open attachments, preying on the opportunity to spread persistent malware or compromise credentials. These threat actors relentlessly target employees — both
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Protecting Against Spam and Phishing Attacks With a Layered Approach to Email Security

Layered schemes are used in most information security strategies, and it is essential to establish a similar approach to protecting the organization from unwanted email. In fact, spam and phishing are some of the biggest problems IT security managers face today. According to LinkedIn’s “2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report,” phishing attacks ar
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Relying on Data to Mitigate the Risk of WordPress Website Hijacking

One of the most common methods cybercriminals use to deliver phishing and malware to unsuspecting users is compromising legitimate websites, such as those hosted on WordPress, to house their own malicious content for free. The URLs of compromised sites used for phishing attacks reach users through spam emails, allowing security professionals to keep track of
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Gone Phishing: Don’t Fall for the Bait

What is phishing and why is it called that? That’s a pretty easy one, really: The act of stealing someone’s credentials is sort of like fishing in water. There’s a group of targets, bait that is known to be of interest to them and a pretty good chance of at least catching something, even if it’s not the original meal you were after.
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Phishing Attacks Collect 70 Percent of Credentials Within the First Hour

Have you ever been phished? Would you know the difference between a phishing website and your bank’s legitimate website? We all hope we could identify the difference between our financial institution’s domain and a phony one. However, statistics indicate that 30 percent of phishing emails are opened. To make matters worse, more than 400,000 frau
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Operation Pawn Storm on Continued Marathon, Attacking Targets Now with Advance Infrastructure

Operation Pawn Storm allegedly run by hackers backed by the Russian Government still advancing their infrastructure a great deal, the group is believed to using advanced tactics to hit the targets. Trend Micro revealed that the group have introduced all new infrastructure and is “Zeroing in” onto the targets that include NATO
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