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Consumer cyberthreats: predictions for 2024

In our previous summary of consumer predictions, we delved into tactics that we expected scammers and cybercriminals to use in 2023. As anticipated, they capitalized on major events and cultural crazes, using tricks that ranged from fake Barbie doll deals to exploiting the buzz around long-awaited video game releases, for example, by disguising malware as a
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The dark side of Black Friday: decoding cyberthreats around the year’s biggest shopping season

As the annual Black Friday approaches, the digital landscape experiences an unprecedented surge in e-commerce and online shopping activity. Major sales aside, e-commerce is still a huge market. In 2022, global e-commerce retail revenue was estimated to reach $5.7 trillion worldwide, marking nearly a 10% increase compared to the previous year. The annual Blac
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Gaming-related cyberthreats in 2023: Minecrafters targeted the most

Introduction and trends The gaming industry continues growing. The Newzoo report for 2023 reveals that two in five — more than three billion — across the globe are gamers, which is 6.3 percent more than last year. Globally, gaming revenue amounts to an estimated US$242.39 billion, with almost half of that generated by the Asia Pacific. By the year 2030, this
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Explained: Quishing

Quishing is phishing using QR (Quick Response) codes. QR codes are basically two-dimensional barcodes that hold encoded data, and they can be used to work as a link. Point your phone's camera at a QR code and it will ask you if you want to visit the link. The use of QR codes in malicious campaigns is not new, and because they can provide conta
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Phishing, the campaigns that are targeting Italy

This post analyzed the numerous phishing campaigns targeting users and organizations in Italy. Phishing is a ploy to trick users into revealing personal or financial information through an e-mail, Web site, and even through instant messaging.  Particularly very popular is so-called brand phishing, which occurs when criminals impersonate the officia
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Phishing campaign targeted US executives exploiting a flaw in Indeed job search platform

Threat actors exploited an open redirection vulnerability in the job search platform Indeed to carry out phishing attacks. Researchers from the cybersecurity firm Menlo Security reported that threat actors exploited an open redirection vulnerability in the job search platform Indeed in phishing attacks. The phishing attacks were aimed at senior execut
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QR codes in email phishing

QR codes are everywhere: you can see them on posters and leaflets, ATM screens, price tags and merchandise, historical buildings and monuments. People use them to share information, promote various online resources, pay for their goodies, and pass verification. And yet you don’t see lots of QR codes in email: users often read messages on their phones w
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Steer clear of cryptocurrency recovery phrase scams

The dangers of cryptocurrency phishing are back in the news, after tech investor Mark Cuban was reported to have lost around $870k via a phishing link. Cuban lost a combination of coin types as asset movement flagged up after months of inactivity from his wallet. Cuban discovered some of the transactions taking place and was able to save about $2.5m of token
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Europol lifts the lid on cybercrime tactics

The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol), has published a report that examines developments in cyberattacks, discussing new methodologies and threats observed by Europol’s operational analysts. The report also discusses the criminal organizations behind cyberattacks and the influence of geopolitical events. The report fo
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Threat landscape for industrial automation systems. Statistics for H1 2023

Global threat statistics In the first half of 2023, the percentage of ICS computers on which malicious objects were blocked decreased from H2 2022 by just 0.3 pp to 34%. Percentage of ICS computers on which malicious objects were blocked, by half year That said, he percentage of attacked ICS computers dropped in Q1 2023, but then rose again in Q2 2023, reach
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Social Security Numbers leaked in ransomware attack on Ohio History Connection

The Ohio History Connection (OHC) has posted a breach notification in which it discloses that a ransomware attack successfully encrypted internal data servers. During the attack, the cybercriminals may have had access to names, addresses, and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of current and former OHC employees (from 2009 to 2023). Additionally, they may have g
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QR codes used to phish for Microsoft credentials

Researchers have published details about a phishing campaign that uses QR codes to phish for Microsoft credentials. A QR (Quick Response) code is a kind of two-dimensional barcode that holds encoded data in a graphical black-and-white pattern. The data that a QR code stores can include URLs, email addresses, network details, Wi-Fi passwords, serial numbers,
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Massive phishing campaign targets users of the Zimbra Collaboration email server

A massive social engineering campaign is targeting users of the Zimbra Collaboration email server to steal their login credentials. ESET researchers uncovered a mass-spreading phishing campaign targeting users of the Zimbra Collaboration email server since April 2023. Zimbra Collaboration is an open-core collaborative software platform. The campaign i
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Microsoft Purview data security mitigations for BazaCall and other human-operated data exfiltration attacks

I recently worked with an enterprise customer who experienced a data exfiltration attack using the characteristics of the BazaCall campaign. BazaCall can be both a ransomware and data exfiltration attack that are used together to increase pressure on and damage to the victim. Microsoft Purview has data security capabilities that form part of a holistic mitig
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A massive phishing campaign using QR codes targets the energy sector

A phishing campaign employing QR codes targeted a leading energy company in the US, cybersecurity firm Cofense reported. Starting from May 2023, researchers from Cofense discovered a large-scale phishing campaign using QR codes in attacks aimed at stealing the Microsoft credentials of users from multiple industries One of the organizations targeted by
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