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Spam and phishing in Q3 2017

Quarterly highlights Blockchain and spam Cryptocurrencies have been a regular theme in the media for several years now. Financial analysts predict a great future for them, various governments are thinking about launching their own currencies, and graphics cards are swept off the shelves as soon as they go on sale. Of course, spammers could not resist the top
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What is Phishing and How to Deal with It?

What is phishing?Phishing is sending fraudulent emails, phone calls or websites by manipulating the unsuspecting users that it is from a reputable company or a legitimate organization. It is like fishing for information in the sea of vulnerable users. They craft the emails and sites to entice the users to clink on the links by either offering grand pri
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Addressing the Clear and Present Danger of an Electrical Power Grid Breach

Power grids are a tantalizing targets for sophisticated attackers. In the U.S., every major economic sector relies heavily on electricity. That dependence includes the military as well. Given the rising threat levels, it isn’t surprising that there are calls for the Department of Defense to ends its reliance on the power grid for key military installat
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A study in scarlet

In the modern age, where computers are used for nearly everything we do, the damage that can be caused to a company by cyber-attacks is substantial, with companies losing millions in regulatory fines, compensation and declining share prices. While some of these breaches have been caused by vulnerabilities within the target company’s infrastructure/soft
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Pick a Card, Any Card: Deception, the Human Mind and the Social Engineering Challenge

Even as the technology deployed by both cyberattackers and cybersecurity defenders grows more sophisticated and powerful, the central role of the human factor remains critical. The most effective way to break into a computer network is to trick a legitimate user into opening the door to let you in. The techniques used to achieve this trickery are known as so
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Tips to Avoid Social Media Website Phishers

For quite some time now, phishing has been a preferred method for malicious hackers to gather from users the information that allowed them to penetrate systems. The surge in use of social networks is now making their job even easier; scores of personal details, photos, videos, ideas and posts of any kind are available often even publicly. Phishing atta
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Frost & Sullivan Report Highlights Rise in Phishing Attacks

Have you ever unknowingly opened and responded to a phishing email or fallen victim to a phishing attack? A recent report by Frost & Sullivan titled “You’ve Been Phished, Again! Solution: Eliminate the Click-It Temptation,” discussed just how susceptible we all are to these fraudulent attacks and what can be done to avoid them. How Do P
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US CERT is warning of potential Hurricane Harvey Phishing Scams

After the Hurricane Harvey hit Texas causing deaths and destructions, authorities are warning of potential Phishing Scams. The US CERT is warning of Potential Hurricane Harvey phishing scams, the experts fear crooks may start using malicious emails purportedly tied to the storm.  “US-CERT warns users to remain vigilant for malicious cyber activity
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Ropemaker attack allows to transform email in malicious ones after it’s received

The Ropemaker attack allows hackers to turn an apparently harmless email into a malicious one after it has already been delivered to the victim’s inbox? What about a technique that could allow an attacker to turn an apparently harmless email into a malicious one after it has already been delivered to the victim’s email inbox? The technique exist
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Using Phishing Intelligence to Reel In Advanced Threats and Protect Corporate Networks

Gone are the days of the Nigerian prince promising fortune to unsuspecting email recipients. Attackers have stepped up their phishing game and evolved their tactics to entice employees to click links or open attachments, preying on the opportunity to spread persistent malware or compromise credentials. These threat actors relentlessly target employees — both
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Spam and phishing in Q2 2017

Spam: quarterly highlights Delivery service Trojans At the start of Q2 2017, we registered a wave of malicious mailings imitating notifications from well-known delivery services. Trojan downloaders were sent out in ZIP archives, and after being launched they downloaded other malware – Backdoor.Win32.Androm and Trojan.Win32.Kovter. The usual trick of present
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Who’s Blocked by Bad Guys?

Just a quick post about an interesting file found in a phishing kit. Bad guys use common techniques to prevent crawlers, scanners or security companies from accessing their pages. Usually, they deploy a .htaccess file to achieve this. Today, I found a phishing kit related to a bank (ANZ) with such protection. But, in this case, the attackers took the time to
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All in a Spammer’s Workweek: Where Do the Busiest Spammers Work Around the Clock?

IBM X-Force Kassel is a research team that operates massive spam honeypots and monitoring, gleaning data from billions of unsolicited emails every year. With such large amounts of spam coming in, we can more easily map trends. We looked at one recently when analyzing the spammer’s workweek. Our goal in this analysis was to delve into six months of data
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Cyber Criminals Hijack Chrome Extensions and put 4.7 Million Users at Risk

Developer accounts of popular chrome extensions being hijacked by cyber criminals, over 4.7 million users are at a risk of cyber attack. Over 4.7 million users could be at risk after being exposed to malicious adverts and credentials theft due to developer accounts of popular chrome extensions being hijacked by cyber criminals. A phishing campaign run by Cyb
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Protecting Against Spam and Phishing Attacks With a Layered Approach to Email Security

Layered schemes are used in most information security strategies, and it is essential to establish a similar approach to protecting the organization from unwanted email. In fact, spam and phishing are some of the biggest problems IT security managers face today. According to LinkedIn’s “2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report,” phishing attacks ar
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