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Fake COVID-19 survey hides ransomware in Canadian university attack

This post was authored by Jérôme Segura with contributions from Hossein Jazi, Hasherezade and Marcelo Rivero. In recent weeks, we’ve observed a number of phishing attacks against universities worldwide which we attributed to the Silent Librarian APT group. On October 19, we identified a new phishing document targeting staff at the University of Brit
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Keeping ransomware cash away from your business

A ransomware gang has made headlines for donating a big chunk of stolen funds to two charities. Two separate donations given to Children International and The Water Project rang tills to the tune of $10,000 each. Their reason was that they’re targeting “only large profitable corporations, we think it’s fair that some of the money they’ve paid will go to char
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Silent Librarian APT right on schedule for 20/21 academic year

A threat actor known as Silent Librarian/TA407/COBALT DICKENS has been actively targeting universities via spear phishing campaigns since schools and universities went back. We were initially tipped off by one of our customers, and were able to identify a new active campaign from this APT group. Based off a number of intended victims, we can tell that Sil
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A week in security (September 28 – October 4)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we dug into what happens when card fraud comes calling, we gave a rundown on some novel ransomware attacks that took advantage of smart coffee makers, and we introduced VideoBytes, our new, monthly series in which we’ll provide video coverage of some of the cybersecurity world’s top stories. In our first week, we g
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A week in security (August 31 – September 6)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we dug into security hubris on the Lock and Code podcast, explored ways in which Apple’s notarization process may not be hitting all the right notes, and detailed a new web skimmer. We also explained how to keep distance learners secure, talked about PCI DSS compliance, and revealed that SMB security posture is weakened by COV
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A week in security (August 17 – 23)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare cybersecurity, dug into some pandemic stats in terms of how workforces coped with going remote, and served up a crash course on malware detection. Our most recent Lock and Code podcast explored the safety of parental monitoring apps. Other cybersecurity news Under lock an
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Avoid these PayPal phishing emails

For the last few weeks, there’s been a solid stream of fake PayPal emails in circulation, twisting FOMO (fear of missing out) into DO THIS OR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. It’s one of the most common tools in the scammer’s arsenal, and a little pressure applied in the right way often brings results for them. Claim people are going to lose something, or incur ch
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Beware “secure DNS” scam targeting website owners and bloggers

byPaul DucklinIf you run a website or a blog, you probably use a cloud provider or a dedicated hosting company to manage your server and deliver the content to your readers, viewers and listeners.We certainly do – both Naked Security and our sister site Sophos News are hosted by WordPress VIP.That’s not a secret (nor is it meant to be), not least
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Lock and Code S1Ep6: Recognizing facial recognition’s flaws with Chris Boyd

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to Chris Boyd, lead malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes, about facial recognition technology—its early history, its proven failures at accuracy, and whether improving the technology would actually be ̶
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A week in security (April 13 – 19)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at how to avoid Zoom bombing, weighed the risks of surveillance versus pandemics, and dug into a spot of WiFi credential theft. Other cybersecurity news: Malware creeps back into the home: With a pandemic forcing much of the workforce into remote positions, it’s worth noting that a study found malware on 45 percent
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How to stay on top of coronavirus scams – and all the others too

byPaul DucklinIt’s not like cybercriminals to take advantage of a world event… and this is a rather large world event.Since COVID-19 hit the headlines, we’ve covered a selection of coronavirus-related scams, phishing attacks and malware campaigns in which crooks have adapted existing sextortion emails, mobile malware and password stealing t
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Watch out! Scummy scammers target home deliveries

byPaul DucklinThanks to the team at SophosLabs for sending us the SMS used in this scam.If you’re sitting at home right now, sheltering from the coronavirus pandemic – and there’s a good chance you are – then you are probably either thinking about a home delivery, or waiting for one.In the UK, for example, even people who have no symp
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Phishing Threat Actor Blocking Techniques: Geoblocking by IP

<p><img src="https://info.phishlabs.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Blocking%20techniques%20geoblocking%20by%20ip.png?width=300&amp;name=Blocking%20techniques%20geoblocking%20by%20ip.png" alt="Blocking techniques geoblocking by ip" width="300" style="width: 300px; float: right; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px;"></p> <p>In order to increase the lifesp
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Spear phishing 101: what you need to know

Phishing, a cyberattack method as old as viruses and Nigerian Princes, continues to be one of the most popular means of initiating a breach against individuals and organizations, even in 2020. The tactic is so effective, it has spawned a multitude of sub-methods, including smishing (phishing via SMS), pharming, and the technique du jour for this blog: spear
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A week in security (December 2 – December 8)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we took a look at a new version of the IcedID Trojan, described web skimmers up to no good, and took a deep dive into containerization. We also explored a report bringing bad news for organizations and insider threats, and threw a spotlight on a video game phish attack. Other cybersecurity news Delivery firm runs into trouble
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