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CSE CybSec ZLAB Malware Analysis Report: Petya

I’m proud to share with you the second report produced by Z-Lab, the Malware Lab launched by the company CSE CybSec. Enjoy the Analysis Report Petya. CybSec Enterprise recently launched a malware Lab called it Z-Lab, that is composed of a group of skilled researchers and lead by Eng. Antonio Pirozzi. It’s a pleasure for me to share with you the
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Security Specialists Discuss Identity and Access Management in the Age of Ransomware

Over the past few months, we have seen widespread attacks such as NotPetya and WannaCry cripple organizations at record scale and speed, either for monetary gain or with the sole purpose of causing destruction. In their wake, many professionals are assessing what these new threats mean for their security strategies, infrastructures and policies. As a point o
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Incident Response and Threat Intelligence: A Potent One-Two Punch to Fight Cybercrime

Cybercriminals and their tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Given the rash of widespread, devastating attacks thus far in 2017, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. It’s no longer enough to simply implement incident response solutions. Today’s threats require a dedicated team of security experts to maximize these tools with
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Stay Up to Date on Threat Intelligence With New X-Force Exchange Capabilities

As both a parent and a bit of a nerd, I have a lot of corny jokes in my arsenal that cover a wide range of topics including animals, food, science fiction and the like. One of my favorite jokes comes from my data science background: “I never metadata I didn’t like.” This joke has it all: wordplay, the spirit of a joke your uncle might tell
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Threat Hunting Services Are Now a Basic Necessity

For the past few years, the security industry has seen a gradual move away from traditional, resource-heavy endpoint protection agents to next-generation solutions in response to the increasing sophistication of malware, cybercriminal tactics and the threat landscape at large. Traditional host intrusion detection systems (HIDS) built on signature-based det
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Monitor Your Network for NotPetya in Real Time

The cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) community has not yet agreed on attribution for the threat actor behind the NotPetya malware, but it is actively investigating. The apparent objective of NotPetya is to destroy infected computers, not necessarily to hold data ransom. Hopefully, you have already invested in solid backups. But when it comes to further manag
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Half-Year Roundup: The Top Five Data Breaches of 2017 — So Far

Data breaches aren’t slowing down. If anything, they’re set to break last year’s record pace. As noted by 24/7 Wall Street, the 758 breaches reported this year mark nearly a 30 percent increase from 2016. If cybercriminals keep it up, the total number of attacks could break 1,500 by the end of 2017. Top Five Data Breaches of the First Half
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No Free Pass for ExPetr

Recently, there have been discussions around the topic that if our product is installed, ExPetr malware won’t write the special malicious code which encrypts the MFT to MBR. Some have even speculated that some kind of conspiracy might be ongoing. Others have pointed out it’s plain and simple nonsense. As usual, Vesselin Bontchev, a legend in IT s
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Mondelez International and Reckitt warn of economic impact of cyber attack on sales

Cyber attacks could have a significant impact on businesses, Mondelez International and Reckitt warn of NotPetya effect on the sales. Cyber attacks could have a significant impact on businesses, and two of the world’s largest consumer goods companies confirmed it. On Thursday the companies Mondelez and Reckitt Benckiser warned of the impact of the NotPetya a
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Ukrainian cyberpolice seized MeDoc servers while hackers withdrawn Bitcoin from NotPetya wallet

The Ukraine’s cyber police seized the MeDoc servers after detecting a new suspicious activity and fearing new malware-based attacks. The Ukrainian authorities have seized equipment from the online accounting firm MeDoc which is suspected to have had a significant role in the recent NotPetya attack. The Ukraine’s cyber police have seized the serve
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Petya Webinar: Yet Another Ransomware Outbreak

Last week, yet another large-scale ransomware attack struck more than 60 countries. This attack, dubbed Petya/GoldenEye, not only encrypted data files on thousands of computers around the world, but also the MBR of their hard disks. After being attacked, victims were fully blocked from accessing their system the next time they rebooted it. It’s impossible to
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The NotPetya ransomware is a Brick Through Your Windows

The recent global outbreak of the “NotPetya” malware has some very curious features that have left security officials puzzled. Despite the press coverage, NotPetya is not really a ransomware attack to hold your data hostage. It’s a killbot. Several information security specialists have pointed a finger directly at Moscow; citing circumstant
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NATO attributed the massive NotPetya attack to a ‘state actor’ and call for a joint investigation

NATO attributed the massive NotPetya attack to a ‘state actor,’ NotPetya and WannaCry Call for a Joint Response from International Community. According to NATO, the recent massive attack based on NotPetya ransomware was powered by a “state actor.” The malware infected over 12,000 devices in around 65 countries, the malicious code hit
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US-CERT published an alert on the last variant of Petya ransomware, including countermeasures

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) published the Alert (TA17-181A) on the Petya Ransomware. The US-CERT urges organizations of updating their software and avoiding use unsupported applications and OSs. The US-CERT confirmed it has received multiple reports of Petya ransomware infections related the rece
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NotPetya – Ukraine secret service announces a joint investigation with Europol, FBI, and NCA

Ukraine secret service announces joint investigation with Europol, FBI, and NCA to attribute the recent Notpetya massive attack. While security experts are investigating real motivation behind the massive NotPetya attack, Ukrainian authorities called for support in the investigation from European and US intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The country&
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