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Paris terrorists used burner phones, not encryption, to evade detection

New details of the Paris attacks carried out last November reveal that it was the consistent use of prepaid burner phones, not encryption, that helped keep the terrorists off the radar of the intelligence services.As an article in The New York Times reports: "the three teams in Paris were comparatively disciplined. They used only new phones that they would t
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Botconf 2015 Wrap-Up Day #3

[The post Botconf 2015 Wrap-Up Day #3 has been first published on /dev/random] And here is my wrap-up for the third day of the conference. Again a bunch of interesting talks. The first to join the floor was Yonathan Klijnsma who presented a nice history of the famous ransomware: Cryptowall. This ransomware has already multiple versions and involved after eac
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Botconf 2015 Wrap-Up Day #2

[The post Botconf 2015 Wrap-Up Day #2 has been first published on /dev/random] After a short night due to social events and business related tasks, I joined the Google offices to follow a bunch of interesting presentations. If Botconf offers a great set of presentations, that’s also a good place for networking and to talk about infosecurity topics whil
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Botconf 2015 Wrap-Up Day #1

[The post Botconf 2015 Wrap-Up Day #1 has been first published on /dev/random] Here we go for a new edition of the Botconf edition. Already the third one. This conference is moving every year across France and, after Nantes and Nancy, the organizers chose Paris and more precisely the Google France venue! Really a nice one, typically in the Google atmosphere.
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Telegram encrypted messaging service cracks down on ISIS broadcasts

In the wake of revelations that groups affiliated with the Islamic State were using the Telegram messaging service to communicate and spread propaganda materials, the nonprofit organization running the service announced that it had moved to block terror-related content from being spread through its servers."We were disturbed to learn that Telegram's public c
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A temporary profile picture but permanent app permissions

We are all sad about what’s happened in Paris last Friday. It’s said that the terrorist attacks have changed the world. That is no doubt true, and one aspect of that is how social media becomes more important in situations like this. Facebook has deployed two functions that help people deal with this kind of crisis. The Safety Check feature collects info abo
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Challenge Ahead, Free Tickets for Hack in Paris 2015!

<Warning>Challenge closed</Warning> Like the previous two years, I’m happy to be a media partner of the French security conference “Hack in Paris“. The schedule is now online, great talks are foreseen! As a media partner, I receive a bunch of coupons for you. They will allow you to attend the two-days event for free. Wanna play
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Hack in Paris Challenge Wrap-Up

A few days ago, I proposed a challenge to solve. The first ten people, who solved it, won a free ticket to attend the security conference Hack in Paris in June. Thanks to all the players! If all tickets were assigned after a few days, some people did not solve the challenge and asked me to publish a small wrap-up with the solution. The challenge was based on
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Mysterious sightings of drones in the sky of Paris

Mystery drones have flown over landmarks in central Paris for the second night, authorities still searching for the operators, it’s a mystery. The rapid diffusion of drones in both civil and military industries is rising a heated debate on privacy and security guaranteed by their technologies. Security experts fear that 
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NoSuchCon Wrap-Up Day #3

Here we go with a review of the last day. As usual, the social event had huge impacts on some attendees but after coffee everything was almost back to normal. The day started with Braden Thomas who presented “Reverse engineering MSP 430 device” or reverse engineering a real-estate lock box. In US/Canada, such devices are used by real-estate agencies to stor
Publish At:2014-11-22 00:25 | Read:4023 | Comments:0 | Tags:Event Security Conference NoSuchCon Paris

NoSuchCon Wrap-Up Day #2

Here is my wrap-up for the second day of the conference NoSuchCon organised in Paris. Where is the first wrap-up will you maybe ask? Due to an important last minute change in my planning, I just drove to Paris yesterday evening and missed the first day! This is the second edition of this French conference organised in Paris at the same place. A very nice loc
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