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What Interests Children Online

Today’s children and teenagers are integrated into cyberspace so tightly that discussions on the outright prohibition of using devices with Internet connectivity are nonsensical. It is more reasonable to teach children how to behave themselves correctly online and lend support by protecting them against undesirable content. To solve these problems, man
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Cyberbullying and “13 Reasons Why”

How “13 Reasons Why” can help fight cyberbullying The Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why has become a worldwide smash hit with teenagers drawn into the tale of a teenage girl’s suicide. Dealing with powerful issues like sexual assault, drugs, bullying and of course, suicide, the program has won praise from critics and viewers alike. The dark, adult tone of 13
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Porn filter: is it enough to protect our children?

UK to create new porn filter – but is it enough to protect your kids? The UK government has recently announced a range of new measures intended to help “police” the internet, identifying and prosecuting cybercriminals and terrorists for instance. In among the proposals of the digital economy bill are plans to restrict access to pornographic websites that bre
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How to keep your kids away from dangerous websites

When used correctly, the Internet is an amazing learning resource for your children. But just like any other “open” communications platform, there’s a lot of unsuitable content out there. As a parent, you want your kids to get the most enjoyment and education from their time online. But you also want to limit access to illegal or undesirable content – at le
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How to protect your children from cyber-bullying

As a new school year begins, many schools sadly will be setting out to tackle one of the most serious problems now spreading across classrooms: cyber-bullying. While new technologies have opened a whole new world of possibilities for children and adults alike, they have also opened the door to a new type of bullying, where bullies use phones and computers t
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Small users in a big network

Children use the Internet for schoolwork, socializing, watching films and cartoons, playing games and much more. But, as we all know, browsing the web can be an unsafe business. In order to control their children’s online activity many parents use specialized software – so-called parental control. This software is usually capable of controlling the amo
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Eight everyday security tips for the whole family

From the youngest to the oldest in your household, every member of the family uses the Internet and apps to inform, entertain and maintain contact with their loved ones. This Sunday, May 15th, is International Day of Families and to celebrate, here are some basic tips to keep your family safe while navigating the web. Updates Make sure that your operating s
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Kids need better protection – An open letter to developers and decision makers

Tuesday February 9th is Safer Internet Day this year. An excellent time to sit down and reflect about what kind of Internet we offer to our kids. And what kind of electronic environment they will inherit from us. I have to be blunt here. Our children love their smartphones and the net. They have access to a lot of stuff that interest them. And it’s their new
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Which are the principal threats for children online?

Kaspersky Lab experts carried out a study of the principal threats for children encountered in 2014 by users of the Parental Control module. The Internet is a dangerous place for Children, almost every teenager is always online through desktop PC and mobile device, resulting exposed to dangerous threats. The dangers are not ne
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Threats to Children Online: The Danger is Real

 Download Full Report PDF The Internet has long ceased to be the preserve of grown-ups. Children today are often far more active Internet users than their parents. But is it safe enough for children to use without fear of facing inappropriate content? To find out we decided to investigate potential online threats to children. The research is based o
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Parental Control. What is it? How is it installed?

The safety of children on the Internet is one of the greatest concerns for adults when their kids use computers.The content they can access, the Web pages they can see or the people who can contact them is a serious worry for parents.How can you protect your kids on the Web? No doubt you have heard of ‘parental control’, but do you know how it works? Are you
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Who’s responsible for the kids, parents or government?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has declared war on Internet porn. He wants both Internet service providers and search engine owners to protect UK families against pornography. Political initiatives to control the Internet are typically badly prepared and in conflict with central principles of the net. This case is no different and the reactions are mostly n
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Kids and the Internet: Why parental controls aren’t enough

Ask a parent of an underage child if they are concerned about their child being exposed to inappropriate Internet content, and most parents will, predictably, say yes. Then ask if they use some type of parental control software to protect their kids online, and the majority of parents will say no. Surprised? I was. In our global survey of 15 countries, 78%
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