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Financial Cryptography 2020 Recap

A few weeks ago, we went to the 24th Financial Cryptography (FC) conference and the Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts (WTSC) workshop, where we presented our work on smart contract bug categorization (see our executive summary), and a poster on Echidna. Although FC is not a blockchain conference, it featured several blockchain-oriented presentations this y
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Announcing the Crytic $10k Research Prize

At Trail of Bits, we make a significant effort to stay up to date with the academic world. We frequently evaluate our work through peer-reviewed conferences, and we love to attend academic events (see our recent ICSE and Crypto recaps). However, we consistently see one recurring issue at these academic events: a lack of reliable tools and experiments. Resear
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246 Findings From our Smart Contract Audits: An Executive Summary

Until now, smart contract security researchers (and developers) have been frustrated by limited information about the actual flaws that survive serious development efforts. That limitation increases the risk of making critical smart contracts vulnerable, misallocating resources for risk reduction, and missing opportunities to employ automated analysis tools.
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Crypto 2019 Takeaways

This year’s IACR Crypto conference was an excellent blend of far-out theory and down-to-earth pragmatism. A major theme throughout the conference was the huge importance of getting basic cryptographic primitives right. Systems ranging from TLS servers and bitcoin wallets to state-of-the-art secure multiparty computation protocols were broken when one small s
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