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An analysis of Sodinikibi: The persistent ransomware as a service

If we take a look back, it is clear that one of the main features of ransomware as a threat is that it is continually reinventing itself, persisting in time and effectiveness. These types of attacks have evolved greatly since they first emerged, and today there are many different and varied families in existence. This also implies a greater effort from cyber
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Ryuk: How the ransomware that attacks businesses works

In 2019, ransomware was one of the key players of cybercrime. Companies and official organizations all around the world were hit by cyberattacks that used this kind of malware to encrypt their files and demand a ransom. These waves of ransomware used a range of variants to carry out the attacks. However, there is one variant that was used then, and that is s
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Enterprise Security in the Age of Advanced Threats

The malware and IT security panorama has undergone a major change, and enterprise security will never be the same. Hackers have improved drastically, both in terms of volume and sophistication, new techniques are allowing threats to remain on corporate networks for much longer periods than ever before. Webinar  on the topic presented by Panda’s own Luis Cor
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PandaLabs Records a 40% Increase in Attacked Devices this Quarter

Traditional security solutions, although efficient in protecting against known malware, are incapable of protecting against attacks that use non-malicious tools and other advanced techniques. This argument has gained traction in recent investigations carried out by PandaLabs, the anti-malware laboratory at Panda Security. The laboratory presents its second q
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A Conversation with Daniel Monastersky, Expert in Cyber Law

“International cooperation and building awareness are necessary to achieving a more secure world,” Daniel Monastersky Security, in any of its dimensions or spheres, is the first responsibility of any government. In this age of hyperconnection and interoperability, new actors and risks have emerged that have forced governments to carry out major revisions and
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GoldenEye/Petya Attack Spreads Rapidly, Recalling WannaCry

On June 27, 2017, a large-scale attack using a variant of the ransomware family known as GoldenEye affected much of the world. In addition to encrypting files on the computer, this ransomware family is characterized by encrypting the MBR when it has permissions, thus blocking full access to the computer. The attack can almost be seen as a replica of the much
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Webinar: What’s Next for Targeted Attacks?

If there’s one thing that we’ve been repeating almost constantly this year, it’s that malware is evolving. And fast. But it might be more accurate to say that attacks themselves are evolving, and especially targeted attacks. As reported by Verizon in their 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, malware was used in 51% of the cases in which there was a data
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Panda Security Warns of a New Phase in Cybertheft

Cybercrime is a very profitable and attractive business. This is a new phase of cyber theft that involves stealing money directly from banks, rather than from their customers, using phishing attacks to infect the computers of bank employees. The million-dollar question is: where are the largest sums of money? They are, without a doubt, in the financial insti
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WannaCry: Five Answers to One of the Worst Attacks in History

Since last month’s appearance of WannaCry, the network worm that wriggled its way around the world using the EternalBlue exploit and infected hundreds of thousands of computers with ransomware, we’ve been getting a lot of questions. As a cybersecurity company, we at Panda Security have made ourselves available as a source of information for other security co
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A closer look at a 3.0 cyber-attack

How does WannaCry work? The WannaCry global attack, which hit 200,000 computers in at least150 countries a few days ago, has set a milestone in the history of cyber-crime, and has made businesses of all types more aware of the importance of having a good cyber-security defense to avoid having their reputation and balance sheet compromised. Today’s atta
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Not Just WannaCry: the EternalBlue Exploit Gives Rise to More Attacks

Since EternalBlue was first published, has anyone else used it? Or only the creators of WannaCry? Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at the history of the vulnerability that gave way to the EternalBlue exploit. October 25, 2001: Microsoft launches the Windows XP operating system, one of the company’s biggest successes. It contains,
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PandaLabs: Hacking Attacks Carried Out in Real Time is the Latest Cybersecurity Trend

Pandalabs, the anti-malware laboratory at Panda Security, takes a look at some trends in the billion-dollar cybercrime industry and gathers the main data points for its quarterly report. Note that businesses are still the primary target with 2.45% of devices attacked, compared with 2.19% with domestic users. Hacking attacks that involve direct interaction wi
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WYSIWYE: A User-Friendly Interface for Cybercrooks

What You See Is What You Encrypt. The trend of installing malware on corporate networks through the Remote Desktop Protocol is booming among cybercriminals. In the last few months we have analyzed several cases of ransomware attacks directed at companies from different European countries that share this methodology and are being perpetrated by the same attac
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Sticky Attacks: When the operating system turns against you

Cyber-attackers are always finding new ways of bypassing the protection systems installed on computers in order to avoid detection and steal user data. In that respect, Black Hat hackers have always turned to malware-based attacks (phishing, network worms, or the dreaded Trojans with ransomware as the most dangerous example) to reach their goals: break into
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RDPPatcher, the Attack that Sells Access to your Computer at a Low Price

In recent months, there’s been a significant uptick in PandaLabs reports of malware that is installed using a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Every day, we witness thousands of infection attempts using ransomware, hijacking systems for bitcoin mining, etc., which all have one thing in common: access via RDP after gaining entry with credentials obtained using
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