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Is My VPN Working?

When a VPN (Virtual Private Network) works properly, it prevents your online activity from being tracked. By connecting your devices to different servers around the world instead of your internet provider’s local server, VPNs encrypt your data streams and prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from reading what you’re doing. However, not all VPNs work
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How to Stop Spam Emails and Save Your Inbox

If you have an email address, chances are you’ve received a spam email before. Spam emails are unsolicited messages that may ask for monetary donations, alert you about the security of your account or advertise products and services you didn’t sign up for. While spam emails are annoying at best, they can also be incredibly harmful if they’re laced with malwa
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US-based organizations are under constant ransomware attacks

Organizations located in the USA are under an unprecedented amount of ransomware attacks that will very likely to continue to grow. In 2020 alone, hackers executed more than 65,000 attacks on U.S. institutions, which equals to approximately seven attacks per minute. Even though most of those attacks are purely driven by greed, they often end up causing absol
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Types of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is vastly growing in the world of tech today. Criminals of the World Wide Web exploit internet users’ personal information for their own gain. They dive deep into the dark web to buy and sell illegal products and services. They even gain access to classified government information. Cybercrimes are at an all time high, costing companies and indiv
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International Women’s Day: Women in Cybersecurity

The presence of women in positions in the technology sector has been stagnant for three years at 25% of the total workforce. Over the last few years, the role of women in the world of science and technology has been written about repeatedly. Despite the fact that progress and the fight for equality are mantras that are repeated and that we frequently recall,
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Catphishing: How to Protect Yourself in the Online Dating World

Online dating is an undeniable part of finding love in the modern world. By the end of 2020, upwards of 32 million Americans were using online dating services, and the industry is expected to surpass one billion dollars in revenue by 2021. But for all of the appeal the online dating world has to offer, it can come with some dangerous pitfalls when it comes t
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You May Be a Victim of Software Counterfeiting (2021 Fix)

If you’ve received an error message in Windows that reads, “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting,” the Windows license installed on your computer is likely non-genuine or pirated. When Microsoft realized that many people were using pirated versions of their Windows Operating System, they created an anti-piracy update to flag false versions and prev
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Aether XI release delivers protection for Windows on ARM

The long-awaited ARM processor revolution has finally arrived. ARM processors, which started out by conquering mobile devices, suddenly seemed to be an interesting, viable alternative for servers, desktops, and laptops and many companies invested in what was believed to be a surefire future trend in the technology industry. Yet as the years went by, ARM solu
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What is Spoofing and How to Prevent a Spoofing Attack

Spoofing is a cyberattack that occurs when a scammer is disguised as a trusted source to gain access to important data or information. Spoofing can happen through websites, emails, phone calls, texts, IP addresses and servers.  Usually, the main goal of spoofing is to access personal information, steal money, bypass network access controls or spread malware
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Do you know the Impact of COVID-19 on the Security Threat Landscape?

Q3 2020 Internet Security Report sheds light on COVID-19 threat trends, growing network attacks, malware targeting U.S. SCADA systems, and more. Panda, a WatchGuard brand, announced the release of its Internet Security Report for Q3 2020. Top findings from the research reveal how COVID-19 has impacted the security threat landscape, with evidence that attacke
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California inmates stole $140 million in unemployment benefits

California, a state ravaged by wildfires and the Covid-19 pandemic, just got another painful hit. Over the last eleventh months, tens of thousands of inmates submitted fraudulent unemployment claims and successfully managed to scam the government with a number that is upwards of $100 million. The money has already been distributed, and it is unclear if the s
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Cybersecurity predictions for 2021: automation set to drive spear phishing campaigns

In August, a cybersecurity webinar for US federal agents set out the leading security trends in their field. The event was attended by leading experts and cybersecurity directors from organizations such as the public/private partnership ACT-IAC and the US space agency NASA. The latter’s CIO, Mike Witt, explained, “We’ve got to get away from the mind-set of ‘
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Panda Security teams up with Peter Andre to promote child safety online

Peter Andre says keeping kids safe online is more important than ever this winter, as internet use amongst teenagers’ surges because of lockdown. As a father of four, Peter Andre knows first-hand how important it is to speak to your children about their internet use. Peter says: “We, as parents, have to find the balance between looking over children’s shou
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Panda Security does it again: 100% detection in AV-C’s Real-World Test

AV- Comparatives, the independent research institute for IT security, has been guaranteeing the execution of individual and comparative tests for years, which ensure the quality of all internationally relevant IT security products. Obtaining some of its official seals and certifications, such as those obtained by Panda Security, is a guarantee of being a cyb
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Guest WiFi Explained + Simple Set-up for Visitor Connectivity

Your friend is visiting you and they ask for the WiFi password. Seems harmless—right? You know this person and you trust them on your network. Surprisingly, this piece of shared information could cause a data breach and compromise all of the devices connected to the network unbeknownst to both of you. The easiest way to avoid this misstep is by setting up a
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