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Cybersecurity predictions for 2021: automation set to drive spear phishing campaigns

In August, a cybersecurity webinar for US federal agents set out the leading security trends in their field. The event was attended by leading experts and cybersecurity directors from organizations such as the public/private partnership ACT-IAC and the US space agency NASA. The latter’s CIO, Mike Witt, explained, “We’ve got to get away from the mind-set of ‘
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Panda Security teams up with Peter Andre to promote child safety online

Peter Andre says keeping kids safe online is more important than ever this winter, as internet use amongst teenagers’ surges because of lockdown. As a father of four, Peter Andre knows first-hand how important it is to speak to your children about their internet use. Peter says: “We, as parents, have to find the balance between looking over children’s shou
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Panda Security does it again: 100% detection in AV-C’s Real-World Test

AV- Comparatives, the independent research institute for IT security, has been guaranteeing the execution of individual and comparative tests for years, which ensure the quality of all internationally relevant IT security products. Obtaining some of its official seals and certifications, such as those obtained by Panda Security, is a guarantee of being a cyb
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Guest WiFi Explained + Simple Set-up for Visitor Connectivity

Your friend is visiting you and they ask for the WiFi password. Seems harmless—right? You know this person and you trust them on your network. Surprisingly, this piece of shared information could cause a data breach and compromise all of the devices connected to the network unbeknownst to both of you. The easiest way to avoid this misstep is by setting up a
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5 Reasons to join WatchGuardONE

WatchGuard and Panda Security channel partners can access the complete offering of products and benefits that this combined company delivers. After the acquisition completed by WatchGuard Technologies in the second quarter of this year, the company has included Panda Security’s range of endpoint solutions in its portfolio. The acquisition of Panda Security p
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Panda Security obtains the highest score in the AV-Comparatives test

Panda Free Antivirus detects 100% of threats in the latest AV-Comparatives test. Our cyber security solution once again achieved the highest level of protection in the Austrian independent laboratory’s performance test. The Real-World Protection Test simulates a real scenario that would affect the average user. For this purpose, AV-Comparatives uses a
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Panda Security passes AV-Comparatives’ Business Security Test with flying colors

AV- TEST, the independent IT security research institute, has been testing international IT security products for many years. Its rigorous individual and comparative tests serve to ensure the quality of tested security products. Obtaining its official seals of approval and certifications, such as those earned by Panda Security, is a guarantee that the cyber-
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Bethesda Children’s Hospital and cybersecurity in the healthcare sector

Hospitals are probably one of the most important critical infrastructures in any country, given all the essential tasks they carry out. This year, however, hospitals have become one of the protagonists of the works global crisis this century: The COVID-19 pandemic. While most people did everything they could to facilitate their vital labor—even changing how
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Panda Security: Proud to be turning 30

Today we have a lot to celebrate… It’s our 30th anniversary! On June 26 1990, in Bilbao, Spain, a group of friends (“panda” in Spanish)  founded one of the world’s first antivirus companies: Panda Security. Since then, the cybersecurity world has changed a great deal, but each time that it has done so, we’ve evolved too. We’ve even had the luxury of be
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Thirty years of Panda Security: 30 years of cybersecurity

In 1971, an American researcher called Bob Thomas created an IT program designed to travel across a network This program left a trace on all the computers it entered, printing a message saying “I AM THE CREEPER:  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.” This program became the first computer virus, spreading to mainframe computers manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation.
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The Cybersecurity Imitation Game, or how much is your security worth

Opinion Piece – Neil Martin, Panda Security Alan Turing, born on 23 June 1912, was recently announced by the Bank of England as the face of the new £50 note due to enter circulation next year. Alan Turing banknote concept – the Bank of England He joins a select group including politician Sir Winston Churchill (£5), writer Jane Austin (£10) and painter Joseph
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How to mitigate the most important vulnerabilities in 2020

Toward the end of March, a new vulnerability was discovered in Windows operating systems. This remote code execution vulnerability could allow a cyberattacker to compromise her victim’s computer with just one click on a malicious document. Shortly after it was discovered, groups of hackers were spotted exploiting this vulnerability to carry out attacks
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Patch management: A pressing need

In mid-March of this year, the attack surface suddenly increased in size. From that moment on, a large proportion of the world’s population have been working from home, outside the company network. Some of them have even been using their personal computers. All these factors increase IT systems’ exposure to multiple cyberthreats, since IT teams h
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Free remote technical support from Panda Security

Panda Free Antivirus offers 24/7 technical support, free of charge to ensure you can resolve all problems affecting your devices. Now, as distance learning has become commonplace, companies are embracing telecommuting, and public agencies adapt to the changes in the way we communicate, there is an even greater need for all our devices to remain connected and
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WatchGuard Technologies Completes Acquisition of Panda Security

WatchGuard partners to realize immediate value from Panda Security’s advanced EDR solution through the Panda Security Early Access Program SEATTLE and MADRID – June 2, 2020 – WatchGuard Technologies, a leading global provider of network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication, today announced that it has closed the acquisition
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