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Talos found tens of dangerous flaws in WAGO Controllers

Cisco Talos experts discovered tens of flaws in WAGO products that expose controllers and human-machine interface (HMI) panels to remote attacks. Talos and Germany’s VDE CERT this week published advisories describing roughly 30 vulnerabilities identified in devices made by WAGO, a German company specializing in electrical connection and automation solutio
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ClearEnergy ransomware can destroy process automation logics in critical infrastructure, SCADA and industrial control sy

Schneider Electric, Allen-Bradley, General Electric (GE) and more vendors are vulnerable to ClearEnergy ransomware. Researchers at CRITIFENCE® Critical Infrastructure and SCADA/ICS Cyber Threats Research Group have demonstrated this week a new proof of concept ransomware attack aiming to erase (clear) the ladder logic diagram in Programmable Logic Controlle
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New Proof-of-Concept Ransomware Can Target PLCs at Industrial Sites

A new proof-of-concept ransomware is capable of targeting the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that help manage critical infrastructure.Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology designed a cross-vendor ransomware worm known as LogicLocker to specifically seek out vulnerable PLC computers that are exposed online.At they write in their paper (PDF):&#
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Kemuri Water Company (KWC) | Hackers change chemical settings at water treatment plant

Hackers manipulated the programmable logic controllers that managed the amount of chemicals used to treat the water to make it safe to drink.   NEW YORK — March 23, 2016 — Hackers breached a water company’s industrial control system and made changes to valve and flow control settings, Verizon revealed in its latest Data Breach Digest. The unnamed w
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Physical Backdoor | Remote Root Vulnerability in HID Door Controllers

If you’ve ever been inside an airport, university campus, hospital, government complex, or office building, you’ve probably seen one of HID’s brand of card readers standing guard over a restricted area. HID is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of access control systems and has become a ubiquitous part of many large companies’ physical security postur
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How to compromise PLC systems via stealthy Pin control attacks

At the Black Hat Europe 2016 two security researchers devised undetectable attacks that could be used to hack PLC systems avoid being detected. Security researchers at the Black Hat Europe 2016 have presented a new attack method that could be used to hack programmable logic controllers avoid being detected. programmable logic controllers are essential compon
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Experts disclosed a critical flaw in Schneider Industrial Firewalls

CyberX experts at the SecurityWeek’s 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference disclosed a critical flaw in the Schneider Industrial Firewalls. This week, at the SecurityWeek’s 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference, researchers at industrial security firm CyberX disclosed several important vulnerabilities. The experts demonstrated how hackers can target ICS systems an
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Hacking industrial processes with and undetectable PLC Rootkit

Two security researchers have developed an undetectable PLC rootkit that will present at the upcoming Black Hat Europe 2016. The energy industry is under unceasing attack, cyber criminals, and state-sponsored hackers continue to target the systems of the companies in the sector. The Stuxnet case has demonstrated to the IT community the danger of cyber att
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Is the Armageddon a PLC-Based Worm?

Three German security researchers have presented a PLC-based worm with Proof-of-Concept based on the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC. Three German security researchers have presented a PLC-based worm at Black Hat Asia. The proof of concept is based on the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC which reminds us all two well of an earlier PLC attacking worm known as STUXNET.
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Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA) and Cyber Security

It’s a cyber war out there! Is your company ready for battle? Industry is slowly waking up to the fact that its facilities are in the crosshairs, the targets of cyber attacks by bad actors trying to exploit vulnerabilities in industrial control systems (ICSs) to steal intellectual property or damage critical equipment. Whether caused by sophisticated
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Schneider Electric Patches Buffer Overflow in PLC Line

Automation and energy management company Schneider Electric patched a vulnerability in a product line this week that was leaving a handful of programmable automation controllers at risk of being hacked.Thirteen different builds of the Modicon M340 PLC are affected by the vulnerability, a buffer overflow that could let an attacker crash the device, or carry o
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Empowering Pipeline SCADA Cybersecurity

Our nation depends heavily on the more than 2.3 million miles of pipelines in the United States that move oil, gas and other liquid products cross country to delivery points, such as airports, refineries, homes, and businesses.At an average of every 40 miles for natural gas pipelines, there are compressor stations that move the gas further along the pipeline
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Rockwell Patches Serious ‘FrostyURL’ PLC Vulnerability

Rockwell Automation has patched a handful of vulnerabilities in its Allen-Bradley MicroLogix programmable logic controllers, including one that researchers say can be exploited with a single malicious URL.Members of CyberX’s research team disclosed details on the vulnerability Wednesday at the 2015 ICS Cyber Security Conference. The Industrial Control
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Siemens Fixes Web Vulnernability in SIMATIC PLC

Siemens has patched a web vulnerability in its SIMATIC PLC family of products that could have led unsuspecting users to malicious sites.According to an advisory on the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team‘s (ICS-CERT) site Thursday, the bug was an open redirect vulnerability that could have been exploited remotely.A condition in the
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Siemens Patches DoS Vulnerability in SIMATIC S7 PLC

Siemens released an update for one of its automation systems late last week, patching a denial of service vulnerability in all versions of its SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU prior to V1.6.An advisory on the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team’s (ICS-CERT) website warned about the vulnerability last Thursday.Related PostsGoogle Fixes 12 Vulnerabilit
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