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University IT employees fighting for jobs question security

Data security is a simmering issue in offshore outsourcing. The offshore workers who staff help desks, call centers and manage systems are accessing data in the U.S. The University of California IT employees, who will soon lose their jobs to overseas workers, are trying point this out.The IT employees say workers in India will have access to UCSF medical
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4 ways Cognizant customers can protect themselves amid corruption probe

Following Cognizant’s announcement late last week that it had launched an internal investigation into possible anti-corruption violations, there have been more questions than answers about what may have occurred at the Teaneck, N.J.-headquartered provider of offshore IT services. Particularly perplexing to some was the attendant news that the company’s l
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French newspapers go offline, but hosting company rules out DDoS as cause

High-profile French media websites went offline for a few hours Friday morning, prompting frenzied speculation about “unprecedented” cyberattacks—but the hosting company behind the sites soon dismissed talk of a massive distributed denial-of-service attack.A number of sites, including those of daily newspaper 20 Minutes and online news site Slate, went offli
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IBM takes on enterprise cloud security

As organizations increasingly move their operations to the cloud, they need to remain vigilant against security breaches. IBM had this in mind as it prepared a new portfolio of services designed to help secure an enterprise’s cloud operations with the same rigor that has come to be expected with in-house operations.“The move to the cloud is nothing new, but
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