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Satoshi Bomb

Let us discuss what defines the profitability of bitcoin mining, what principles for mining speed adaptation were initially embedded into it, and why these principles can lead to the failure of the cryptocurrency in the long run. We assume that the reader has an idea of basic Bitcoin mechanics such as blockchains, mining, mining pools, and block rewards. Not
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False Positives: Why Vendors Should Lower Their Rates and How We Achieved the Best Results

In pursuit of a high cyberthreat detection rate, the some developers of cybersecurity solutions neglect the subject matter of false positives, and unfairly so. Indeed, this is a very inconvenient matter that some developers tend to overlook (or try to solve with questionable methods) until there is a serious incident that could paralyze the work of their cus
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The security is still secure

Recently WikiLeaks published a report that, among other things, claims to disclose tools and tactics employed by a state-sponsored organization to break into users’ computers and circumvent installed security solutions. The list of compromised security products includes dozens of vendors and relates to the whole cybersecurity industry. The published re
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Rocket AI and the next generation of AV software

The annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) was held in Barcelona on 5–10 December 2016. This is, most likely, one of the two most important conferences in the AI field. This year, 5,680 AI experts attended the conference (the second of these large conferences is known as ICML). This is not the first year
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Machine learning versus spam

Machine learning methods are often presented by developers of security solutions as a silver bullet, or a magic catch-all technology that will protect users from a huge range of threats. But just how justified are these claims? Unless explanations are provided as to where and how exactly these technologies are used, these assertions appear to be little more
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Lost in Translation, or the Peculiarities of Cybersecurity Tests

In the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy there’s a character called the Babel fish, which is curiously able to translate into and from any language. Now, in the present-day world, the global cybersecurity industry speaks one language – English; however, sometimes you really do wish there was such a thing as a Babel fish to be able to help
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Surges in mobile energy consumption during USB charging and data exchange

Recently, our colleagues questioned the security of charging mobile devices via USB ports. They discovered that if there were a computer behind the port, there would be a data exchange, even when the mobile is blocked. We became curious – is it possible to measure the energy consumption of the “host + mobile” system during handshakes? Also, is it
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Wired Mobile Charging – Is it Safe?

Mobile phones. Nowadays, they are our constant companions, our confidants. They know everything about our everyday lives. Every day, whether we’re on our way to or from work or just wandering around the city, mobile phones collect this information. We take photos, share our impressions on social networks, send work and non-work related mails, text mess
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You can’t be invulnerable, but you can be well protected

Software vulnerabilities are one of those problems that potentially affect all users. A vulnerability is a fault in a program’s implementation that can be used by attackers to gain unauthorized access to data, inject malicious code or put a system out of operation. In most cases, vulnerabilities arise from a lack of attention to fine details at the des
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Microsoft Security Updates October 2015

Microsoft releases six Security Bulletins today, three of them “critical” remote code execution, to fix almost thirty CVE-enumerated vulnerabilities. None of them are known to be publicly exploited, and only a couple are known to be publicly discussed. So, this round yet again demonstrates Microsoft’s continued commitment to proactive
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Can an inevitable evil be conquered?

Scanning an object (a file or web resource) with an Internet security program essentially comes down to making a binary decision: dangerous or safe? An antivirus engine puts forward the hypothesis that an object is malicious and then checks whether this is true or not. Since there are, unfortunately, no perfect antivirus solutions, errors can occur. There ar
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Lessons learned from Flame, three years later

Three years ago, on May 28th 2012, we announced the discovery of a malware known as Flame. At the same time we published our FAQ, CrySyS Lab posted their thorough analysis of sKyWIper. A few days earlier, Maher CERT published IOCs for Flamer. In short, Flame, sKyWIper and Flamer are different names for the same threat, which took the world by surprise a
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The Art of Finding Cyber-Dinosaur Skeletons

Following the release of our report on the Regin nation-state cyber operation, questions were raised about whether anti-malware companies deliberately withheld information -- and detections -- at the request of governments and customers. A similar question was raised by Bruce Schneier in 2013. Let's get the most important issue out of the way immediatel
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