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4 things you should know about testing AV software with VirusTotal’s free online multiscanner

As COVID-19 soldiers on, small and medium-size businesses now feel as ripe for malware attacks as deep-pocketed multinationals. SMBs see that, along with remote work, our pandemic has also brought troubling new holes to their security. This means cybercriminals—equal opportunity charlatans that they are—now simply cast wider nets to snare any and all busi
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RDP, the ransomware problem that won’t go away

The year 2020 will certainly be remembered as one of the most difficult and tragic years humankind has faced in modern times. The global pandemic changed the way we live and work in ways unimaginable, perhaps forever. It also altered the cybersecurity landscape dramatically. The FBI reported a 300 percent increase in cybercrime in the first quarter of tha
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The future of cyberconflicts

The ever-increasing role of technology in every aspect of our society has turned cybersecurity into a major sovereignty issue for all states. Due to their asymmetrical nature, offensive cyber-capabilities have been embraced by many countries that wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to compete on a military or economic level with the most powerful nat
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Researchers call for a determined path to cybersecurity

Despite our continuous research efforts to detect cyberattacks and enable defense, we often feel that we, as members of a global community, are failing to achieve an adequate level of cybersecurity. This is threatening the proper development and use of information technologies and digital assets, and as a consequence, most of society’s current and futu
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Do Chromebooks need antivirus protection?

The supervisor handed Jim a Chromebook and said: “Take this home with you and use it to send me updates. We want to minimize the number of visits to the office—anything you can do from home helps keep this place safer. When the pandemic is over, I’d like to have it back in one piece, if possible.” Jim is great at his job, but his reputation with technolo
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The best test for an EDR solution is one that works for you

Since its inception, the endpoint detection and response (EDR) market has evolved rapidly with new innovations to better address the cyber landscape and meet customers’ needs for an effective and simple solution that just works. But finding something that just works means something quite different for every business, depending on their size, security expe
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What does it take to become a good reverse engineer?

How much money and effort does it take to become a good reverse engineer? Do you even need to be one? There are no universally acceptable answers to these questions. Software reverse engineering (RE) is not a science but a skillset combined with specific knowledge and backed by a lot of experience. For several years, we have been sharing the RE knowledge tha
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Mass surveillance alone will not save us from coronavirus

As the pattern-shattering truth of our new lives drains heavy—as coronavirus rends routines, raids our wellbeing, and whiplashes us between anxiety and fear—we should not look to mass digital surveillance to bring us back to normal. Already, governments have cast vast digital nets. South Koreans are tracked through GPS location history, credit card trans
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Consumerization: a better way to answer cybersecurity challenges

A version of this article originally appeared in Forbes on February 12, 2020. Consumerization: The specific impact that consumer-originated technologies can have on enterprises. Gartner More and more, enterprises are coming to understand that they need to adopt the agile processes and product strategies of startups in order to compete in today’s m
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Are our police forces equipped to deal with modern cybercrimes?

“You should have asked for the presence of a digital detective,” Karen said when I told her what happened at the police station. I had accompanied a neighbor, who is a small business owner, that had been hit with ransomware and wanted to file a report. After listening to his story, the police officer at the desk asked if my neighbor had a description of the
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Why managed service providers (MSP) are critical for business continuity

With the threat landscape becoming more hostile to businesses, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often finding it difficult to cope. Hence, they turn to managed service providers (MSPs) for help, not only to keep their businesses going—the concept known as business continuity—but also to offer salve to known pain points that encompass all industr
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Securing the MSP: their own worst enemy

We’ve previously discussed threats to managed service providers (MSPs), covering their status as a valuable secondary target to both an assortment of APT groups as well as financially motivated threat groups. The problem with covering new and novel attack vectors, however, is that behind each new vector is typically a system left unpatched, asset manag
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What You Don’t Know About Linux Open Source Could Be Costing to More Than You Think

Guest post by Marc Fisher If you would like to test out Linux before completely switching it as your everyday driver, there are a number of means by which you can do it. Linux was not intended to run on Windows, and Windows was not meant to host Linux. To begin with, and perhaps most of all, Linux is open source computer software. In any event, Linux outperf
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Storing large binary files in git repositories

This is a small update (1 year later) of a great article by Ilmari Kontulainen, first posted on blog.deveo.com. I’ll post the original article in blockquote and my notes in green. Storing large binary files in Git repositories seems to be a bottleneck for many Git users. Because of the decentralized nature of Git, which means every developer has the fu
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How Linux has Advanced Computer Technology and Everyone Wins as a Result

If you were to ask the average person about Linux, it’s likely you would get either a blank stare or a reply about an operating system that a bunch of anti-Microsoft geeks like to use. Both responses are unfortunate misconceptions. Linux has never been more in the mainstream than it is today, and it plays a very important role in advanced computing tec
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