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F-Secure SAFE named Best Security at the ISPA Awards 2015

The Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA) held the 17th UK Internet industry awards on Thursday 2nd July at The Brewery in the City of London. The award ceremony was opened by none other than F-Secure’s chief research officer and world-renowned security expert, Mikko Hypponen. F-Secure’s comprehensive security solution SAFE won the inaugural Security
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Don’t take net neutrality for granted

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, according to the old wise saying. We have learned to value Internet as the ultimate frontier of freedom and equality. Anyone anywhere can use whatever service she likes or communicate with any other person. But will it always be this way? Not necessary. Let’s create a fictive example. Imagine a business developme
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What is a supercookie and why is it more important than you think?

Many techie terms in the headlines lately. Supercookies, supertrackers, HTTP headers and X-UIDH. If you just skim the news you will learn that this is some kind of new threat against our privacy. But what is it really? Let’s dig a bit deeper. We will discover that this is an issue of surprisingly big importance. Cookies are already familiar to most of us. Th
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Who’s responsible for the kids, parents or government?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has declared war on Internet porn. He wants both Internet service providers and search engine owners to protect UK families against pornography. Political initiatives to control the Internet are typically badly prepared and in conflict with central principles of the net. This case is no different and the reactions are mostly n
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Join Mikko for the next F-Secure Labs Threat Report Webinar

To celebrate the release of Internet Security 2014 and the F-Secure Labs latest Threat Report, our Mikko Hypponen and the F-Secure Labs will be hosting a live webinar on Monday, September 23 at 10 AM EDT/5 PM Helsinki time. Click to RVSP for the event and tweet your question to @Mikko using the hashtag #WWPY. If you’re wondering why we’re using
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Check out the F-Secure Labs Threat Report for H1 2013

Interested in why Apple iOS is so much safer than Google Android? Wonder what bitcoins are and where they come from? Wondering how to protect your PC and your business from the latest threats? F-Secure Labs Threat Report for H1 of 2013 is now available. You can download it here and watch Mikko Hypponen and Sean Sullivan of the F-Secure Labs walk you through
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We think transparency is the fundament of trust

I’m proud of working for a company like F-Secure, with a 25-year long history of protecting people’s digital life. But I was especially proud on one day in early 2014. That’s the day when I got green light to write and publish a paper documenting what data our Internet Security 2014 product collects from the customers’ computers. I’m proud of this because th
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