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As Internet turns 50, more risks and possibilities emerge

This op-ed originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 28, 2019. We occupy a richly-connected world. On the Internet, we collapse distance and shift time. But this Internet that delivers mail, connects us with friends, lets us work anywhere, and shop from the palm of the hand, is a mere 50 years old, slightly younger than Jennifer Anisto
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Meet the Online Guardian Working to keep you Safe

Every time you go online, your personal privacy is at risk – it’s as simple as that. Whether you’re creating an account on a website, shopping, or just browsing, information like your email, IP address and browsing history are potential targets for interested parties.   All too often, that information is sold on or sometimes even stolen without you even
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Why are Android bugs so serious?

Yet another big vulnerability in the headlines. The Metaphor hack was discovered by Israel-based NorthBit and can be used to take control over almost any Android device. The vulnerability can be exploited from video files that people encounter when surfing the web. It affects all versions of Android except version 6, which is the latest major version also kn
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What bloggers need to know about cyber security

So you sit down at a coffee shop in Thailand or Belgium or São Paulo to upload your photos for you next post. You coffee is properly sugared and milked and your tablet passcode is entered.Now you’ve got the Wi-Fi network selected and you’re heading into your Gmail. Before you get halfway into your coffee, someone has stolen your Amazon credential
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Love the City You Live In? So do Cybercriminals!

Myth: There is no link between your real-life location and your digital one. The truth is that the two are very much connected. Perhaps more importantly, then, is what this means when it comes to your personal security. If the state or city in which you live is a hotbed for cybercriminal activity, your chances of being infected online increase significantly.
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Ransomware’s Everywhere, Even on Macs

Ransomware’s been making big headlines lately. It’s only been about a month since a Hollywood hospital was made famous after becoming infected by ransomware. Nobody in tinseltown (especially hospitals) wants to make headlines by getting a high profile infection, so the hospital paid nearly $17,000 to extortionists to have their files decrypted. There’s no sh
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Kids need better protection – An open letter to developers and decision makers

Tuesday February 9th is Safer Internet Day this year. An excellent time to sit down and reflect about what kind of Internet we offer to our kids. And what kind of electronic environment they will inherit from us. I have to be blunt here. Our children love their smartphones and the net. They have access to a lot of stuff that interest them. And it’s their new
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Mikko Hypponen’s Malware Hall of Fame

Mikko Hypponen is one of the world’s most prominent cyber security experts. Described as a “virus hunter” in a Vanity Fair profile called “The Code Warrior”, Hypponen has spent nearly 25 years with F-Secure protecting people from computer viruses, worms, trojans, and other types of malware. In 2011, Hypponen travelled to Pakistan to meet the men behind the f
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Yes, it’s OK to play with scammers

This TED talk is so hilarious that I just have to share it with you. Watch it! British comedian James Veitch is engaging in the noble art of scam baiting, or scamming the scammers. The same as this site is dedicated to, or when I almost sold my boat to Mexico. I guess most or all of you already know how to spot an advance payment scam, aka. Nigerian scam. Bu
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Sean Sullivan says look out for extortion, ad blocking in 2016

This is part of a series of posts about what security experts think will happen in 2016. F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan spends a lot of his time thinking about how people expose themselves to online risks. Whenever you download an app, click on a link, or open an email, there’s potential security problems that most people never even think about. But
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Mikko Hypponen on Ashley Madison, Bitcoin, and other 2016 predictions

This is the first in a series of posts about what security experts think will happen in 2016. 2016 is right around the corner, and with it is a new year of unknowns just waiting to be discovered. Some people make resolutions about what they should do in the New Year to improve their lives. Others use it as an opportunity to reflect on what’s happened during
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Cyber Monday Mythbusting

It’s Cyber Monday, and marketing companies expect online shoppers to flock to websites and apps in order to take advantage of holiday sales. And naturally, this causes concerns about what kind of risks people are taking when they shop online. But F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan says any security warnings focusing on Cyber Monday are simply part
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F-Secure Bringing a totally new Future for the Internet to SLUSH 2015

#SLUSH15 is almost here, and F-Secure’s participating in this year’s event in a big way. There’s going to be a big #smartsecurity announcement about the Internet of Things, as well as a couple of presentations from F-Secure personnel. SLUSH, a well-known exposition for startups in the tech industry, has become a huge international event. Both SLUSH and F-Sec
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Don’t even try to remember your passwords

Cyber Security Month is ending. We’re sure you’ve already done the basics to avoid a digital catastrophe, as explained by F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan in a recent News from the Labs post on avoiding malware that can take your files hostage for ransom: Back up your stuff! Uninstall software and/or disable browser plugins that you don’t
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5 things Mikko Hyppönen has learned from 25 years of fighting viruses

F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hyppönen sat down on Monday for a video chat with renowned tech journalist and broadcaster Leo Laporte on Triangulation. Laporte has admired Mikko and F-Secure from afar for more than twenty years, the host explained. So this first talk gave the two IT stalwarts a chance to talk over Mikko’s nearly quarte
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