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6 Tips to Spot Online Scams this Shopping Season, and 9 Ways to Stop them:

6 Tips to Spot Online Scams this Shopping Season, and 9 Ways to Stop them: November 7th, 2019 No Comments anti-phishing, Holidays, Mobile Security, Online Privacy, Online Safety, PC security Singles’ Day, or “Worlds Shopping Day”, marks the s
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How to protect yourself from doxing

“Abandon hope all ye who enter.” This ominous inscription affixed atop the gates to Hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy applies peculiarly well to describe the state of the Internet today. It’s hard to draw a parallel to the utility that the Internet has offered to modern civilization—perhaps no other technological innovation has brought about greater chan
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Job seekers are scrubbing clean their social media accounts

byLisa VaasWe’re thrilled to pass along the findings of a new report that says that job seekers are doing what we’ve been begging them (as well as those people who are just fine with their current jobs, thank you very much) to do for years: button down privacy on their social media accounts, and mop up the splatter tracks of their nonprofessional
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Is your identity safe online? You might be surprised

You might know what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is. But if you’re like many people out there, you probably don’t use one. You should though. And when you finish this blog post, you’ll know why.   A VPN is a private network established over the internet. That might sound complicated, so simply put, a VPN provides security for your device’s internet c
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Anonymity is not Just for Criminals – 3 legit Reasons to Hide your Tracks Online

  In 1853 a strange new invention appeared in the English cityscape, and caused a small wave of moral outrage among Victorians. This perceived threat to social order was not a new drug, political movement or saucy romance novel, but the seemingly harmless letter box. One reason was the shocking development of women now being able to post letters without
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14 Simple Steps for Writing Rock-Solid Passwords

Because your privacy is only as safe as your weakest password.Your online privacy depends on the strength of your passwords.Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but let’s face it. The strength of your passwords is important. If it wasn’t, why would so many people be interested in hacking them!Passwords keep your private stuff private. They make sure
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What the Heck are Zero-Day Attacks? (And 3 Ways to Avoid Them)

If you look for the term zero-day attack in your home dictionary, you probably won’t find it.Go ahead and check…I’ll wait.You might not even find the term in some online dictionaries (though to be fair, it does appear in others.).Nevertheless, if you google the term, you’ll find thousands of references to it, many of them from mainstream sources including Fo
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9 Ways to Avoid Online Shopping Traps (Just in Time for Mother’s Day)

 So it’s a week or so before Mother’s Day and you’re thinking about what to get for your mom. Buy her a book on Amazon? Send her a bouquet of flowers via an online florist? Buy tickets online for an upcoming show?If you’re like millions of sons and daughters, you’ll probably shop for your mother online this year. It’s a great convenience, that’s true, b
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4 Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi

Public Wifi is convenient, but is it safe?Internet cafés are so 2014. Today, almost every café worth its coffee beans offers free public WiFi. So do fast food restaurants, bus stops, intercity trains, airports, malls, libraries, hotels, and public toilets. Yes, even public toilets.But the fact that WiFi is public and free doesn’t mean that it’s safe. To the
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The Perils of Privacy Personas

Privacy is a complex beast, and depending on who you talk to, you get very different opinions of what is required to be private online. Some people really don’t care, and others really do. It just depends on the reasons why they care and the lengths they are both willing and able to go through to protect that privacy. This is a brief run-down on som
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How Valuable is Your Email Account to Hackers?

Your email archive is full of information that’s valuable to you—and to cybercriminals. The combination of plentiful email storage and relaxed password practices enable criminals to do their worst. Many Web-based email systems now offer multiple gigabytes of storage for free. For example, Google gives you 15GB to share across Gmail, Google Drive, and other G
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

Technology can be defined as applications, instruments, or processes that enhance or simplify the aspects of everyday life. The vehicle you use to drive to work is an example of technology that simplifies life. Or, the Internet, as a whole, can be seen as technology that has greatly enhanced our lives. While the introduction of the Internet led to many benef
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How Secure is Your WiFi-Enabled Camera?

In this day and age, digital cameras such as still image and video recording cameras, home surveillance devices, and baby monitors all come with WiFi capabilities. While there are benefits of WiFi-enabled cameras, unfortunately, there’s also the potential for security concerns. For example, just in November 2014, the BBC reported that a Russian website displ
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How to Keep Your Family Safe and Protected Online

As a parent, ensuring a safe online experience for your family can be challenging. The same, of course, applies to keeping relatives informed about the online threats that can affect them without their knowledge. If you have been appointed the task of ensuring your family is safe and protected online, I encourage you to accept the challenge!Stopping hackers,
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7 Ways to Stay Secure This New Year

The New Year means a fresh start for many people. For some, their attempt at this new journey begins by creating a list of resolutions. As time progresses, many people find that some items on their New Year’s resolution lists get pushed back or even ignored. While it might be acceptable to postpone certain items on your list, security is definitely something
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