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Android Backdoor GhostCtrl can Silently Record Your Audio, Video, and More

by Lenart Bermejo, Jordan Pan, and Cedric Pernet The information-stealing RETADUP worm that affected Israeli hospitals is actually just part of an attack that turned out to be bigger than we first thought—at least in terms of impact. It was accompanied by an even more dangerous threat: an Android malware that can take over the device. Detected by Trend Micro
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OmniRat RAT is currently being used by criminals in the wild

Researchers at Avast have published an analysis of OmniRAT, a multi-platform remote administration tool (RAT) that has been used by criminals in the wild. Researchers at Avast have conducted a brief analysis of OmniRAT, a multi-platform remote administration tool (RAT) that has been used for malicious purposes. The malware res
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OmniRAT – the $25 way to hack into Windows, OS X and Android devices

Just last week, police forces across Europe arrested individuals who they believed had been using the notorious DroidJack malware to spy on Android users.Now attention has been turned on to another piece of software that can spy on communications, secretly record conversations, snoop on browsing histories and take complete control of a remote device. But, un
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