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Patch Tuesday: Fixes for ‘Wormable’ Windows DNS Server RCE, SharePoint Flaws

There has been a common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) fixing trend in 2020 Patch Tuesdays. For instance, Microsoft has patched roughly more than 100 vulnerabilities per month in recent bulletins. Similarly, the July update issues 123 patches, including fixes in RemoteFX vGPU, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, OneDrive, and Jet Database Engine. The p
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‘Wormable’ Flaw Leads July Microsoft Patches

Microsoft today released updates to plug a whopping 123 security holes in Windows and related software, including fixes for a critical, “wormable” flaw in Windows Server versions that Microsoft says is likely to be exploited soon. While this particular weakness mainly affects enterprises, July’s care package from Redmond has a little someth
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[SANS ISC] Microsoft Apps Diverted from Their Main Use

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “Microsoft Apps Diverted from Their Main Use“: This week, the CERT.eu organized its yearly conference in Brussels. Across many interesting presentations, one of them covered what they called the “cat’n’mouse” game that Blue and Red teams are playing continuously. When the Blue team h
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CVE-2017-0199: Crooks exploit PowerPoint Slide Show files to deliver malware

According to Trend Micro, cyber criminals abuse the CVE-2017-0199 vulnerability to deliver malware via PowerPoint Slide Show. In April Microsoft fixed the CVE-2017-0199  vulnerability in Office after threat actors had been exploiting it in the wild. Hackers leveraged weaponized Rich Text File (RTF) documents exploiting a flaw in Office’s Object Linking and E
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Microsoft Office Malware Captured in a Micro-VM on an Unpatched Computer

The Bromium Labs team was able to get their hands on some live malware exploiting the Microsoft office vulnerability. First and foremost, on an unpatched workstation Bromium did its job by hardware isolating the Microsoft Word document into a protected virtual machine so that the host workstation was never infected. Secondly, it shows the amazing analytics
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – March 2016

Patch Tuesday for March 2016 has arrived. Today, Microsoft has released their monthly set of security bulletins designed to address security vulnerabilities within their products. This month’s release contains 13 bulletins addressing 44 vulnerabilities. Five bulletins are rated critical and address vulnerabilities in Edge, Graphic Fonts, Internet Explorer, W
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It’s 2016, so why is the world still falling for Office macro malware?

In the late 1990s, Microsoft Office macros were a favorite vehicle for surreptitiously installing malware on the computers of unsuspecting targets. Microsoft eventually disabled the automated scripts by default, a setting that forced attackers to look for new infection methods. Remotely exploiting security bugs in Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash, and other wi
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Lookout commits to growth in Europe with new Netherlands office & partnerships

We’re pleased to announce the opening of Lookout’s Netherlands office, the company’s second in EMEA, serving as a hub for Lookout’s Northern Europe development. The team is already having great success in the region, as led by Lookout EMEA’s Dutch native and former President of Intel EMEA, Gert-Jan Schenk. With a focus on building out business and securing
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Microsoft fixes critical vulnerabilities affecting Windows and Office

Microsoft has released the month’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday that has fixed 33 vulnerabilities, most of them critical and affecting Internet Explorer. Here we are to discuss the last month’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday that this month fixed for 33 vulnerabilities, most of them affecting Internet Explorer. The experts wa
Publish At:2015-10-15 10:15 | Read:3932 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Security Internet Explorer Microsoft Microsoft

Spam campaign relies on macros embedded in empty Word documents

Experts at Bitdefender have discovered a spam campaign that tricks antispam filters by relying on macros in Empty Word Documents. Security experts at BitDefender observed a new tactic adopted by spammers that rely on emails with an empty Word document in the attachment to bypass anti-spam filters. The social engineering strate
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From the Labs: VBA is definitely not dead - in fact, it's undergoing a resurgence

Earlier this year, Principal Researcher at SophosLabs, Gabor Szappanos (Szappi) published an excellent paper, "VBA is not dead", on the re-emergence of Visual Basic code in malicious documents.In his paper, Szappi discusses the sudden surge in VBA samples as well as the change from a traditional document infecting payload to other malicious means - namely, e
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Obfuscated malicious office documents adopted by cybercriminals around the world

After going out of fashion for a number of years, malicious macros inside Office files have recently experienced a revival. And why not, especially if they are a lot cheaper than exploits and capable of doing the same job? Yes, that's right, cybercriminals are busily recycling this old technique, introducing new obfuscation forms to make it more effective. L
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