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Nigerian phishing: Industrial companies under attack

In late 2016, the Kaspersky Lab Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT) reported on phishing attacks that were primarily targeting industrial companies from the metallurgy, electric power, construction, engineering and other sectors. As further research demonstrated, this was just part of a bigger story that began mu
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Yes, it’s OK to play with scammers

This TED talk is so hilarious that I just have to share it with you. Watch it! British comedian James Veitch is engaging in the noble art of scam baiting, or scamming the scammers. The same as this site is dedicated to, or when I almost sold my boat to Mexico. I guess most or all of you already know how to spot an advance payment scam, aka. Nigerian scam. Bu
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Nigerian Cuckoo Miner Campaign Takes Over Legitimate Inboxes, Targets Banks

By Jay Yaneza and Erika Mendoza (Threats Analyst) When it comes to threat investigations, we often treat the malicious binary as the smoking gun or the crown jewel of the investigation. However, examining the other components can produce the bigger picture that will be far more detailed than simply focusing on the binary. By looking beyond one malicious file
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Cyberattacks on Oil and Gas Firms Launched with no Malware at all

Oil and gas industry targeted by hackers with a genuine looking windows file, not a malware. The attacks are ongoing for about two years. A unique targeted attack being underway for about two consecutive years exploits Windows file functions that look legitimate and a couple of homemade scripts – but not malware – in ord
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5 Nigerian gangs and their US accomplices are behind most Craigslist buyer scams

George Mason University researchers Damon McCoy and Jackie Jones have found that the majority of Craigslist buyer scams originate from one of only 5 Nigerian gangs - with substantial help from US-based accomplices.The researchers posted "honeypot" ads for laptops - priced, on average, at a 10% premium over Amazon in order to weed out most legitimate buyers.
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