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Bad Actors Infiltrated New York’s State Government Computer Network

Officials revealed that malicious actors had succeeded in infiltrating the computer network serving New York’s state government.According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), officials revealed on April 13 that New York’s Office of Information Technology had discovered the security incident in late-January 2020. Its analysis unveiled that those indi
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NY Bills Would Ban Municipalities From Meeting Ransomware Demands

Two state senators from New York State introduced bills that would ban municipalities from meeting ransomware attackers’ demands.On January 14, 2020, NYS Senator Phil Boyle of the 4th Senate District proposed Senate Bill S7246.Senator Boyle along with his cosponsors Senator George M. Borrello of the 57th Senate District and Senator Sue Serino of the 41
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Deepfakes laws and proposals flood US

In a rare example of legislative haste, roughly one dozen state and federal bills were introduced in the past 12 months to regulate deepfakes, the relatively modern technology that some fear could upend democracy. Though the federal proposals have yet to move forward, the state bills have found quick success at home. Already three states—California, Virg
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Insurance data security laws skirt political turmoil

Across the United States, a unique approach to lawmaking has proved radically successful in making data security stronger for one industry—insurance providers. The singular approach has entirely sidestepped the prolonged, political arguments that have become commonplace when trying to pass federal and state data privacy laws today. In California, for
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The New York State Department of Financial Services: The Evolution of a Regulation – Part 1

The New York State Department of Financial Services has proposed a cyber security regulation that is unique in its breadth. The original proposed regulation underwent a 45-day review period, after which it was changed. It is currently under another 45-day review period pending further changes and should be published in the next few weeks.The regulation affec
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Bill aims to thwart strong crypto, demands smartphone makers be able to decrypt

Further ReadingIrate Congressman gives cops easy rule: “just follow the damn Constitution”Rep. Ted Lieu lambasts gov't request for more access to encrypted devices.A New York assemblyman has reintroduced a new bill that aims to essentially disable strong encryption on all smartphones sold in the Empire State.Among other restrictions, the proposed law states
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Legendary NYC steakhouse sues Yelp to unmask spitting-waiter reviewer

One mumbling, sizable bartender has been likened to Vito Corleone's personal enforcer from "The Godfather"; some patrons think the steak house should install a personal chalk body outline to mark where Gambino mobster Paul Castellano was gunned down; and the waiters sometimes acknowledge you only with a slight curl of the lip. OK, those are fair enough Yelp
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