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Top Alexa Web Site Spreads Locky Ransomware

On Friday Apr 6 2016, at 07:18:59 PDT, Cyphort Labs discovered that yourstory.com was infected with an exploit kit and was serving Locky ransomware. In this drive-by infection, the malware was encrypting the victim’s files as well as any file it could reach over file shares. A ransom note would then open on screen instructing the victim to pay up in bi
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Psychcentral.com infected with Angler EK: Installs bedep, vawtrak and POS malware

 On October 26, 2015, Cyphort Labs discovered that psychcentral[.]com has been compromised and is currently infecting visitors via drive-by-download malwares. We immediately contacted psychcentral about this infection as early as we have discovered it. As of October 29, their technical team identified the problem and addressed the issue. Psychcentral[.]com i
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Infected Korean Website Installs Banking Malware

On September 18, 2015, we saw an activity on koreatimes.com where we captured a malicious binary. We investigated further and found that this campaign is specifically targeted to Korean sites and Korean banks. We looked at our logs for this year and found more Korean websites infected: koreatimes.com (Sep. 18, 2015) filehon.com(May 30, 2015) joara.com (May
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Aggressive Malware Pushers: Prolific Cyber Surfers Beware

On April 19, Cyphort hardware sandbox trolled over a site www.49lou.com that served up 83 pieces of Windows executable files (EXE and DLL binaries) with zero user interaction.  By now, most of the malware researchers are used to seeing drive-by infections that serve up a handful of malware, from droppers to payloads.  However, getting 83 pieces in one shot i
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