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Tenable brings network visibility into Google Cloud Platform

Tenable Network Security has integrated Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View with Google Cloud Platform, giving administrators better visibility into what is happening within their cloud infrastructure.Cloud-based infrastructure eases IT’s administrative woes and lowers operating costs, but the benefits don’t count for much if there is any doubt about
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Network Discovery Tools

Network discovery is a process of identifying or mapping internal networks. In this process, a particular computer can communicate to another computer on the same network using a protocol. In a given organization, a network is setup in such a way that computers can communicate and share files internally.A network discovery tool is a tool’s or sof
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New collision attacks against triple-DES, Blowfish break HTTPS sessions

There is now a practical, relatively fast attack on 64-bit block ciphers that lets attackers recover authentication cookies and other credentials from HTTPS-protected sessions, a pair of French researchers said. Legacy ciphers Triple-DES and Blowfish need to go the way of the broken RC4 cipher: Deprecated and disabled everywhere.Dubbed Sweet32, researche
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Many hospitals transmit your health records unencrypted

About 32% of hospitals and 52% of non-acute providers -- such as outpatient clinics, rehabilitation facilities and physicians' offices -- are not encrypting data in transit, according to a new survey.Additionally, only 61% of acute providers and 48% of non-acute providers are encrypting data at rest.This "leaves the door wide open to potential ta
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How to get your network and security teams working together

It's not surprising that network and security teams aren't always on the same page. After all, networks need to be fast and efficient, while security is about slowing things down and implementing extra steps to help meet security measures. While both teams are a part of the IT department, and need to work together in the event of a breach, each g
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U.S. senators want airline IT meltdowns to end

Two high-profile airline technology meltdowns stranding thousands of travelers in the recent weeks have prompted two US senators to push carriers to bolster their technology.Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.)this week sent a letter to the most recent offenders -- Delta and Southwest -- as well as 11 other airline
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Disable WPAD now or have your accounts and private data compromised

The Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD), enabled by default on Windows and supported by other operating systems, can expose computer users' online accounts, web searches, and other private data, security researchers warn.Man-in-the-middle attackers can abuse the WPAD protocol to hijack people's online accounts and steal their sensitive infor
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Dell patches critical flaws in SonicWALL Global Management System

Dell has patched several critical flaws in its central management system for SonicWALL enterprise security appliances, such as firewalls and VPN gateways.If left unfixed, the vulnerabilities allow remote, unauthenticated attackers to gain full control of SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) deployments and the devices managed through those sy
Publish At:2016-07-22 03:35 | Read:3909 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Networking Firewalls Patches

Cisco patches critical exposure in management software

Cisco has patched what it called a critical vulnerability in its Unified Computing System (UCS) Performance Manager software that could let an authenticated, remote attacker execute commands.+More on Network World: Quick look: Cisco Tetration Analytics+Cisco UCS Performance Manager versions 2.0.0 and prior are affected and the problem is resolved
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MIT researchers: Network pros could learn a lot from ants

How ants decide where to move their nests may hold lessons for computer scientists seeking efficient ways to gather data from distributed networks of sensors, according to MIT researchers.It turns out that the frequency with which explorer ants bump into each other as they wander around looking for a new home for their colony is a pretty good ind
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Juniper patches high-risk flaws in Junos OS

Juniper Networks has fixed several vulnerabilities in the Junos operating system used on its networking and security appliances, including a flaw that could allow hackers to gain administrative access to affected devices.The most serious vulnerability, rated 9.8 out of 10 in the Common Vulnerability Scoring System, is located in the J-Web interfa
Publish At:2016-07-14 12:35 | Read:2526 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Networking Router Patches Operating Systems

Lab: Identifying the use of Covert Channels

Lab # – Identifying the use of Covert ChannelsMost networks use network access control permissions to permit / deny the traffic. Tunneling is used to bypass Access control rules of firewalls, IDS, IPS, Web proxies to allow certain traffic. Also, they are commonly used to cover the tracks.The following are covered as part of this Covert channels l
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Thousands of hacked CCTV devices used in DDoS attacks

Attackers have compromised more than 25,000 digital video recorders and CCTV cameras and are using them to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against websites.One such attack, recently observed by researchers from Web security firm Sucuri, targeted the website of one of the company's customers: a small bricks-and-mortar jewelry shop.The
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Arista infringes on Cisco networking patents, trade agency says

In a move that could lead to a ban on selling its products in the United States, the US International Trade Commission has ruled that Arista does in fact infringe on a number of Cisco’s technology patents.Arista now must decide if it wants to ask the US government to overturn a so-called “import ban” or ask that an appeals court toss the decision, observ
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Hack the hackers: Eavesdrop for intel on emerging threats

In a sea of vulnerabilities clamoring for attention, it’s almost impossible to know which IT security issues to address first. Vendor advisories provide a tried-and-true means for keeping on top of known attack vectors. But there’s a more expedient option: Eavesdrop on attackers themselves.Given their increasingly large attack surfaces, most organization
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