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Flaw Gives Hackers Remote Access to Files Stored on D-Link DNS-320 Devices

D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter network-attached storage (NAS) devices are affected by a critical vulnerability that can be exploited remotely to take complete control of a device and access the files stored on it.Researchers at Vietnam-based CyStack Security discovered the vulnerability and reported it to D-Link in mid-August. An advisory was released by the ven
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7 Questions to Ask Your Child’s School About Cybersecurity Protocols

Just a few weeks into the new school year and, already, reports of malicious cyberattacks in schools have hit the headlines. While you’ve made digital security strides in your home, what concerns if any should you have about your child’s data being compromised at school? There’s a long and short answer to that question. The short answer is don’t
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Are Cash Transfer Apps Safe to Use? Here’s What Your Family Needs to Know

I can’t recall the last time I gave my teenage daughter cash for anything. If she needs money for gas, I Venmo it. A Taco Bell study break with the roommates? No problem. With one click, I transfer money from my Venmo account to hers. She uses a Venmo credit card to make her purchase. To this mom, cash apps may be the best thing to happen to parenting
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Cyber Security-as-a-Service: A Solution for Defending Against Network Attacks

As on-line crime continues to surge in 2017, companies are increasing their cyber-security investments to protect their data and assets. In addition to technical countermeasures, employees’ awareness and the implementation of stricter security policies, a new solution is being considered for defending against Internet crime threats: cyber securit
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Getting an Earful: Convincing Employees to Care About Network Security

Employees remain the biggest source of corporate cyber risk. According to the “IBM X-Force 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index,” staff members are responsible for 60 percent of all digital attacks endured by enterprises. In most cases, there’s no malicious intent. Employees may subvert network security by opening infected email attachmen
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Back to Filing Cabinets? Simplifying the Complex Task of Data Security

Data drives our businesses, economy and daily lives, so it comes as no surprise that data security needs to be a priority. But do we know what data we really have, where sensitive information is being collected and stored, what is happening with the data and where it is ultimately going? How do we build security around critical assets that we need to protect
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What Do Recent Attacks Mean for OT Network Security?

Security management can be proactive or reactive depending on each organization’s risk appetite. When attacks are made public, things change, and learning from threats becomes a requirement for both C-suite members and security leaders. WannaCry, NotPetya and Industroyer are some of the most recently analyzed malware pieces. Apart from corporate networ
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Keep Intruders Out of Your Network With Proactive Threat Hunting

A threat hunting program can provide an accurate picture of where your organization is exposed to threats and help security professionals strengthen those weaknesses. If you know how an adversary is breaking into your environment, you can improve your defenses and stop attacks from happening again in the future. This echoes the importance of having accurate
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Getting Ahead of SD-WAN Security With the Zero Trust Model

As businesses across the world become more geographically diverse and move toward an increasingly hybrid IT environment, legacy infrastructure is struggling to keep up. With more data flowing over enterprise networks from multiple sources, the demand for software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology is growing exponentially. A report from IDC predic
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Advanced Approaches to ATM Network Protection

End-to-end automated teller machine (ATM) network protection encompasses multiple security layers. Is it not enough to simply protect ATM endpoints to ensure the security of a bank’s finances. Instead, security teams at financial institutions must take a more advanced approach to ATM network protection. ATM security has always been a hot-button issue
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Integrating the IoT Into Your Application Security Program

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, but is your security program ready to handle it? For many reasons, such as network complexity, limited visibility, politics and other challenges that come along with emerging technologies in the enterprise, your organizations is likely underprepared. To get up to speed, a good place to start is your application security
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Administrator Credentials: A Security Breach Waiting to Happen

A potential security risk lurks within every business, from the extensive enterprise computer network to the small business with a handful of synced desktops and laptops. This security hole can be attributed to administrator credentials. Plugging the hole is challenging because administrator accounts and their access credentials are essential to the security
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The Living Dead: How to Protect Legacy Systems

The recent widespread attacks of WannaCry and NotPetya both used known vulnerabilities of legacy operating systems, namely SMB v1 protocol. In general, known vulnerabilities are easy to mitigate as long as patches and updates are provided. But in these cases, many organizations seem to have ignored the advice to patch their systems — or maybe not. There ar
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SD-WAN: Improve Security and Reduce Cost While Complying with Payment Card Industry Standards

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technologies are transforming the way enterprises approach connectivity and the implementation of security functions for branch and retail locations. These technologies give organizations greater flexibility, visibility and control of both satellite location networks and their connections to enterprise resources
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A Brief History of Computing: As Technology Evolves, Cybersecurity Lags Behind

Security isn’t what it used to be, especially in the area of computing. It has become far more ephemeral, less obvious and much more important. To keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, we all need to reset our expectations about what cybersecurity actually is in today’s world and look carefully at what it might become. Early Computing In
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