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Using “Update.exe” as a Case Study for Robust OT Cybersecurity

In 2020, car manufacturer Honda fell victim to a ransomware attack. Using a payload called “update.exe,” the attack crippled Honda’s international customer service and Financial Services wing for days. Although it affected two customer facing branches of this global corporation, the ransomware was designed to target and breach Honda’s critical ICS/SCADA envi
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The Case for Intent-Based Segmentation with SD-WAN

Intent-based Segmentation Allows Networks to Dynamically Adapt for Advanced Threat Mitigation SD-WAN is a perfect example of how digital innovation (DI) efforts are redefining how businesses operate and networks function. It combines remote workers, multi-cloud platforms, business-critical applications, and advanced networking into a single, integr
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Serious Vulnerabilities in F5's BIG-IP Allow Full System Compromise

Critical and high-severity vulnerabilities discovered by researchers in F5 Networks’ BIG-IP application delivery controller (ADC) allow a remote attacker to take complete control of the targeted system.The vulnerabilities were identified by researchers at cybersecurity firm Positive Technologies, which disclosed its findings this week after the vendor releas
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Cisco Patches Vulnerabilities in Small Business Routers, Switches

Cisco on Wednesday announced that it has patched several vulnerabilities affecting its products, including flaws in Small Business routers and switches.Of the eight vulnerabilities for which Cisco published an advisory this week, only CVE-2020-3297 has been rated high severity. This security hole affects some Small Business and managed switches and it allows
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Netgear Starts Patching Serious Vulnerabilities Affecting Tens of Products

Netgear has started releasing patches for ten vulnerabilities affecting nearly 80 of its products, including flaws disclosed last year at the Pwn2Own hacking competition.All of the security holes were reported to Netgear through Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), including five by a hacker who uses the online moniker d4rkn3ss, from VNPT ISC, and five b
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Threat Hunting Firm Hunters Raises $15 Million in Series A Round

Threat hunting solutions provider Hunters today announced that it closed a $15 million Series A funding round, which brings the total raised by the company to $20.4 million.The company plans to use the money to scale its solution to help identify attacks in the cloud, on the network, and on endpoints. The funds will allow Hunters to invest further in machine
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IBM Discloses Tenda Powerline Extender Flaws Apparently Ignored by Vendor

IBM has disclosed the details of several vulnerabilities found in powerline extenders made by China-based networking solutions provider Tenda. IBM says Tenda ignored its emails and phone calls, and it’s unclear if any patches are being developed.Considered an alternative to Wi-Fi extenders, powerline extenders leverage a building’s electrical wiring to boost
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Apple Acquires Device Management Company Fleetsmith

Apple has acquired Fleetsmith, a San Francisco-based company that specializes in solutions designed to help organizations manage the Apple devices used by their employees.Fleetsmith’s enterprise device management solution automates setup, patching, intelligence and security for Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple TV devices.“We’re thrilled to join Apple. Our shar
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Micro-Segmentation for Endpoints Shows Promising Defense Against Lateral Movement

Micro-segmentation combined with zero-trust access control between the segments is recommended as one of the best approaches to breach containment. This principle is now extended from the network infrastructure to the endpoint, whether that device is local in the office, portable, or remote at home.Segmentation does not prevent compromise, but it contains it
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Flaw in IBM Asset Management Product Facilitates Attacks on Corporate Networks

A high-severity vulnerability patched recently by IBM in its Maximo asset management solution makes it easier for hackers to move around in enterprise networks, cybersecurity firm Positive Technologies warned on Thursday.The security hole, tracked as CVE-2020-4529, has been described as a server-side request forgery (SSRF) issue that allows an authenticated
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Palo Alto Networks Unveils New Firewalls, IoT Security Solution

Palo Alto Networks on Wednesday unveiled a new firewall powered by machine learning, a firewall for Kubernetes, and an IoT security solution.Palo Alto Networks has announced a new next-generation firewall (NGFW) that uses machine learning (ML) to help organizations detect and block threats. These firewalls are powered by the latest version of the company’s f
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SparkCognition and Siemens Join Forces for Industrial Security Solution

Artificial intelligence company SparkCognition and German industrial giant Siemens have joined forces for an industrial security solution designed for the energy sector.The new solution, named “ DeepArmor Industrial, fortified by Siemens,” combines SparkCognition’s AI-powered cyber defense solution DeepArmor with Siemens’ expertise in operational technology
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Vectra Targets SOCs With Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Sentinel Integration

Vectra Integrates Cognito with Microsoft Defender ATP and Azure Sentinel to Form a SOC Visibility TriadSan Jose, Calif-based threat detection firm Vectra has integrated its network threat detection and response (NDR) Cognito platform with Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Azure Sentinel to deliver Gartner's concept of the SOC Visibility Triad.Gartner introduc
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VMware to Acquire Network Security Company Lastline

VMware on Thursday announced that it’s acquiring network security company Lastline for its research team and threat detection technology.Terms of the deal, which is expected to close in VMware’s second quarter (Q2 FY2021 ends on July 31), were not disclosed.Lastline has developed an AI-powered network detection and response platform designed to neutralize th
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SD-WAN Must Be Secure, Flexible, and Scale Across the Entire Enterprise

Secure SD-WAN is Far More Than Just a Branch SolutionIn today’s world of digital transformation, things can change rapidly as we have seen in recent weeks. To meet the demands of a dynamic business environment, many organizations are finding that SD-WAN is ideal for providing fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity between different network environments.&n
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