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Back to Filing Cabinets? Simplifying the Complex Task of Data Security

Data drives our businesses, economy and daily lives, so it comes as no surprise that data security needs to be a priority. But do we know what data we really have, where sensitive information is being collected and stored, what is happening with the data and where it is ultimately going? How do we build security around critical assets that we need to protect
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What Do Recent Attacks Mean for OT Network Security?

Security management can be proactive or reactive depending on each organization’s risk appetite. When attacks are made public, things change, and learning from threats becomes a requirement for both C-suite members and security leaders. WannaCry, NotPetya and Industroyer are some of the most recently analyzed malware pieces. Apart from corporate networ
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Know Your Data and Your Enemies: Establishing a Baseline for Proactive Threat Hunting

The purveyors of modern threats are not trying to simply deface your website or own your web server. These advanced attackers are attempting to siphon critical and sensitive data from your network over long periods of time, and do so undetected. Where Is Your Data? When threat hunting, at a minimum, you should know where your critical data is stored and how
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Keep Intruders Out of Your Network With Proactive Threat Hunting

A threat hunting program can provide an accurate picture of where your organization is exposed to threats and help security professionals strengthen those weaknesses. If you know how an adversary is breaking into your environment, you can improve your defenses and stop attacks from happening again in the future. This echoes the importance of having accurate
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Getting Ahead of SD-WAN Security With the Zero Trust Model

As businesses across the world become more geographically diverse and move toward an increasingly hybrid IT environment, legacy infrastructure is struggling to keep up. With more data flowing over enterprise networks from multiple sources, the demand for software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology is growing exponentially. A report from IDC predic
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Advanced Approaches to ATM Network Protection

End-to-end automated teller machine (ATM) network protection encompasses multiple security layers. Is it not enough to simply protect ATM endpoints to ensure the security of a bank’s finances. Instead, security teams at financial institutions must take a more advanced approach to ATM network protection. ATM security has always been a hot-button issue
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Administrator Credentials: A Security Breach Waiting to Happen

A potential security risk lurks within every business, from the extensive enterprise computer network to the small business with a handful of synced desktops and laptops. This security hole can be attributed to administrator credentials. Plugging the hole is challenging because administrator accounts and their access credentials are essential to the security
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Stopping Threats in Their Tracks With Proactive Monitoring

With household names such as Renault ceasing manufacturing and the National Health Service of the U.K. actively redirecting patients from hospitals that are incapable of providing critical health care, ransomware has moved well beyond an annoyance that impacts your grandmother’s laptop and directly into the global spotlight. Over the past few days, how
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Five Ways in Which the IoT Will Disrupt Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) leverages network connections to communicate between devices and systems, and it is ready to disrupt your business. Enterprises are already deploying smart devices in may ways: Some IoT capabilities are designed to help organizations manage operations, while others are intended to improve customer-oriented products. In either cas
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Things to Consider Before Implementing Advanced Network Security

Today’s networked world is constantly shifting, and the number and type of devices it connects changes minute by minute. The combination of in-house computing, cloud-based resources and a mobile workforce armed with a growing diversity of devices means advanced network security systems need to be both flexible and agile to detect intrusion and malware
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Are You Getting the Most From Your Network Security? Five Questions to Ask

For nearly 20 years, network security solutions, including firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems, have been the foundational building blocks of an effective security program. However, as attack methods evolve, it is critical to determine whether your network technologies are not only keeping up with the latest threats, but also integratin
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The Full Shamoon: How the Devastating Malware Was Inserted Into Networks

Authored by the IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team Researchers from the IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team identified a missing link in the operations of a threat actor involved in recent Shamoon malware attacks against Gulf state organizations. These attacks, which occurred in November 2016 a
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It’s Time to Go Beyond Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Endpoints are at the center of the universe of advanced attacks. They’re the most vulnerable, and act as a favored attack vector for cybercriminals because they provide the easiest entry points into your network. If you work in IT, you know how vulnerable endpoints can be and understand the need for a continuous approach to securing them, both proactiv
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A Primer on IoT Security Risks

The security requirements of an Internet of Things (IoT) system are complex. They extend past the traditional information security requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability. They also need to address authentication, authorization, freshness of data, nonrepudiation, and forward and backward secrecy. Taking Stock of Today’s IoT Security
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The Zero Trust Model for Living in a Hacked World

Although data breaches happen to corporations, the impact ultimately affects normal citizens like you and me. When we fall victim to credit card breaches, the associated anxiety and uncertainty is not addressed beyond proffered, free credit watch and protection services. Our personal email accounts are also at risk of misuse. According to CNN, a recent call
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