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Wyze home cameras temporarily show other people's security feeds

A mishap has resulted in security feeds and camera logs from home cameras being temporarily visible online. Users of Wyze, makers of smart products and home cameras, fell victim to this bizarre incident sometime around September 8. One of the first posts about this appeared on Reddit, where a user highlighted that they were “seeing someone else’s
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Smart lightbulb and app vulnerability puts your Wi-Fi password at risk

New research highlights another potential danger from IoT devices, with a popular make of smart light bulbs placing your Wi-Fi network password at risk. Researchers from the University of London and Universita di Catania produced a paper explaining the dangers of common IoT products. In this case, how smart bulbs can be compromised to gain access to your hom
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Several hospitals still counting the cost of widespread ransomware attack

The 16 hospitals struck down by ransomware last week are still dealing with the fallout from the attack. The healthcare facilities located in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode island, and California had the ransomware attack confirmed by the FBI. Issues started to emerge last Thursday with patients diverted to other locations and some operations put on hold.
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"TootRoot" Mastodon vulnerabilities fixed: Admins, patch now!

One of Twitter’s big rivals, Mastodon, recently finished fixing four issues which (in the worst case) allowed for the creation of files on the instance’s server. Mastodon, whose main selling point is lots of separate communities living on different servers yet still able to communicate, was notified of the flaws by auditors from a penet
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YouTube is testing ad blocker detection

YouTube is dipping a toe into the muddy waters of ad-blocker blocking, with ad-blocker using Redditors complaining about a popup that warns "Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube," when they visit the site. (Image source: Reddit user Sazk100) The popup message explains that "Ads allow YouTube to stay free for billions of users worldwide," and in
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Malware authors join forces and target organisations with Domino Backdoor

There’s a new ransomware gang in town, stitched together from members of well known threat creators to push a new kind of malware focused on punishing unwary organisations. The malware family, called “Domino”, is the brainchild of FIN7 and ex-Conti ransomware members. Domino has been seen in attacks since at least February 2023 accordi
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X-Force Identifies Vulnerability in IoT Platform

The last decade has seen an explosion of IoT devices across a multitude of industries. With that rise has come the need for centralized systems to perform data collection and device management, commonly called IoT Platforms. One such platform, ThingsBoard, was the recent subject of research by IBM Security X-Force. While there has been a lot of discussion a
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LockBit ransomware attacks Essendant

The LockBit ransomware group is claiming responsibility for taking down a US-based distributor of office products called Essendant. This attack, which is said to have begun on or around March 6, created severe ramifications for the organisation, disrupting freight carrier pickups, online orders, and access to customer support. As noted by Bleeping Computer,
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Cybersecurity in the Next-Generation Space Age, Pt. 4: New Space Future Development and Challenges

View Part 1, Introduction to New Space, Part 2, Cybersecurity Threats in New Space, and Part 3, Securing the New Space, in this series. After the previous three parts of this series, we ascertain that the technological evolution of New Space ventures expanded the threats that targeted the space system components. These threats could be countered by var
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How to work from home securely, the NSA way

People working remotely is no longer unusual, so the National Security Agency (NSA) has produced a short Best Practices PDF document detailing how remote workers can keep themselves safe from harm. In fact, the guide can also be applied to people using computers at home generally and is written in a way that's easy to understand. Back to basics The NSA's thr
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HardBit ransomware tailors ransom to fit your cyber insurance payout

Ransomware authors are wading into the cybersecurity insurance debate in a somewhat peculiar way. Specifically: urging victims to disclose details of their insurance contract, in order to tailor a ransom which will be beneficial to the company under attack. HardBit 2.0: dismantling a device piece by piece The ransomware, called HardBit 2.0, has been in circu
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Mortal Kombat ransomware forms tag team with crypto-stealing malware

An “unidentified actor” is making use of these two malicious files to cause combo-laden mayhem on desktops around the world, according to new research from Talos. The tag-team campaign serves up ransomware known as Mortal Kombat, which borrows the name made famous by the video game, and Laplas Clipper malware, a clipboard stealer. Depending on th
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Cybersecurity in the Next-Generation Space Age, Pt. 2: Cybersecurity Threats in the New Space

View Part 1 in this series, Introduction to New Space. The growth of the New Space economy, the innovation in technologies and the emergence of various private firms have contributed to the development of the space industry. Despite this growth, there has also been an expansion of the cyberattack surface of space systems. Attacks are becoming more and more
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Contain Breaches and Gain Visibility With Microsegmentation

Organizations must grapple with challenges from various market forces. Digital transformation, cloud adoption, hybrid work environments and geopolitical and economic challenges all have a part to play. These forces have especially manifested in more significant security threats to expanding IT attack surfaces.  Breach containment is essential, and zero
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Beware of What Is Lurking in the Shadows of Your IT

This post was written with contributions from Joseph Lozowski. Comprehensive incident preparedness requires building out and testing response plans that consider the possibility that threats will bypass all security protections. An example of a threat vector that can bypass security protections is “shadow IT” and it is one that organizations mus
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