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Disney+ security and service issues: Here’s what we know so far

The long wait is over. Disney+, the new video-streaming service to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime, debuted last week to much fanfare, racking up 10 million subscribers within a single day of launch. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the kind of splash the majority of users predicted, as they were met with connection and performance issues out the gate—soon to be f
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Netflix and Orange is the New Black Are Being Held for Ransom

Netflix has been asked to pay an unspecified amount in ransom. Un-aired episodes of the show, Orange is the New Black (OTNB) is the hostage. This time it’s personal: I wait months for the new season and I don’t want any spoilers. I met Jenji Kohan’s husband, Chris Noxon, years ago at a marketing conference where he was speaking about his
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Netflix releases the Stethoscope tool to improve security

Netflix has released the Stethoscope open source web application that provides recommendations for securing their devices. Netflix has released Stethoscope, an open source web application that provides recommendations for securing computers, smartphones, and tablets. Netflix intends to follow a “user focused security” approach that aims to provide employees
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Netflix Membership Piracy Scam Tricks Users into Installing Ransomware

Computer criminals are luring in users with a Netflix membership account piracy scam and tricking them into installing ransomware.The scam starts when a Windows/PC user downloads what they believe is a Netflix login generator. These types of tools are usually available on websites that host cracked applications and offer access to premium web services. Login
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Netflix Scam Delivers Ransomware

by Marvelous Pelin (Threat Response Engineer) Netflix has a 93 million-strong subscriber base in more than 190 countries, so it’s unsurprising that cybercriminals want a piece of the pie. Among their modus operandi: stealing user credentials that can be monetized in the underground, exploiting vulnerabilities, and more recently infecting systems with Trojans
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Hacked Sony Music Entertainment account tweeted about Britney Spears’s Death

Hackers compromised the Sony Music Entertainment Twitter account and posted the messages on Britney Spears’s Death. Experts blame OurMine crew. Sony Music Entertainment’s Twitter account was compromised and hackers posted the news of the Britney Spears’s death. “RIP @britneyspears #RIPBritney 1981-2016” and “Britney spears
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Ourmine hacked the Netflix’s US Twitter account

The OurMine crew has hacked the Netflix US Twitter account (@Netflix) to post tweets promoting its website and hacking services. On Wednesday, hackers belonging to the OurMine group hijacked the Netflix’s US Twitter account (@Netflix). OurMine took over the Twitter account to promote its website. The incident is very serious, considering that the Netfl
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Netflix Patches Vulnerability That Allowed Account Takeover Via Voicemail

An Austrian security researcher recently unveiled a vulnerability affecting Netflix that allowed attackers to takeover user accounts.In a blog post published on Monday, the researcher – known as ‘Slashcrypto’ – explained the attack works when a victim’s voicemail can be hacked to bypass the password reset function of Netflix.“… When a user wanted to request
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Why Netflix Will Never Win in the Battle Against VPNs

One of the dominant tech stories of the year has been the Netflix crackdown on VPN users, and six months in, the story continues to rumble on. Despite widespread criticism, Netflix is still attempting to, slowly but surely, block access to its service from each and every VPN.To look at some of the media coverage of their activities, it would be easy to assum
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Chrome DRM bug makes it easy to download streaming video

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that could allow users to bypass itscopy protection system and download content from streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. According to Wired, Google was alerted to the problem on May 24, but is yet to issue a patch.The vulnerability centers around the W
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Password Re-user? Get Ready to Get Busy

In the wake of megabreaches at some of the Internet’s most-recognized destinations, don’t be surprised if you receive password reset requests from numerous companies that didn’t experience a breach: Some big name companies — including Facebook and Netflix — are in the habit of combing through huge data leak troves for credential
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Avoid these Nextflix themed scams

We’re seeing a couple of different spam mails coming through which all loop back to Netflix in some way. Here’s an Apple ID phish from the last few days which uses Netflix payments via iTunes as bait: The email reads as follows: Order Receipt No. 493092733 This email confirms your purchase of the following subscription: Name of Subscriptio
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Is it OK to circumvent Netflix’s geo-blocking? [POLL]

A lot of wars going on nowadays. The Crypto Wars is making headlines and Netflix has started their own War on VPN. It is actually a battle in the content industry’s long lasting War on piracy, which in practice turned out to be more like War on the customer and War on new technology. Netflix has recently started to block users who access the service through
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High-Profile Mobile Apps At Risk Due to Three-Year-Old Vulnerability

A total of 6.1 million devices – smart phones, routers, smart TVs – are currently at risk to remote code execution attacks due to vulnerabilities that have been fixed since 2012. The vulnerabilities exist in the Portable SDK for UPnP™ Devices, also called libupnp. This particular library is used to implement media playback (DLNA) or NAT traversal (UPnP IGD).
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Scumblr by Netflix – Automatically Scan For Leaks

Scumblr is a search automation web application that helps you to automatically scan for leaks by performing periodic searches and storing / taking actions on the identified results. Scumblr uses the Workflowable gem to allow setting up flexible workflows for different types of results.How do I use Scumblr?Scumblr is a web application based on Ruby on Rails.
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