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GootKit and Godzilla End 2016 Strong with New Malware Campaigns

Two malware families known as GootKit and Godzilla are closing out the year strong with separate campaigns designed to harvest users’ financial information.In Canada, the GootKit trojan is targeting members of several financial institutions. The campaign begins when a user receives a spam message that appears to have originated from a trusted actor lik
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Cerber Ransomware Spread by Nemucod in Pseudo-Darkleech Campaign

A pseudo-Darkleech campaign is exposing users to Nemucod malware that in turn downloads Cerber ransomware onto their machines.Heimdal’s security evangelist Andra Zaharia found the campaign hinges on pseudo-Darkleech infections by which malicious actors compromise WordPress websites and inject code into core WP files. The code displays a malicious ifram
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Malicious Image Distributing Nemucod Downloader to Facebook Users

A malicious image file is distributing the Nemucod malware downloader to unsuspecting users via Facebook chat.Threat intelligence analyst Bart Blaze heard about the malware campaign from a friend. They told him they had received a message on Facebook chat that contained only a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file, which is an XML-based vector image format.Sou
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Nemucod Downloader Returns, Spreads Ad-Clicking Backdoor

Researchers are warning Nemucod – one of the most active Trojans this year – has resurfaced with a new campaign. This time, the malicious downloader appears to be infecting victims with an ad-clicking backdoor.According to security researchers at ESET, the backdoor Trojan, called Kovter, allows the attacker to remotely control the machine without the user’s
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