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S3 Ep7: When ransomware crooks get a big fat zero! [Podcast]

byPaul DucklinIn this episode: we say thanks to companies that refuse to pay ransomware hush money, dig into the new Sophos 2021 Threat Report, and take a quick look inside a malicious Linux kernel driver. Also, a sneak preview of our upcoming podcast interview with bug bounty pioneer Katie Moussouris.With Kimberly Truong, Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin.Intro
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S3 Ep5: Chrome, Flash and malware for sale [Podcast]

byPaul DucklinIn this episode: a zero-day bug in Chrome for Android, the imminent death of Adobe Flash, the evolution of “malware-as-a-service“, and the malware risks from image search. Also (oh! no!), why you should take care before you pair.Presenters: Kimberly Truong, Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin.Intro and outro music: Edith Mudge.LISTEN NOWCl
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S3 Ep3: Cryptography, hacking and pwning Chrome [Podcast]

byPaul DucklinThis week: the DOJ’s attempt to reignite the Battle to Break Encryption; the story of the Russian hackers behind the Sandworm Team; a zero-day bug just patched in Chrome; and (oh no!) why your vocabulary needs the word “restore” even more than it needs “backup”.Presenters: Kimberly Truong, Doug Aamoth and Paul Duck
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S3 Ep2: Creepy smartwatches, botnets and Pings of Death – Podcast

byPaul DucklinIn this episode, we investigate a smartwatch for kids with a creepy set of functions, discuss Microsoft’s short-lived takedown of Trickbot, explain how to avoid the Windows “Ping of Death” bug, and (oh no!) find the source of mysterious beeping from every computer in the office.Presenters: Kimberly Truong, Doug Aamoth and Paul
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