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Labs Report at RSA: Evasive Malware’s Gone Mainstream

This afternoon at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, I will present on “Evasive Malware: Exposed and Deconstructed.” During that presentation, I’ll lead a discussion around the dramatic growth of evasive malware, the increasingly sophisticated behaviors observed in the past year, and what that means for enterprise security professionals
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Gh0st RAT used in targeted attacks against Tibetan activists

APT actors trying to use the G20 2014 summit as a lure to compromise Tibetan nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with Gh0st RAT. Security experts at ESET uncovered a new series of cyber attacks that targeted Tibetan nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) concurrently with the G20 2014 summit in Brisbane, Australia. The expert
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A Look at Advanced Targeted Attacks Through the Lense of a Human-Rights NGO, World Uyghur Congress

In my capacity as an academic researcher at Northeastern University, I collaborated with computer scientists Stevens Le Blond, Adina Uritesc and C´edric Gilbert at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems as well as Zheng Leong Chua and Prateek Saxena at the National University of Singapore to study cyber-attacks against the human-rights
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