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SecureLayer7 at Nullcon 2022 Berlin Conference

Nullcon is a well-known Indian cybersecurity conference and first time held in the Berlin, Germany location. The conference is known for its technical research talks and networking parties. To support the Nullcon initiatives, SecureLayer7 sponsored the event as a community partner with its team representing at the Conference. Pushkar Kadadi was representi
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Apple Records Users’ Conversations Without Their Knowledge

mg src="https://utopia.fans/wp-content/webp-express/webp-images/uploads/2022/04/Apple-Records-770x501.jpg.webp" alt="banner"/> April 06, 2022 12 0 Author: Amanda Johnson
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Redis sandbox escape affects only Debian, Ubuntu, and other derivatives

p>Recently on www.ubercomp.com, a post was made regarding how the Redis sandbox was broken for Debian and Debian derived Linux distributions. Also, it was mentioned that the Upstream Redis was not affected, and it is known as a Debian vulnerability. It was assigned a CVE ID of CVE-2022-0543. Ubuntu has released USN-5316-1 for the same.  Overview R
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Spring4Shell RCE a new Vulnerability in Spring Framework via Data Binding

p>In the Spring Framework, a new remote code execution vulnerability has been discovered and named CVE-2022-22965. Overview On March 30, 2022, various websites and technical blogs published information about a new 0-day critical vulnerability affecting the Spring Framework core – an enormously popular open-source application framework for the Ja
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Ransomware Targeted Attacks: CISO Mitigation Playbook

Hello there!  Today we will discuss something scary but interesting: The “Ransomware attack”. Occasionally we hear from people about their data being tied up, and it’s not accessible. This happens due to malware attacks. Malware is malicious software that is usually attached to the email, embedded in links, hidden in ads at various sites that your
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Zimperium is Proud to Sponsor Professional Race Car Driver Josh Green with Turn 3 Motorsport

Acceleration can be defined as ‘the increase in the rate or speed of something.’ In 2021, Zimperium established superiority in mobile security. In 2022, Zimperium has embraced the theme of acceleration and is incorporating this theme in the center of our business structure. We are stepping on the gas and only striving for first place. Although 2021 brought o
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New laws to strengthen UK cybersecurity provisions

The UK government has announced plans for new laws designed to strengthen cyber security provisions across the country. Under the new laws, British businesses will have greater legal responsibility for protecting their IT systems and data. What is changing? Under the 2018 Network and Information Systems (NIS) Regulations, companies which provide essential se
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Why Is Gartner Talking About External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Why Is Gartner Talking About External Attack Surface Management (EASM) In a recent report from Gartner, External Attack Surface Management (EASM) has been introduced as an important emerging technology in cybersecurity. The report states that EASM is an upcoming service in the product category for identifying risks through Internet-faced assets that an or
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REvil took a hit by Russia’s FSB but may not be shut down yet

Over the last few years, the hacker organization REvil has been behind some of the most high-profile ransomware attacks in the USA and globally. The predominantly Russia-based hacker group is believed to be responsible for the cyber incidents with JBS and Kaseya last year. After numerous requests from the USA, the group was finally tackled by Russia’s
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LA Secure Wins ATARC GITEC Emerging Technology Award

LA Secure: Award-Winning Cybersecurity Bridges the Digital Divide The saying that “no good deed goes unpunished” often proves to be true. That’s why when good deeds actually get recognized and awarded, it is especially nice to see. It is within this context that we were delighted to hear the news about an award being given for LA Secure. As outlined in our r
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Metadata Can Help People Be Secure

January 21, 2022 2 0 Author: Amanda Johnson Metadata Can Help People Be Secure Everything in the future
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How you can claim your share of the upcoming TikTok privacy settlement

In October last year, the federal court in Illinois agreed upon a preliminary approval to a $92 million settlement for a class-action suit against TikTok. The video-sharing app’s legal team managed to strike a deal by agreeing to pay the settlement and avoid further legal proceedings that could have been costlier than the proposed settlement amount. The clas
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The Complete End of BlackBerry: Legendary Smartphones to Stop Working

January 11, 2022 387 0 Author: Amanda Johnson The Complete End of BlackBerry: Legendary Smartphones to Stop Working
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Vulnerabilities Affect All Cellular Networks From 2G

January 05, 2022 9 0 Author: Amanda Johnson Vulnerabilities Affect All Cellular Networks From 2G Cybers
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Los Angeles Partners with Zimperium to Keep Residents Safe on Mobile

Mobile devices keep us tethered to the rest of the world. With the shift to remote work, schooling, banking, and healthcare, residents have become increasingly reliant on remote connectivity and mobile devices. Accessing digital services via mobile helps remove friction and improve residents’ quality of life. Whether at home, school, or work, mobile
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