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Good news! Malware attacks decline for the first time ever

Every day there seems to be a new story about a cybersecurity breach or hacking that causes devastation and destruction – we regularly cover them here on the Panda Security blog. So it makes a pleasant change to write about something more positive occasionally – like a significant reduction in malware incidents. According to a recent study published in Infos
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Exchange servers are under attack: patch them without delay

Cyber-incidents that stem from security vulnerabilities have always been, and still are, a major cyber-security issue. Notable cyber-attacks that have exploited vulnerabilities include WannaCry, the Equifax data breach, and Stuxnet, among many others. There is a tendency to believe that zero-day vulnerabilities represent the greatest threat, as victims are u
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You’re Fake News! Brits still struggling to tell fact from fiction

One in ten of Brits can never tell if something is true or false Over 60% say their social networks are flooded with misinformation A new survey of nearly 2,000 people from Cybersecurity specialists Panda Security has found that a worrying number of Brits are still unable to distinguish fact from fiction. According to the poll, less than half of the general
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Data breach leads to the theft of $10M from a Norwegian investment fund

Data breaches lead to a multitude of different costs, both direct and indirect. The immediate financial impact may involve fines imposed by data protection authorities, such as those related to the GDPR. But there are also costs that have a more medium term, indirect impact. In fact, the largest cost from a data breach is the loss of business caused by reput
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New Cyber Operation Targets Italy: Digging Into the Netwire Attack Chain

ZLab malware researchers analyzed the attack chain used to infect Italian speaking victims with the Netwire malware. Introduction Info stealer malware confirms to be one of the most adopted weapons of cyber actors. One of them is Netwire (MITRE S0198), a multiplatform remote administration tool (RAT) that has been used by criminals and espionage groups
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Wave of supercomputers hacked in Europe

In 2018, one of the leading cybercriminal trends was the so-called cryptojacking. This cybercriminal technique involves installing malware on victims’ computers and using their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. That year, detections of this cyberattack grew 4,000% and, in the UK, as many as 59% of companies were affected by this kind of cyberi
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Thank you COVID-19 Warriors – SecureLayer7

The world is facing one of the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. No country is left untouched from the distress of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19); an outbreak from China that has reached almost every nook and corner of the globe within no time. For the last couple of months, every nation on the map is either partially or completely locked d
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A week in security (May 25 – 31)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we published our most recent episode of our podcast Lock and Code, providing an in-depth discussion on web browser privacy, looked at the membership bump for the Coalition against Stalkerware, and dug into EDR solutions. We also looked at twists added to the threat scene by Maze Ransomware. Other cybersecurity news Breac
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Austrian city falls victim to Ransomware attack

The ransomware group NetWalker has published extracts of data stoeln from the network of the Austrian city of Weiz. Among the published extracts are, among other things, building applications and building inspections. The group has infected the municipality with Ransomware. The small town of Weiz is considered to be the economic centre of the Oststeiermark r
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Hospitals targeted in ransomware attacks

Over the last few months, hospitals around the world have had to deal with some of their most difficult moments. The current Covid-19 pandemic has pushed this critical infrastructure to its limits. It is so important that they function properly right now that some cybercriminal groups have even pledged not to attack hospitals during the pandemic. Others, how
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EasyJet: 9 million customers’ personal data accessed

Airlines collect a huge amount of personal data. From names and surnames, to passport and credit card numbers; the data needed to buy a plane ticket is all highly sensitive, and if any of it were stolen, it would cause serious problems for the victim. This is why, when an airline suffers a data breach, it is big news, especially when it is one of the most im
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xHelper: Android Trojan disguised as cleaning app on smartphones

An Android theft malware disguised as a cleanup application “xHelper” has spread to tens of thousands of smartphones with Google operating systems. Although the application has been around for about a year, security experts are now issuing a new warning. This is because it has proven to be very difficult to locate the malware and it is very costl
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AuthSafe Launches To Prevent Online Fraud Attack

Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief, Cybercrime Magzine Interviewed Sandeep Kamble, Founder & CTO at SecureLayer7   Online Fraud Attack Online fraud attack detection continues to grow in complexity with many solutions measuring dynamic behavioral characteristics. Security and risk management leaders responsible for fraud prevention should focus on
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Webinar on VPN & Remote Desktop Security

About the Webinar The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected on a global level. Amidst this lockdown, everyone is forced to Work From Home (WFH). But along with the comfort of WFH, the risk of cyberattacks on the Remote Desktops & Virtual Private Networks of the organizations has emerged. The defenseless data is most likely to be breached into or prone to
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How to Secure Yourself From Phishing Attacks in Times of COVID-19

Introduction The year 2020 just had just started and we got struck with global pandemic COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus. With this global fear, one more unwanted danger came along but in the virtual world of cyberspace. And that is phishing attacks. From scam artists to blackhat hackers or threat actors started leveraging the situation and psycho
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