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US Bans WeChat, TikTok Citing Privacy, National Security

The U.S. will ban the downloads of the Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat on Sunday, with a total ban on the use of the latter, citing national security and data privacy concerns.A total ban on the use of TikTok will follow on Nov. 12, but Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said early Friday on Fox Business Network that access to that app may be possible if certain
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iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Patch Vulnerabilities, Introduce New Privacy Features

Apple has patched nearly a dozen vulnerabilities and it has introduced new privacy features with the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 this week.Each of the addressed security flaws impacts a different component of the operating system, namely AppleAVD, Assets, Icons, IDE Device Support, IOSurfaceAccelerator, Keyboard, Model I/O, Phone, Sandbox, Siri, and WebK
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Europe Tests Gateway for Tracing Apps to Work Across Borders

Six European Union countries and the bloc’s executive Commission have begun testing a virtual “gateway” to ensure national coronavirus tracing apps can work across borders.The trial starting Monday will allow national computer systems that run tracing apps in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Latvia to communicate with each other via a
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Vulnerabilities Expose Thousands of MobileIron Servers to Remote Attacks

Researchers have disclosed the details of several potentially serious vulnerabilities affecting MobileIron’s mobile device management (MDM) solutions, including a flaw that can be exploited by an unauthenticated attacker for remote code execution on affected servers.The vulnerabilities were identified by researchers at security consulting firm DEVCORE and th
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TikTok Rejects Microsoft Offer, Oracle Sole Remaining Bidder

American tech giant Microsoft said Sunday its offer to buy TikTok was rejected, leaving Oracle as the sole remaining bidder ahead of the imminent deadline for the Chinese-owned video app to sell or shut down its US operations.TikTok is at the center of a diplomatic storm between Washington and Beijing, and President Donald Trump has set Americans a mid-Septe
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Google Reveals Work Profile Privacy Features in Android 11

Google this week announced improved privacy and security features in Android 11, including a series of enhancements aimed specifically at employees.Android 11 is the seventh operating system release to include enterprise features since the introduction of the work profile in 2014 to separate work data on employees’ personal devices. The new platform iteratio
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Android's September 2020 Patches Fix Critical System Vulnerabilities

Google addressed two critical vulnerabilities in the Android System component as part of the newly released September 2020 set of security patches.More than 50 flaws are described in the Android Security Bulletin for September 2020: twenty-two as part of the 2020-09-01 security patch level and twenty-nine with the 2020-09-05 security patch level.Of the 22 is
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Ransomware Attacks: How to Protect your Data With Encryption

Cybercriminals are making headlines using ransomware to block organizations from accessing their own critical business data to extort ransoms. Recently, the University of California San Francisco fell victim to a ransomware attack on key academic and research data (the institution is known to be working on a cure for COVID-19) and ended up paying over $1.14
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macOS Adware Delivers Notarized Payloads

A recently identified adware campaign targeting macOS users is leveraging malicious code that has received Apple’s approval. The approval, or notarization, as Apple calls it, is an automated process through which software is scanned before reaching macOS users, to ensure that it does not include malicious code. Notarization was introduced in macOS 10.15
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Google Location-Tracking Tactics Troubled Its Own Engineers

Google’s own engineers were troubled by the way the company secretly tracked the movements of people who didn’t want to be followed until a 2018 Associated Press investigation uncovered the shadowy surveillance, according to unsealed documents in a consumer fraud case.The behind-the-scenes peek stems from a three-month-old lawsuit against Google filed by Ari
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Leverage Automation Successfully as Part of a Broader SOAR Strategy

In a previous article, we explored common misconceptions about automation and the realities of using automation to improve security. This article discusses automation best practices as part of an overall Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) strategy. Being fully aware of the pitfalls of automation helps frame best practices and provide gre
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CISA Details Strategy for Secure 5G Deployment

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published details on its strategy for the secure deployment of 5G networks within the country.The fifth-generation (5G) of wireless technology is expected to bring numerous benefits, including higher data rates, low latency, and high network capacity,
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Malicious Behavior Found in Advertising SDK Used by 1,200 iOS Apps

Researchers at developer security company Snyk claim to have identified malicious behavior in an advertising SDK that is present in more than 1,200 iOS applications offered in the Apple App Store.The SDK has been developed by Mintegral, a China-based mobile advertising platform provider that has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Snyk says it has
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Don’t Remove Stalkerware Before Reading This Article

Stalkerware is technically software with malicious intent, but security professionals should treat it as a different beast from other malware. Stalkerware is an app or apps that someone else can install on your device to intercept text messages and phone calls, send call logs, record web browsing activity and keystrokes and even access your location. And st
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GigaOm Names Zimperium as a Leader in Anti-Phishing

For Second Consecutive Year, Only MTD Solution Rated in GigaOm’s Comprehensive Phishing Prevention and Detection Radar Report Zimperium ranks as an outperforming leader in GigaOm’s 2020 Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection. According to the GigaOm Radar, Zimperium – the only major mobile threat defense (MTD) solution to be a part of the report
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