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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of AI? Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been debating about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time. Last month they continued the conversation by making their debate public. During a Q&A session with Nevada’s governor Brian Sandoval, Elon made a few statements about the dangers of AI. Tesla’s CEO said
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Do you suffer from FOBO?

How long are you able to stay offline? Modern life is increasingly dependent on the Internet. We manage our finances, do our shopping and communicate with friends and family online. And when we’re not sitting at a desk working on a PC, we’re glued to our smartphones and tablets. As we spend more time online, the more important connectivity becomes to our liv
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Are we “cyber safer” than ever?

After all recent attacks, what is the current cybersecurity status? 2017 has already seen a number of high profile cybersecurity events, and we expect many more before the year is out. As an evidence of this, PandaLabs records a 40% increase in attacked devices this quarter. Cybercriminals have been carrying out attacks on an unprecedented scale, even bringi
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Hotel hijacking: Are your bookings at risk?

What to keep in mind when booking your next trip? Planning your next trip has never been easier. You just go online, browse around until you find a price that works for you, and book your flights, room, and rent-a-car. Once it is all done, you save all your reservations, and you truly believe you are all set for the next big adventure in your life! You see t
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HBO hacked: Not even Daenerys dragons can protect Game of Thrones from leak

As you have probably heard already, hackers might be holding 1.5 terabytes of HBO proprietary information. No one knows what kind of information they have managed to steal, but one is for sure, the Game of Thrones script for season 7 has been reported as leaked. On Sunday afternoon reporters received an anonymous email saying: “Hi to all mankind. The greates
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Protecting your email against phishing attacks

How can you protect yourself against phishing? Email is one of the most popular ways people stay in touch, for both at work and at home. One report found that there were 205 billion emails sent every day in 2015 – and this is expected to rise to 246 billion by 2019. Much of our day-to-day business is conducted online now – take banking for instance. Many ban
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The biggest cybersecurity breaches of 2017…so far

What can we learn from the latest cybersecurity breaches The frequency and impact of cybercrime has been steadily escalating for several years now, but 2017 has been one of the worst– at least in terms of media headlines. Worse still, we’re only half way through the year. So what has happened, and what can you learn? NSA hacking tools are stolen and leaked T
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Mistakes to avoid when choosing an app

Risks of downloading apps The snappy catchphrase “there’s an app for that” is true – there really is a smartphone app for almost every task you can think of. There’s a virtual cow milking simulator, a carpet cost calculator and a tool for counting how many beers you have drunk for instance. But next time you are looking for an app that’s a little unusual, th
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Why are ransomware attacks successful?

A new major ransomware attack unleashed with full force last Wednesday. The attack was initially thought to have spread solely in Europe and Asia, but earlier today we received confirmations that businesses and individuals based in North America and Australia have been affected too. Pittsburgh’s local TV station confirmed hospitals part of Heritage Valley He
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New WhatsApp updates on the way – how to stay safe

Tips to be protected against WhatsApp malware As the most popular messaging application of all time, you would expect WhatsApp to be updated with new features quite regularly. Sure enough, a new update is due to arrive in a matter of days, offering several new functions that will make the app even more useful. But like every new update, you need to take care
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Petya: New global ransomware attack

New ransomware attack similar to Wannacry spreads globally “New global ransomware attack”. This is the message that has been trending on Twitter in the last hours, accompanied by the hashtags #Ransomware and #Petya. A new type of WannaCry on a global scale is attacking businesses all over the world. And, just as in the previous international atta
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The importance of teaching cyber security in schools

Teaching the next generation of cyber security specialists The threat of cybercrime has moved from attacks on individuals to full-scale war in the shadowy corners of the Internet. With every major incident comes a suspicion that teams of hackers are being financed by national governments to carry out attacks. Many experts now believe that the early stages of
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Virgin Media customers asked to change passwords over hacking alert

800.000 Virgin Media customers advised to change their passwords over imminent hack risk Virgin Media, one of UK’s larger Internet providers, has advised more than their 800.000 customers using a specific router (Super Hub 2), to change their passwords immediately after an investigation revealed they are prone to hacking. The warning comes after ethical secu
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Are you ready for the summer? List of security tips

After a relatively cold winter and a fantastic spring we all turn our heads towards the fast approaching summer. In a blink of an eye, we will start enjoying the longer days filled with sunshine, shorter working hours, quality time on the beach or by the pool, and a whole lot of trips and fun outdoor activities. Researchers claim that about 50% of the people
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Skype down due to a DDoS cyberattack

Cyber-crime gang boasts of bringing down Skype on Twitter If you’ve had problems connecting to Skype recently it could well be the result of the latest attack launched by the ‘CyberTeam’ gang. This group of cyber-criminals have been boasting on Twitter, under the hashtag #SkypeDown, of crashing the Microsoft video chat platform. Skype down by CyberTeam Hell
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