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What to expect from the contact tracing app Care19?

Researchers are racing to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, but experts say the humanity is many months, and probably even a year, away from seeing vaccines becoming widely available. The global economy won’t survive that much time in strict quarantine, so governments are looking for ways to ease stay-at-home restrictions while continuing to fight the co
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How to limit work-from-home distractions?

The novel coronavirus has made millions of people start working from home. Up until a few months ago, the ability to work from home was just a distant dream for many, but now, with the world overtaken by Covid-19 restrictions, more and more people are finding themselves stationed at home. Companies and people are about to realize that employees who work from
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The Perils of Video Calls (And How To Protect Yourself)

Governments across the world have been instructing people to work from home as much as possible to limit the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in the use of video conferencing services to host virtual meetings between colleagues. And families are also getting together online to stay in touch using the same tools. But li
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What is the common thing between Elton John and LeBron James?

The law firm that handles some matters for both celebrities, among a whole list of other hugely popular people, has been hacked according to BBC. The law firm called Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks is based in New York and has a whole list of high-profile clients that include music artists, TV personalities, sports stars, and actors. The lawyers were hit
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Cyberstalking – Not all hacking is for profit

Usually when we write about hacking on the Panda Security blog, we’re talking about organised criminals stealing data for profit. That is not the only reason that people break into computers though – hacktivists use cybercrime techniques to make political statements for instance. But there’s another reason to be aware of – obsession. Obsession becomes stalki
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Hackers Are Stealing Your Cookies

Cookies can do a lot more than just track your web browsing activity. Now it appears that hackers have found a way to steal your passwords too. What are computer cookies? A cookie is a tiny file that websites store on your computer. They are normally perfectly harmless – and quite useful too. In fact, many of the websites you use every day rely on cook
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Millions of Apple devices vulnerable to hackers

A major security flaw was recently discovered in the operating system running on hundreds of millions of Apple devices. If you’ve received a blank email from someone over the last few years, this might have been a hacker’s attempt to get unauthorized access to content stored on your Apple devices. According to Reuters, Apple is planning to fix the bug with t
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Did hackers steal credentials of 25,000 members of WHO, NIH and CDC?

Hackers might have managed to steal sensitive data from multiple organizations actively involved in the fight against COVID-19. A database full of user credentials that include email addresses and passwords, belonging to approximately 25,000 members of WHO (World Health Organization), NIH (National Health Institute), and The Gates Foundation, and multiple mo
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COVID-19 is a big opportunity for scammers

The current COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we work, with more people than ever working from home – many for the first time ever. But cyber criminals are taking advantage, particularly of people unused to working remotely. Here are some of the scams that are currently causing problems. Examples of common scams One of the most common scams the in UK
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Stimulus check scams are on the rise

Americans are expected to start receiving monetary support from the government soon. In most cases, money would be directly deposited into the banking accounts associated with people’s tax returns. The funds will help US citizens, legal permanent residents, and people with valid social security numbers, fight the economic instability caused by the novel coro
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The tech challenges brought by COVID-19

The panic around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to result in disruptions rarely seen before in human history. The forefront challenges caused by the virus are certainly with economic and health flavor. However, the millions of people losing their jobs and the tens of thousands of people already killed by the virus are only one part of the problem
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Your Kids Are Being Targeted By Malware

The Google Play store has hit the headlines again after 50 Android apps were removed last week because they were compromised by the Tekya auto-clicker-malware. Concerningly, these apps had over one million downloads between them. Worse still, more than half of the affected apps were aimed at kids. What is Tekya? Tekya is a special type of malware called an “
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Is Multiplayer Gaming Safe During the Quarantine?

As a result of the chaos caused by the coronavirus, hundreds of millions of people of all ages are voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily, grounded home. Streaming platforms have proven to be a haven for millions of people, but not everyone relies on Netflix and Apple TV+ to stay entertained. A big chunk of people has started exploring new horizons of onlin
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The Houseparty Hack – Fact or Fiction?

Since the global COVID-19 lockdown started, teens have been flocking to the Houseparty app. Houseparty allows users to create video call sessions so that multiple people can chat at once. At a time when social gatherings are banned, the ability to play games or simply hang out together has been invaluable. Why are people demanding we DELETE HOUSEPARTY? Over
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Thousands Of UK Loyalty Club Members Hacked

Customer loyalty programs are great – for providers and customers. In return for regular shopping, members receive various discounts and perks. At the same time, the shop gains all kinds of valuable data about your buying habits which they can use for targeted marketing purposes. Depending on the scheme they may also be able to re-sell some of that informati
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