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DNI and Microsoft warn that multiple countries are trying to influence the elections

Microsoft, a multinational technology company headquartered in the USA, revealed in a blog post that hackers from foreign states have actively targeted people and organizations involved in the upcoming Presidential elections.  The attacks, predominantly coming from Iran, China, and Russia, have been aimed at people associated with both Joe Biden and Presiden
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How to Report a Cybercrime

Every day hackers send millions of phishing emails and sometimes they get lucky. All it takes is one mouse click on the wrong link and our computer is infected with malware. Criminals can then steal sensitive personal information, or use the infected computer as part of a botnet. This is more than just an annoyance. When your computer is infected, you become
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Did Melania Trump use her private email for Government business?

The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), Melania Trump, was accused of conducting government business using private email and messaging apps. Stephanie Wolkoff, a New York-based professional party planner, claimed that Melania Trump ignored security protocols and used Trump organization emails and messaging apps such as Signal and iMessage. The claims c
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How to work from home safely

As cases of COVID-19 infections continue to fall, businesses are slowly returning to the office. For others, staff are being encouraged to continue working from home – permanently. As remote working becomes the new normal, individuals are going to have to take more responsibility for computer security at home. Here are four things you can do to better protec
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Does Remote Learning Work for Your Children?

Before the coronavirus pandemic strike, remote work and distance learning was set to increase over the next decade. No one really thought that the increase would be so significant but here it is, Covid-19 happened. More and more companies were starting to take advantage of cloud services that allow employees to maintain productivity while working from home.
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4 Types of Malware You Need to Know

Did you know that there are different types of malware? Here are the four most common you need to know about. Ransomware Ransomware is a small computer virus that encrypts all the files on an infected machine. Once encrypted, the computer becomes unusable because none of the data stored on it can be accessed. If your computer is compromised by ransomware
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Why should you make your social media profiles private?

Nowadays, people are excited to share their personal lives with the rest of the world. In most cases, when you create a profile on popular social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook, the default setting would be for your information to be public. This would allow anyone in the world to see the content that you share, see some of your activity on th
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New Video Conferencing Hack is an Important Personal Security Reminder

Since global lock down, video conferencing tools have become a way of life. With video chat we can have work-based meetings with our colleagues or to stay in touch with friends and family even when visiting is difficult (or banned). In the early stages of the pandemic, Zoom became of the video calling tool of choice. Easy to set up and free to use, people qu
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MS Office Macro Malware Makes A Comeback

Once the most popular way to infect computers, Microsoft Office macros had fallen out of favour as users and anti-malware systems got better at spotting and blocking infected attachments. However, it appears that macro malware is currently enjoying something of a comeback, this time attacking Apple Mac computers. Macros provide a way for power users to autom
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Dangerous vulnerabilities discovered in Alexa

Hackers might have stolen your Alexa’s voice library and account information A new Alexa bug, recently revealed by cybersecurity researchers, showed that hackers have been able to target specific individuals and get unauthorized access to their voice library and account information. The vulnerability, now patched by Amazon, has not only been granting access
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Android user? Update your Twitter app now

Have you ever landed on a website and had a pop-up warning about an infection on your computer? You must download an urgent update or risk all of your data being stolen. As you probably realised, these pop-ups are a scam. The urgent patch is the virus. If you click OK, you install the malware and infect your own computer. But sometimes you really do have to
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Is TikTok going to be banned?

TikTok, one of the most downloaded apps of 2019 in the USA, is on the brink of getting banned due to security concerns. President Trump initially stated that the app would be prohibited within 48 hours. However, Microsoft stepped in and expressed interest in purchasing it instead. The President then delayed the decision to get rid of the Chinese app for good
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State-sponsored malware – a real and present danger

Last week on the Panda Security blog we reported the first annual fall in malware attacks that we could remember. But as we noted at the time, we all need to stay vigilant because cybercriminals continue to develop new attacks. It is also worth noting that cybercriminals are not the only source of malware. A recent study has found that national governments a
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Is your smart home hosting malware attacks?

Here on the Panda Security blog, we usually write about malware infecting computers, tablets and smartphones. But the truth is almost any electronic device can be compromised by hackers – including your smart home gadgets. Now researchers have discovered a new family of malware called Mozi that has been quickly spreading online since last year. What does Moz
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Multiple Twitter Profiles of Celebrities Hacked

Last week hundreds of millions of people saw fraudulent tweets coming from some of the most influential Twitter users. The messages sent in the social network were inviting hundreds of millions of followers to send cryptocurrency funds to a Bitcoin address. The promise was that the celebrities would send back double the funds. So, users were expecting to tra
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