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Dating apps are leaking some of your most sensitive data

Meeting new people has never been particularly easy, which is why dating apps have become so popular. Using carefully calculated computer algorithms, these services match our interests and preferences with other people who have similar tastes. We can then arrange a date – and hopefully find love in the process. But in order to make matches, each service coll
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Travelex Hit By $6m Ransom Attack

Travelex, a global foreign exchange company with hundreds of stores across the USA alone, is being held hostage by hackers demanding $6 million ransom. The cybercriminals from a gang known as Sodinokibi and REvil, claim that they are in possession of approximately 5GB of what they say is very sensitive data. They claim the stolen data consists of national id
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US-Iran conflict shifted to the Cyber World

Iranian Hackers Launched Thousands of Cyber Attacks against the USA The tension between the USA and Iran significantly increased after the USA’s drone strike that eliminated Iran’s Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Iran promised to retaliate and launched a dozen unsuccessful missiles aiming at Iraqi bases housing U.S. troops. Iran rockets even landed in the Green Zone
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How to use your new phone at work (safely)

Did you get a new phone for Christmas? You’re not alone – smartphones are a popular gift each year. You’re probably also eager to use your new phone at work. You can send and receive work email, use Skype or WhatsApp to chat with your colleagues, and you can take calls any place any time. You’re a productivity powerhouse – if your boss agrees to
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Les Banques En Ligne Sont-Elles Sûres ?

Depuis les années 2000 sont apparues les banques 100% en ligne. Elles sont des atouts indéniables et des millions de personnes les ont déjà adoptées. Cependant, il existe encore une réticence chez certaines personnes à confier leur argent à ce type d’établissement. Leurs craintes ? La solidité de ce type de banque et la sécurité sur internet. Alors, dans les
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Your 2020 New Year Cybersecurity Resolutions

For many people, new year resolutions are an important opportunity for self-improvement. 38% of us promise to exercise more, 33% aim to lose weight and 32% want to eat more healthily. Almost all of the resolutions are health-related – but cybersecurity and IT health don’t make the list. Here are four cybersecurity new year resolutions everyone should be maki
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UK’s Government’s Brexit App Is A Security Nightmare

The United Kingdom is finally set to leave the European Union on January 31st 2020. With just a matter of weeks until the deadline, people are still trying to find out exactly what will change – and what they need to do to prepare. This confusion is even more worrying for non-UK citizens living in Britain. Most will know that they are expected to apply for ‘
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Consumer Groups are Racing to Issue Security Warnings For Amazon Ring

Over the last few weeks, the media published stories about hacked Amazon Ring devices that allow hackers to get unauthorized access to consumer video monitoring devices such as Amazon Ring. One of the warnings recently issued from Fight For The Future stated that Amazon Ring cameras are not safe. The consumer group quoted a report from VICE saying that there
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5G rollout continues (slowly) across the UK

5G, the latest mobile connection technology, is slowly rolling out across the UK. EE, the largest mobile operator in the UK, has recently announced that 5G connectivity has rolled out to another 14 cities, bringing the total to 45. 5G offers connection speeds that are even faster than most home broadband in the UK – up to 410Mbps. This means that you will be
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Hacked Gas Pumps Are on the Rise in the USA

Unless you live in New York or Chicago, the chances of you pumping gas on a regular basis are quite high – and the possibility of hackers stealing your credit card information might be high too, according to VISA. The California-based multinational financial services corporation company recently issued a security alert warning to the public. Its fraud detect
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Hackers backed by foreign states attacked 12,000 Google users

Government-supported hackers tried to steal 12,000 Google credentials in 2019 Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) revealed in a report that they distributed more than 12,000 warnings to users in nearly 150 countries that include the United States of America. The recipients were notified that they have been subject of state-sponsored phishing attempts.
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Smartphones are ruining our health

Smartphones have changed the world by making it much easier to stay in touch with friends and work. But this convenience may come at a cost if the results of a new UK survey are correct. Manufacturer OnePlus found that one in four UK adults have trouble sleeping because they spend too long on their phones before bed. The blue light emitted by electronic scre
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UK Labour Party Promises Free Fibre Broadband For All

The UK election finally takes place on December 12th and each of the parties has been busily campaigning to secure as many votes as possible. Along the way, many announcements and pledges have been made, as politicians outline their vision of a future under a government they lead. The Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrat parties have all declared headl
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How safe are public USB charging stations?

Back in November, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office distributed an advisory about a new way criminal use public USB chargers to steal data called ‘juice jacking.’ The Los Angeles District Attorney pointed out that travelers must be cautious when using public USB power charging stations. According to government officials, charging a
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Cyber criminals targeting Olympics

The Olympics Goes Political As State Hackers Target Sporting Organisations As a celebration of international sport, the Olympic Games is famously non-political. By inviting every nation to participate, the Games are intended to bring the entire world together, promoting peace and harmony through a celebration of sport. Winning a gold medal may be the pinnacl
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