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Remote work and how 2020 changed our lives for good

This year has been rough. Tens of millions of people lost their jobs, the novel coronavirus caused the worst recession since World War II, and the USA confirmed more than a quarter of a million deaths associated with Covid-19. The death toll continues to rise as the pandemic is continuing to accelerate through all major cities in the USA at an alarming rate.
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Panda Security does it again: 100% detection in AV-C’s Real-World Test

AV- Comparatives, the independent research institute for IT security, has been guaranteeing the execution of individual and comparative tests for years, which ensure the quality of all internationally relevant IT security products. Obtaining some of its official seals and certifications, such as those obtained by Panda Security, is a guarantee of being a cyb
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What is The Clean Network?

Multiple wireless carriers in the USA have successfully deployed 5G networks across the country. The newly launched iPhone 12 devices and multiple 5G capable Android devices are taking advantage of the new technology’s fast speeds. Even though the new cellular standards and equipment were introduced just a year ago, 5G compatible devices are slowly get
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The rise of stalkerware

Ever since governments began enforcing lockdowns as a way to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, experts have been warning about the dangers of malware. Hackers have been targeting home computers as a way to break into company networks and steal data or embezzle money. However, there is another category of malware that is of concern – stalkerware. Stal
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Elon Musk’ Starlink to Deliver Relatively Inexpensive Satellite Internet

A new internet provider might be coming to town sooner than later. SpaceX’s Starlink is expanding the number of internet satellites orbiting around the Earth and aims to become a relatively inexpensive satellite internet provider. As a start, Starlink wants to give a better internet solution to the people living in rural areas in North America. Starlin
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How to fix slow WiFi

According to a survey published by The Independent, slow internet tops the list of most annoying tech problems. For most of us, WiFi is now essential – we rely on it for shopping, banking, work, entertainment and more. No wonder slow WiFi is so frustrating. So when you notice a problem, what can you do? Reboot your device If your device is always on and
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Do you fear the right thing? Probably not.

The chances of your kid getting eaten by a mythical monster that has been hiding in a closet for years are pretty slim when compared to the possibility of becoming a victim of a cybercrime. Modern-day research shows that approximately eighty percent of the children have somehow witnessed cybercrimes such as online bullying. Unless you are watching Game of Th
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Is this the end of privacy – What your life insurance company has on you

We live in uncertain times, so if you don’t already have life insurance, you might have thought about it over the last half a year. However, getting the best rates and quotes is not the easiest thing to do if you aim to get the most favorable policy price. A typical life insurance underwriting process can take between 45 to 60 days. During this time, the und
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Switching to iPhone 12 – Should WhatsApp users be worried?

If you are a WhatsApp user planning on purchasing one of the newly released touchscreen-based smartphones by Apple, you may be up for a lousy privacy surprise. Transferring WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone 12 will likely compromise WhatApp’s most important feature – the end-to-end messages encryption. Even though both apps, Messages and WhatsApp, are own
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Why Antivirus Protection isn’t Enough to Stay Totally Safe

Viruses and malware are the main tools used by cybercriminals to break into networks and steal data. As a result, anti-malware software like Panda Dome is absolutely essential for keeping your computer and personal data secure. These tools can scan your hard drive for virus infections and remove them automatically. But cyberattacks are becoming more sophisti
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What happens when your identity is stolen?

You’ve probably heard many times before that malware can be used to commit identity theft. You may also already know that identity theft is about criminals collecting enough personal information to fool people and computer systems into thinking they are someone else? But why would you want to pretend to be another person? Because there’s a lot of money to be
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What you can learn from a corporate malware attack

Dealing with malware infections can be a nightmare because the stakes are high. Make a mistake and you may be robbed, defrauded or blackmailed. Large businesses are attacked virtually every day as hackers and malware attempt to break through their defences. Faced by this constant danger, they have developed effective processes that help to minimise damage. F
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Joker Malware is no Joke

Google has recently removed 17 apps from the Play Store after discovering they were infected with the Joker malware. The move should help to prevent new infections. If you own an Android smartphone, you should urgently check to see if you have any of the following apps installed: All Good PDF Scanner Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message Unique Keyboard &#
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American Fortune 500 Company Hit by Ransomware Cyberattack

Universal Health Services (UHS), a Fortune 500 company, was hit by a sophisticated ransomware cyberattack. The Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in providing hospital and healthcare services was affected by a Ryuk ransomware. The ransomware operation has not been active for months but has just reappeared on the horizon by nearly toppling one of the
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How To Surf Safely When On Holiday

The peak summer holiday season was quite disappointing for most of us. As a result, many have rescheduled trips for later in the year, hoping to catch a little sunshine during half term or later. So as you prepare your technology for your next holiday, you should also consider how to use your devices safely too. Lock your devices securely Portable electronic
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