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CISOs and CIOs: Protecting Traditional Endpoints Isn’t Enough

As government cyber teams feverishly perform damage control from the SolarWinds hack, one major question for CISOs and CIOs cannot be ignored: “Protecting traditional endpoints isn’t enough; how am I going to assess and protect my mobile devices?”   Threat visibility comes from sensors, and if your mobile devices don’t utilize a mobile threat defense (MTD)
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Why Leading Cities and States Should be Protecting ‘Digital Citizens’ from Mobile Threats

When most people think of Zimperium, they may recognize us as the leader in enterprise mobile device and app security. Or, they have seen the recent news on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) organization, selecting us to deliver comprehensive Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) to the unclassified government furn
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Dutch MIVD Joins U.S. DoD in Acknowledging Mobile Device Threats

Recently, the Military Intelligence and Security Service division of the Dutch Armed Forces Central Command warned that businesses no longer meet using smartphones or tablets.  According to De Telegraaf (use Google Translate to translate), the highest boss of the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) advises large companies no longer to meet wit
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Zimperium is Honored to Protect U.S. Department of Defense Mobile Devices

As you may have seen in the news, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), through its Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), selected Zimperium to deliver comprehensive Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) to service members around the world. Our mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions will protect DoD mobile endpoints against
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Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Zimperium Mobile Threat Data into Microsoft Sentinel Cloud-Native SIEM

While leading organizations are actively protecting mobile endpoints, security teams haven’t had clean and scalable ways to integrate and correlate threat data with other parts of the security infrastructure. But that is changing. I recently hosted a webinar with David Branscome, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft and our very own Kern Smith, Vice
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How to Leverage MTD Solutions to Comply with NIST 800-124r2 Guidelines

Prior to the global pandemic, we were beginning to see a shift in companies realizing the need for mobile device and app security. Private and public sector organizations alike, began to see how hackers were breaching and compromising mobile devices and – in turn – putting their employees and the companies themselves at risk.  And then came COVI
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MDMs and MTDs – Different Solutions Addressing Different Problems

One manages an enterprises’ mobile devices; the other detects and prevents mobile device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks I recently had the pleasure of participating in a webinar with Mikel Draghici – a Principal Engineer at Zimperium – and JT Keating – our SVP of Marketing, in which we talked about the differences between mob
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GigaOm Names Zimperium as a Leader in Anti-Phishing

For Second Consecutive Year, Only MTD Solution Rated in GigaOm’s Comprehensive Phishing Prevention and Detection Radar Report Zimperium ranks as an outperforming leader in GigaOm’s 2020 Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection. According to the GigaOm Radar, Zimperium – the only major mobile threat defense (MTD) solution to be a part of the report
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4 Ways zIPS with Samsung Knox Transforms Mobile Devices Into High-Security Endpoints

Mobile device security hasn’t always been an enterprise’s top priority. The gradual evolution of smartphone technology, the intensely personal relationship between users and their devices, and the BYOD conundrum early on all contributed to that mindset. But, Samsung mobile devices can now be among the most secure endpoints in your enterprise. The transforma
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VMware and Zimperium Continue to Lead Unified Endpoint Security with Latest Workspace ONE Intelligence Integrations

As mobile has taken the lead in enabling enterprise user productivity, it has also become a prime focus for hackers. This reflects the reality that mobile endpoints have all the same access to corporate network resources and data as traditional endpoints and they are critical to Zero Trust/two-factor authentication efforts. Historically, the difference betw
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Why Mobile Threat Defense is an Absolute Requirement to Protect O365/Teams Users & Zero Trust Efforts

Government agencies’ usage of Microsoft Office 365 and Teams has skyrocketed (over 900% for some agencies). Unfortunately, the cyber threats to the GFE and BYOD mobile devices that are accessing O365 has also significantly increased. Without implementing mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions, agencies and their “Zero Trust” initiatives are exposed and
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COVID-19 Threats Against Mobile Remote Workers: What Enterprises Need to Know

COVID-19 has created a situation unlike anything many of us have ever seen; yet one that will likely leave permanent changes in remote working. With the overnight tectonic shift towards entire workforces working remotely from home, on all variety of corporate and personal (bring your own) devices, IT and security teams have been in triage mode from a securi
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Zimperium Introduces Mobile Threat Advisory Services

Customized Threat Intelligence Reports Crafted by Mobile Security Experts Provides Meaningful, Actionable Insights for CISOs, CIOs and Security Operational Teams to Effectively Protect Enterprises   Data overload can cause security teams to feel overwhelmed and create desensitization to real threats. What’s more, analyzing mobile threat data to derive actio
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Zimperium Delivers Record Revenue in 2019 Marked by Triple Digit New Customer Growth, Innovative Product Enhancements an

Company Continues to Lead the Enterprise Mobile Threat Defense Market with Expansive Customer Growth, New Phishing Solutions and Partnerships with Google, Microsoft, VMware and Others  Zimperium, the global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD), finished 2019 with triple digit growth in new customer acquisitions, innovative product enhancements,
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A Look Back: The Unseen Mobile Threats at Security Conferences

Whether it’s on the trade show floor, at the conference center, hotel or local restaurant, mobile device usage is particularly high, with attendees, and oftentimes devices, constantly trying to connect to the different networks. Ironically, that includes industry events whose primary purpose is to share knowledge on, and bolster, security measures. In other
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