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Apple Patches New macOS, iOS Zero-Days

Apple on Wednesday rolled out emergency patches for a pair of already exploited zero-day vulnerabilities in its flagship macOS and iOS platforms.Apple confirmed in-the-wild exploitation of the vulnerabilities in separate advisories warning about code execution flaws in fully patched iPhone, iPad and macOS devices.Barebones details from Apple’s advisories:CVE
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Zimperium Recognized Among the Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine

Zimperium is thrilled to share its inclusion on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list – yet another nod to our continued success. The annual list ranks the fastest-growing private companies in the United States determined by a company’s three-year revenue growth. Zimperium has grown 252% during this time, ranking at number 2,326 out of 5,000 U.S. companies. We have experi
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Signal Discloses Impact From Twilio Hack

Secure communications services provider Signal on Monday disclosed impact from the recent Twilio hack, after threat actors attempted to re-register the phone numbers of some of its users to new devices.Earlier this month, enterprise software vendor Twilio announced that it fell victim to a cyberattack, after threat actors tricked one of its employees into re
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Mobile Security Is Critical: Verizon’s Refreshed Outlook on the Need for Mobile Threat Defense

61% of Global Organizations Suffered a Mobile Breach in the Last 12 Months As the modern workforce has evolved, so has the technology that is relied upon. There is no doubt that the era of mobile is here to stay, from hybrid employees to cloud data access, leaving global enterprises vulnerable to cyber risks. The 2022 Verizon Mobile Security Index (MSI) repo
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Getting Your Kids Ready for School—And Their Smartphones Too

If you’re the parent of a tween or teen, chances are they’re not the only ones going back to school. Their smartphones are going back too. Our recent global research showed just how many tweens and teens use a smartphone. Plenty. Depending on the age band, that figure ranges anywhere from 76% to 93%, with some noteworthy variations between countries. One of
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4 Common types of Malware and What’s the Difference (Trojan, Spyware, Viruses, Ransomware)

Malware is malicious code that threat actors use to compromise data collected, stored, processed, or transmitted by mobile devices, computers, servers, or any other internet-connected device or application. As part of an organization’s security and data protection program, it should have a plan in place that, at minimum, mitigates risk to systems and network
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Eavesdropping Probe Finds Israeli Police Exceeded Authority

An Israeli government investigation into the use of powerful eavesdropping technology by the police found that they only used it after securing a judicial warrant but that the flood of information exceeded the limits of their authority.The probe was launched after Calcalist, a local business daily, published an explosive report that the police had used Pegas
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Is someone stalking you with an Apple AirTag?

Apple’s AirTag has proven to be an excellent option for keeping track of items prompt to get stolen or lost. A whole list of people with lost pieces of luggage managed to reunite with their belongings thanks to Apple’s tracking products. AirTags help find keys and anything else people may want to follow, such as pets. However, recent events have
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How to Address the Mobile Security Implications Posed by the New mHealth Era

For years, healthcare has been going through a digital transformation, and in many organizations, the pandemic has radically accelerated this trend. Today, mobile devices play an increasingly central role in how patients access and experience healthcare services and how healthcare organizations manage operations and service delivery. We’re now well into an e
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European Lawmaker Targeted With Cytrox Predator Surveillance Spyware

A security audit by the European Parliament has unearthed attempts to plant high-end surveillance software on the phone of a Greek lawmaker and there are fresh reports linking the hack attempt to a known North Macedonia spyware vendor.The company, called Cytrox, was previously exposed as the makers of Predator, a tool capable of launching sophisticated explo
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Instagram introduces parental controls for UK users

Instagram has recently rolled out a collection of new parental control features for users in the UK. Addressing concerns about the potentially negative mental health effects of the social network, these new tools are expected to help parents better help keep their teenagers safe online. So what has changed? New daily time limits One of the biggest concerns p
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Understanding the Evolution of Cybercrime to Predict its Future

An analysis of the evolution of cybercrime from its beginnings in the 1990s to its billion-dollar presence today has one overriding theme: the development of cybercrime as a business closely mimics the evolution of legitimate business, and will continue to evolve to improve its own ROI.In the early days, hacking was more about personal prestige and kudos tha
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Google Introduces DNS-over-HTTP/3 in Android

Google this week announced the rollout of DNS-over-HTTP/3 (DoH3) for Android 11 and newer devices.An encrypted DNS protocol, DoH3 is expected to provide performance and safety improvements compared to alternatives, mainly through the QUIC transport layer network protocol.By default, even for encrypted connections, DNS lookups are not private – the base DNS p
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Ongoing 'Roaming Mantis' Smishing Campaign Hits Over 70,000 Users in France

A Chinese threat actor named Roaming Mantis has been targeting Android users in France with the MoqHao malware in a new smishing campaign, security researchers with Sekoia warn.The campaign uses phishing SMS messages containing an embedded malicious link to trick unsuspecting victims into downloading malware on their Android devices, or into accessing a phis
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Researchers Say Thai Pro-Democracy Activists Hit by Spyware

Cybersecurity researchers reported details Monday of cases where Thai activists involved in the country’s pro-democracy protests had their cell phones or other devices infected and attacked with government-sponsored spyware.Investigators of the internet watchdog groups Citizen Lab, Thailand’s Internet Law Reform Dialogue, or iLaw, and Digital Reach said at l
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