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Android automated SOS feature is causing serious problems

With every new software update, smartphone manufacturers are looking for ways to make our lives easier, more efficient and safer. So when Google released a new Android feature to automate calls to the emergency services, it was expected to be a massive success. But reports from UK police suggests that the Emergency SOS function is actually a serious problem.
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Why is Montana banning TikTok?

Montana, the 4th largest state by area in the USA, has accepted a bill to ban TikTok starting Jan 1st, 2024. The bill aims to prohibit any mobile application store from offering TikTok to users in the state of Montana. The primary motivator behind Montana’s ban on the trendy app is that Chinese tech giant ByteDance owns TikTok. China, currently ruled b
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What information do hackers need to commit cybercrime?

Currently, more than 90% of American adults use the Internet. The percentage is even higher among younger and middle-aged Americans. Internet users use the global web predominantly for work, study, communication, and entertainment. With so much screen time spent on online places that often require account creation, people undoubtedly leave vast amounts of di
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Is it time for a cyber security hygiene check?

One of the biggest problems with IT security is that hackers are finding new ways to break into your computer or steal your data every day. This means that you must check your security settings regularly to ensure you are properly protected. This simple 7-point checklist will help you get your defenses in order – and keep the criminals out. Strengthen you
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UK Government (Kind Of) Bans TikTok

Following a similar announcement in the US, the UK government has announced a crackdown on the TikTok app. Under these plans, politicians and civil servants will be banned from installing the globally popular short video app. What is the problem? TikTok is currently the world’s most popular video-sharing social networking app. However, security agencies have
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Tesla Owner Unlocks and Drives Off with the Wrong Vehicle by Mistake

Tesla Owner Unlocks and Drives Off with the Wrong Vehicle by Mistake March 21st, 2023 No Comments Data Privacy, Data Protection, Mobile Security On a typical day in Vancouver, Canada, Rajesh Randev, an immigration consultant, found himself in an unusual situati
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Fake ChatGPT browser extension is hijacking Facebook Business accounts

Fake ChatGPT browser extension is hijacking Facebook Business accounts March 13th, 2023 No Comments Data Privacy, Data Protection, Mobile Security, Online Safety, PC security A fake ChatGPT extension named “Quick access to ChatGPT” has been found to
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The state of stalkerware in 2022

 The state of stalkerware in 2022 (PDF) Main findings of 2022 The State of Stalkerware is an annual report by Kaspersky which contributes to a better understanding of how many people in the world are affected by digital stalking. Stalkerware is a commercially available software that can be discretely installed on smartphone devices, enabling perpetrators to
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What is Zero Trust Security? Breaking Down a Zero Trust Architecture

As cloud-based enterprises and remote workers continue to grow in popularity, the need to implement zero-trust security models has never been more relevant. But what is zero trust security? In short, zero trust security is a model founded on the assumption that no user or device can be trusted and must be verified — including internal and external users and
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18 Best Private Search Engines: Where to Search Without Being Tracked

Have you ever looked up something inconsequential only to be bombarded with ads for it everywhere else you go online? That can be a problem with big-name search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, because they use a variety of coding, trackers and activity logging to collect personal information about users. This data is then used by those search engines an
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JD Sports reports cyber-attack impacting millions of customers

JD Sports reports cyber-attack impacting millions of customers February 1st, 2023 No Comments Data Privacy, Data Protection, Mobile Security, Online Safety, PC security Sportswear retailer JD Sports has confirmed that a recent cyber-attack may have resulted in
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Third-Party App Stores Could Be a Red Flag for iOS Security

Even Apple can’t escape change forever. The famously restrictive company will allow third-party app stores for iOS devices, along with allowing users to “sideload” software directly. Spurring the move is the European Union’s (EU) Digital Markets Act (DMA), which looks to ensure open markets by reducing the ability of digital “g
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Apple Patches WebKit Code Execution Flaws

Apple’s product security response team on Monday rolled out patches to cover numerous serious security vulnerabilities affecting users of its flagship iOS and macOS platforms.The most serious of the documented vulnerabilities affect WebKit and can expose both iOS and macOS devices to code execution attacks via booby-trapped web content, Apple warned in multi
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Samsung Galaxy Store Flaws Can Lead to Unwanted App Installations, Code Execution

Cybersecurity firm NCC Group has shared details on two vulnerabilities in Samsung’s Galaxy Store that could be exploited to install applications or execute JavaScript code by launching a web page.An alternative app marketplace, the Galaxy Store comes pre-installed on Samsung’s Android devices and can be used alongside Google Play to download and install soft
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A View Into Web(View) Attacks in Android

James Kilner contributed to the technical editing of this blog. Nethanella Messer, Segev Fogel, Or Ben Nun and Liran Tiebloom contributed to the blog. Although in the PC realm it is common to see financial malware used in web attacks to commit fraud, in Android-based financial malware this is a new trend. Traditionally, financial malware in Android uses ove
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