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Location Sharing: Americans Don’t Trust It

..While you used to have to ask someone where they were to know their location, you can now track it on your phone. Almost all phones come with a location-sharing app like Find My Friends that lets you connect with other people’s phones. Another version of this is location tagging on Facebook and Instagram. By posting where you are, anyone can track your mov
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Mobile Networks Vulnerable to IMP4GT Impersonation Attacks

A group of researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and NYU Abu Dhabi have discovered a new attack on 4G and 5G mobile networks that can be used to impersonate users.Called IMP4GT (IMPersonation attacks in 4G NeTworks), the attack demonstrates that the currently used mutual authentication method, where the smartphone and the network verify their identities, is
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Zimperium First to Integrate Mobile Threat Defense with Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM Solution

Zimperium now integrates with Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune), Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Active Directory and Azure Sentinel SIEM In January, we announced our integration with the Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. Our mobile threat defense (MTD) integration with Microsoft Defender ATP
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Zimperium Introduces Mobile Threat Advisory Services

Customized Threat Intelligence Reports Crafted by Mobile Security Experts Provides Meaningful, Actionable Insights for CISOs, CIOs and Security Operational Teams to Effectively Protect Enterprises   Data overload can cause security teams to feel overwhelmed and create desensitization to real threats. What’s more, analyzing mobile threat data to derive actio
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Google Removes 600 Android Apps for Displaying Disruptive Ads

Google has removed roughly 600 applications from Google Play for violating its ad-related policies, the Internet search giant announced this week.In addition, the company banned them from Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager, its ad monetization platforms.The reason, it says, was that these applications were engaging in ad fraud activities, a practice that has
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Cometdocs Threatens Legal Action Over Disclosure of Security Issues

Mobile cybersecurity firm Wandera has warned that document management apps made by Cometdocs can expose users’ files. Cometdocs has disputed the severity of the findings and has threatened legal action against reporters if they publish what the company considers to be inaccurate articles.Cometdocs provides an online document management system that enables us
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Ring Rolls Out Mandatory 2FA, New Privacy Controls

Amazon-owned home security and smart home company Ring this week announced new security and privacy features for all of its users.Following reports of hackers accessing Ring cameras and spying on people or harassing them, the company is apparently working on addressing these issues, and has started with a CES announcement on a new Control Center for both iOS
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A Look Back: The Unseen Mobile Threats at Security Conferences

Whether it’s on the trade show floor, at the conference center, hotel or local restaurant, mobile device usage is particularly high, with attendees, and oftentimes devices, constantly trying to connect to the different networks. Ironically, that includes industry events whose primary purpose is to share knowledge on, and bolster, security measures. In other
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WhatsApp Defends Encryption as It Tops 2 Billion Users

The Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp said Wednesday it now has more than two billion users around the world as it reaffirmed its commitment to strong encryption to protect privacy.WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook in 2014, has grown into one of the most widely used services in the Facebook "family" of apps, offering free messaging along with voice and
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Google: Protections Added by Samsung to Android Kernel Increase Attack Surface

A Google Project Zero researcher claims that some of the security features added by Samsung to the Android kernel don’t provide meaningful protection and they actually increase the attack surface.Project Zero researcher Jann Horn has analyzed the Android kernel shipped by Samsung with its Galaxy A50 phones and found that some security features added by the t
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Safer Internet Day and Cyberbullying

Happy Safer Internet Day (SID)! More than 140 countries worldwide today celebrate the landmark event that many internet goers have in the online safety calendars marked as SID. As you might have already known, SID aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues affecting internet users, especially children, and young people. Panda Security shares those val
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Critical Android Bluetooth flaw CVE-2020-0022 could be exploited without user interaction

Google addressed a critical vulnerability in its Android OS that affects the Bluetooth subsystem and could be exploited without user interaction. Google has addressed a critical flaw in Android OS that affects the Bluetooth subsystem and could be exploited without user interaction. The vulnerability tracked as CVE-2020-0022 is a remote code execution
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Malicious Optimizers Hosted on Google Play Amassed 470,000 Downloads

Malicious optimizer, booster, and utility applications hosted on Google Play gathered nearly half a million downloads before being taken down, Trend Micro reports.The apps, which are detected by the company’s products as AndroidOS_BadBooster.HRX, were designed to perform activities such as ad fraud, and to download around 3,000 malware variants or other mali
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Critical Bluetooth Vulnerability Exposes Android Devices to Attacks

One of the security flaws that Google addressed with the February 2020 set of Android patches is a critical vulnerability in Bluetooth that could lead to code execution.A total of 25 vulnerabilities were fixed with Android’s February 2020 security updates, and the most important of them are two critical severity issues is System.One of these is CVE-2020-0022
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Zimperium’s “State of Enterprise Mobile Security” Report for 2019

It is no longer a matter of if or when an enterprise’s mobile endpoints are at risk of being attacked – – they already are; that according to findings in our “State of Enterprise Mobile Security” Report for 2019. Our research shows 100% of organizations protecting their mobile endpoints with Zimperium have detected and prevented threats an
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