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Virgin Media customers asked to change passwords over hacking alert

800.000 Virgin Media customers advised to change their passwords over imminent hack risk Virgin Media, one of UK’s larger Internet providers, has advised more than their 800.000 customers using a specific router (Super Hub 2), to change their passwords immediately after an investigation revealed they are prone to hacking. The warning comes after ethical secu
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Are you ready for the summer? List of security tips

After a relatively cold winter and a fantastic spring we all turn our heads towards the fast approaching summer. In a blink of an eye, we will start enjoying the longer days filled with sunshine, shorter working hours, quality time on the beach or by the pool, and a whole lot of trips and fun outdoor activities. Researchers claim that about 50% of the people
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Skype down due to a DDoS cyberattack

Cyber-crime gang boasts of bringing down Skype on Twitter If you’ve had problems connecting to Skype recently it could well be the result of the latest attack launched by the ‘CyberTeam’ gang. This group of cyber-criminals have been boasting on Twitter, under the hashtag #SkypeDown, of crashing the Microsoft video chat platform. Skype down by CyberTeam Hell
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Are you the dream victim of a ransomware cybercriminal?

Ransomware attacks continue to be popular The recent ransomware attack against the NHS caused millions of pounds worth of damage – and put countless lives at risks when operations and general treatment had to be delayed. Despite the chaos, security experts believe that the criminals behind the attack made just $100,000 in the week after infection. Ransomware
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How can I extend the life of my battery?

Short battery life is a known issue for all smartphones There is hardly anything more frustrating than wanting to use your cell phone and not having enough juice in it. Sometimes you can just plug it in the wall and charge it a little bit, but there are also times when you don’t have the luxury to do so. Short battery life is a known issue for all smartphone
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How to build a safe smart home?

Building a smart home is not hard at all… Coming home to a pre-heated house, being able always to monitor what is going on at home, knowing that if the emergency alarm sets you will not only get a notification on your cell so you can inform the authorities, but you will have a device that will start recording everything that is going on. It all sounds
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Should we worry that the UK General Election is hacked?

Should we worry about UK election tampering? When Donald Trump won the 2016 US Election, political experts were shocked – most had failed to predict that he would go on to become the President. The UK’s decision to leave the European Union earlier in the year had been similarly surprising – again, most had expected a narrow win for the “Remain” campaign. Sin
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How do you know if the leaks are real?

Is the Media Able to See the Difference Between Fake, Real and Tampered Leaks? Since President Donald Trump became POTUS, he has been accusing reputable sources of information such as BBC, NY Times, NBC News and CNN for being ‘fake news’. However, every single person, who has ever had to deal with these outlets, especially with publications such as BBC
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More Than Half a Billion Passwords Compromised

A security research firm discovered that there’s an anonymous database containing more than 560 million passwords. The database is accessible on the Dark Web, and it is a compilation of information exposed by all major leaks over the last five years. It includes stolen account information from security breaches of LinkedIn, DropBox, LastFM, MySpace, Adobe, N
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Can someone hack my drone?

Drones are gaining more and more popularity here in the US. They are no longer only a military tool able to operate thousands of miles away from us, but an easily accessible product available in almost every consumer electronics store in the US. Well, most of the ones sold in the stores may not be as powerful as the military ones, but they still are flying d
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How to protect the elderly online

For those of us who grew up in the Internet age, staying safe online is relatively straightforward. Our experience with computers means that we have a good basic understanding of malware, hackers and other threats that could be used to steal personal information. Our elderly relatives are not so lucky – they did not use computers at school, and most of them
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Is online banking safe? How to use online banking apps

Online banking has exploded in popularity, mainly down to the fact that it makes managing our finances so easy. Every high street bank now has online facilities for checking balances, setting up direct debits and printing statements from their website for instance. And most also have a smartphone app so you can check that information on the move. But this in
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A closer look at a 3.0 cyber-attack

How does WannaCry work? The WannaCry global attack, which hit 200,000 computers in at least150 countries a few days ago, has set a milestone in the history of cyber-crime, and has made businesses of all types more aware of the importance of having a good cyber-security defense to avoid having their reputation and balance sheet compromised. Today’s atta
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Adylkuzz, the new virus that follows in WannaCry’s footsteps

Adylkuzz, the malware that steals virtual money from thousands of computers All investigations seem to indicate that WannaCry, the global attack that shocked the world last week, was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of cyber-security threats. The new cyber-attack currently underway, called Adylkuzz, is potentially much more dangerous than its predecessor
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¿Son seguras las apps de banca online?

Pautas de seguridad para tus operaciones de banca online Las ventajas a nivel de comodidad e inmediatez que ofrecen las aplicaciones de banca en online han hecho que en los últimos años cada vez más usuarios empiecen a gestionar sus finanzas también desde su móvil. Poder realizar todas las operaciones y consultar el saldo desde cualquier lugar han convencido
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