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Biometrics and the problem of privacy

Your identity is one of your most precious possessions. From opening a bank account to travelling abroad, obtaining medical treatment to shopping online, proving your identity (ID) is absolutely essential. In the age of the internet, traditional ID verification and protection systems can be quite easily broken. Identity theft is extremely profitable, so crim
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Is two-factor authentication enough?

The two-factor authentication (2FA) was supposed to be the long-overdue password upgrade. And to some extent, it met the expectations, as the extra layer of protection to this day is used to ensure the security of many businesses and online government accounts. However, the effectiveness varies. It certainly still offers protection that goes beyond just a us
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Social Media Fraud: Are Influencers Trying to Scam You?

Many of the biggest social media influencers have built huge online followings by flaunting their success. Pictures of glamorous lifestyles, fancy cars, shiny jewellery, luxury holidays and bundles of cash have proven to be very popular with social media users, eager to achieve a similar level of success for themselves. However, a new breed of social media i
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Did you give away your password in the comments section?

Facebook and Instagram have been flooded with groups, pages, and profiles that post funny quizzes asking members and followers to answer questions that prompt engagement, such as how old they were for specific dates or events in their lives. Naturally, people thirsty for attention gladly share the information. Still, social media users do not realize that by
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8 Online Gaming Security Risks – Are You Protected?

If it’s connected to the Internet, criminals will eventually attack it. We’re quite used to stories about computers and smartphones being hacked – but did you know online gaming can also be used to steal personal information? Here are eight ways that criminals are preparing to attack through your online games. “Weak” passwords Simple passwords are really
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T-Mobile has been hacked

T-Mobile, one of the largest wireless service providers in the USA, has been hacked. The wireless carrier released a statement on August 16th, 2021 confirming the incident. According to a post published in the company’s newsroom, T-Mobile is investigating claims that sensitive company data may have been illegally accessed during a cyber incident. The investi
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How To Recover From A Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is devastating. When critical files are infected and encrypted, a company may be forced to shut down – perhaps permanently. But ransomware can attack anyone – including decent, law-abiding citizens like you. An infection can be devastating, with precious memories and photographs along with important digital paperwork potentially lost forever. Unfo
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How to be safely connected while traveling?

The pandemic is slowly but steadily starting to wear off, and more and more people are on the move. We are in the middle of the summer season, and travel is reaching pre-pandemic levels. The constant increase of administered vaccines makes people feel more confident to go out there too – approximately 50% of the US population has been fully vaccinated. Unfor
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Report Remove, the tool that eliminates nude images shared online

Intimate personal photos being leaked online continues to be a serious problem. Teenage sexting is even more concerning however, as images of underage children may be exposed and circulated illegally. Realising that this issue is getting worse, child protection charity Childline has developed a new tool to help victims recover some of their privacy. Called ‘
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Dark Web Scanner, the tool that checks if your email has been hacked

How to find out if your email and passwords have been hacked Cyber-attacks do not resemble the image that the collective imagination has of them. Far from dark screens full of binary code, hacks are hugely successful largely because they go unnoticed. Data breaches affect hundreds of thousands of users at a time, and even if you use your devices sensibly, yo
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The Stolen Source Code For FIFA 21 Was Just Published Online

A couple of months ago, hackers managed to steal the code for EA’s FIFA 21 videogame after they tricked an Electronic Arts employee into providing them with a login token. With a few swift moves, the criminals were in possession of the 780GB source code of EA’s 2021 version of the company’s best-selling franchise. The bad actors then demanded $28 million in
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London Underground to get full mobile coverage

In an effort to “stimulate the London economy”, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced plans to roll-out cellular network connectivity across the London Underground network. For the first time ever, travellers will be able to make and receive calls as they travel under the British capital’s streets. Unlike many other major European cities, the London metro sy
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How to be safely connected while travelling?

The pandemic is slowly but steadily starting to wear off, and more and more people are on the move. We are in the middle of the summer season, and travel is reaching pre-pandemic levels. The constant increase of administered vaccines makes people feel more confident to go out there too – approximately 50% of the US population has been fully vaccinated. Unfor
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Are advertising unique IDs anonymous?

They are meant to be anonymous, but an investigation conducted by VICE’s Motherboard found out there are a whole lot of companies that offer services such as linking unique smartphone IDs to real people. According to VICE’s tech media outlet, the data industry actively exploits a regulatory loophole that allows data brokers to link real people to
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Android users – do this now to protect yourself against hackers

Text messaging is one of the most popular communication methods available today. In 2018 there was an estimated 6.5 trillion SMS messages sent – and that was just in the USA. Text messages are a large part of daily life. We use them to chat with friends and family, to stay in touch with our work colleagues and to get help and advice from the brands we shop w
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