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Where are the cybercriminals coming from next?

The good news is that we are all getting better at spotting scams. However, cybercriminals ware not giving up. In fact, they are constantly developing new ways to steal our money and our data. So even though you may be an expert at spotting (and deleting!) phishing emails, you will need to remain vigilant. Here’s what to expect next. Virtual Reality collides
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How to stay anonymous online

Privacy and anonymity are important human rights – so you probably want to protect both when using the internet. This is particularly true when you realize that if a cybercriminal can identify you, they can probably also target you. Fortunately there are some ways that you can better protect yourself online. A word of warning This guide is designed to help y
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Hackers steal the SSN of nearly 6 million people

The network systems of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the US, called PharMerica, were breached by hackers a couple of months ago. The cybercriminals managed to steal the personal information of nearly 6 million people. The information stolen by the bad actors includes extremely sensitive information. PharMerica has thousands of locations acro
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Are you eligible for a piece of the $725 million Facebook settlement?

Tech giant Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has reached a settlement with plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit currently pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The lawsuit came after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that shook the social platform five years ago. The political consulting firm exploited a looph
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The 5 Pillars of IT Security (according to the NHS)

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is a regular target for hackers and cybercriminals. Holding medical records for nearly 60 million patients, NHS IT is a goldmine of valuable personal data. And attacking NHS systems has the potential to significantly disrupt healthcare in the UK – like the recent ransomware attack that took several key systems offline i
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Western Digital hit by hackers

Last month Western Digital (WD) was hit by a hacker attack. TechCrunch first reported the news on Thursday last week after the cybercriminals contacted the popular blog. WD is known as a Silicon Valley-based American computer drive manufacturer and data storage company. The hackers claim to have more than 10TB of sensitive data stolen from the storage compan
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Cybersecurity for Kids: 7 Tips for Teaching the Basics

Raising a child today means raising a digital native — they are constantly connected to the online world through smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. No matter where they go, the internet follows, which means cybersecurity for kids is becoming an increasingly important topic to tackle. Research shows that many children and young adults are cons
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Does my local police station use face recognition?

Implementing facial recognition technology by government agencies has proven to be a controversial topic over the years. However, hundreds of law enforcement departments across the USA have already deployed the technology and begun to actively use it in investigations. While most security agencies claim that they use it only for severe crimes, police agencie
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Are public USB charging stations to be trusted?

Spring travel has been in full swing, and the FBI alerted travelers about the potential dangers hidden in public USB charging stations. Denver FBI’s office Twitter account warned spring breakers that bad actors could use charging stations to infect devices with malicious code and monitoring software. Free powering options are often observed in places with hi
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How to secure your Twitter account with 2FA

Twitter, the social networking service, has undergone a series of significant changes since being bought by Elon Musk. One of the highest profile alterations has been extension of the “Twitter verified” program. Previously reserved for celebrities and high profile individuals. Now anyone can pay a monthly subscription to become verified – and to display a Tw
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US Federal agencies banned from using foreign spyware

Earlier this week, The White House decided to ban federal agencies from using foreign spyware. President Biden signed an executive order that stops federal employees from utilizing the power of foreign commercial spyware such as the controversial Pegasus, a spyware developed by Israeli cyber-arms company NSO Group. White House confirmed that the radical deci
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AI terms you need to know

Confused by Artificial Intelligence? You’re not alone. This short guide will help you understand some of the new technologies and what they mean for you. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scientists have been trying to build computers capable of ‘thinking’ for themselves for many years – and we are finally reaching a point where these systems are capable of close
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The internet is watching you, could your boss be too?

More than 2.3 billion gigabytes of internet data is created every single day and the data trail we leave online – through our social media posts, the things we search for, the things we buy, the forms we fill in and the website cookies we download without even realizing it – provides a detailed picture of who we are and what we do. Are you being watche
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How to Find WiFi Anywhere You Go

Finding WiFi in a foreign country can be a hassle. You may be unsure of which WiFi network to choose or give up and switch to LTE, incurring expensive fees. Though WiFi when traveling isn’t a necessity, it does make life a lot easier. That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide on how to find WiFi anywhere you go. From using WiFi hotspot apps to takin
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The Five Don’ts of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s Marketplace feature has been around for over five years and has become a relatively important part of Facebook. Users often use the Facebook Marketplace to sell products, get rid of stuff and purchase everything from antiques to vehicles. Sadly, the online marketplace has also become an attractive ground for scammers. Facebook is not immune
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