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North Korean Hackers Charged with Plot to Steal $1.3B

The United States Department of Justice has given three North Korean hackers a formal notice that it is believed that they have actively been committing cybercrimes and have been plotting to steal approximately $1.3B from businesses, among many other crimes such as bank thefts and cryptocurrency heists. The three men who appear to be members of a North Korea
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Alternatives to the Google Chrome web browser

Approximately 7 in 10 people use the Google Chrome web browser. It’s fast, reliable and free – exactly what most of need to surf the web. But Google Chrome is also a terrible snoop. Every website you visit is logged and sent back to Google to help them build a profile about you and your interests. That profile is then used to decide what adverts you see as y
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How to make Microsoft Office (mostly) unhackable

Microsoft Office has been the world’s most popular productivity app for many years. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are instantly recognisable tools that we use at work and home. Unfortunately, this popularity makes Office a magnet for cybercriminals who regularly create new ways to exploit the software to steal personal data. The good news is that there
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3.27 Billion Reasons to Change Your Password

The largest-ever compilation of stolen passwords and emails was recently posted online on a hacking forum that anyone could access. The lists contain a staggering 3.27 billion entries! The enormous database appears to be a compilation of leaked login credentials and other information from previous data leaks. The passwords and emails are from leaks not only
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The weirdest hacking techniques you’ve never heard of

For years we have written about malware, viruses and phishing on the Panda Security blog – but there are other ways to break into a computer. Here are three of the weirdest techniques we’ve heard of – and they really do work. Keyboard hijacking There are many malware variants that infect computers, monitoring every button you press on your keyboard; they
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Gitanjali Rao, the 15-year-old scientist, awarded Time’s Kid of The Year

A 15-year-old scientist and inventor has been awarded Time magazine’s first Kid of the Year award. Despite her youth, Gitanjali Rao has to her credit several innovative creations in various fields, such as a device capable of identifying the presence of lead in drinking water -which she has named Tethys after the Greek goddess of fresh water- or an app
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Safer Internet Day: tips for good online security

Online criminals don’t have an ‘off-season,’ so maintaining excellent security hygiene should be a top priority no matter what day, week or month it happens to be. That said, Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to take a step back, educate yourself on today’s top threats and renew your commitment to strong security. Here are a few key tips and best pra
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Scammers Are After Your Tax Refunds

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is about to start accepting individual and business tax returns for 2020. Tax season will officially kick off on February 12th, 2021. Tens of millions of Americans will be filing tax forms hoping for a quick and painless tax refund process. Cybercriminals are rolling up their sleeves too, as they will be looking for loophol
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UK users at risk of being hacked due to misconceptions about devices

Over a third of UK consumers do not think new smart devices need protecting 50% of survey respondents not concerned at all about potential data breaches   A new survey of 1,500 people in the UK from Cybersecurity specialists Panda Security, has revealed that only a quarter (27%) of consumers are actively seeking to protect their devices – su
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How to stay focused online

The internet is an amazing source of entertainment. There are websites for every hobby or interest, social media to connect with friends, shops to buy anything and millions of hours of videos and music to stream. Normally this is fantastic news, offering a number of ways to relax and unwind after a hard day at work. But as more and more of us are working fro
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Vulnerability found in top messaging apps let hackers eavesdrop

Google’s Project Zero discovered that a security flaw might have allowed hackers to eavesdrop on Android users. After an investigation conducted by cybersecurity researcher Natalie Silvanovich, the expert discovered vulnerabilities in many apps with 10M+ installs on Google Play that accept incoming calls. The affected applications include hugely popula
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Why do people still fall for online scams?

Most of us have grown up with computers being an everyday part of life. At work or at home computers and smart devices play an important role in daily life. And most of us have learned to use them quite safely – although regular readers of the Panda Security blog will probably be even better informed. Yet despite an increase in general IT knowledge, pe
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Will GOP retaliate against Big Tech for censuring President Trump?

Some of the most recognized brands in the tech industry, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Reddit, banned the United States’ sitting President from using the digital platforms. Donald Trump suddenly lost tribunes that gave him access to more than one hundred million followers. Initially, the bans were supposed to last until Joe Biden’
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What happens if my phone is stolen?

Mobile phones are an incredibly important part of our lives. As well as making calls, we use them to surf the web, shop online, take photographs, post on social media and even pay for goods in store. Losing your smartphone is distressing. A stolen phone is even worse. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional upset, but you have to act quickly to prote
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2021: Our cybersecurity predictions for the new year

However you look at it, 2020 has been one of the strangest years ever. Many of us were able to work from home for the first time, online shopping became the norm, and for long periods of time, video calling was the only way we could talk to our loved ones. So what can we expect in the new year? An increase in scammer activity Security researchers have recent
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