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One third of Americans’ cell numbers available on password-free server

Cell Numbers of one-third of the US population found on a password-free server Approximately 133 million US-based cell numbers are part of the 419 million records found by cyber-security researches on a password-free server. The private data is originating from Facebook. Most of the entries stored on the easily accessible server contained not only cell numbe
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How secure is the new iPhone 11?

Apple officially announced its latest series of mobile phones at an event in Silicon Valley. The new iPhone 11 series have already become available for preorder on Sept 13th and are expected to start shipping on the 20th. The new iPhone comes in three versions – 11, Pro and Pro Max. The significant difference between the three devices is the size, the
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Internet scams – why do people keep falling for them?

The internet is a great way to stay informed about what is going on in the world around us. News, celebrity gossip, personal updates from friends, almost everything we want or need to know is available online – usually via social media. In between all the useful information is a lot of misinformation however. Hoaxes and scams continue to circulate onli
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The Justice Department is suing Edward Snowden over a book

Edward Snowden, an American whistleblower who leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) and the CIA back in 2013, released a book called ‘Permanent Record’ on Sept 17th. The new book of the controversial American now living in exile in Russia got hit with a lawsuit only a few hours after it was published. Accord
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DNA virus brings malware full circle

In what sounds like a science fiction story, scientists have successfully infected a computer using a virus encoded in DNA. The experiment was designed to prove that DNA could be used to successfully infect computers in the future. During the test, engineers created an artificial strand of DNA and “programmed” malicious code inside it. The strand was then in
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Bionic employees and biohacking

Wireless chips are an increasingly important part of day-to-day life. We use contactless cards to pay for goods, they have replaced travel tickets, and many people even use embedded chips to access their offices at work. But almost every chip required another plastic card – pretty soon you end up with a wallet full of contactless cards. Which is why some ind
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Locky ransomware strikes at Amazon

Locky is back! We’ve been closely monitoring the rebirth of the ransomware for quite some time. Since early last year, different variations of the ransomware have been periodically popping in and out. Last year we discussed the tricks of the malicious software and had a deeper look into how it works. As you may remember, the primary purpose of the malicious
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Artificial Intelligence: Myth and Reality

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) begins to find practical applications in day-to-day life, we are hearing more and more about it. In amongst the success stories are countless warnings of a Terminator-like future where self-aware robots take over the world. So how can you separate fact from fiction, and could humanity really be eradicated by intelligent comput
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BlueBorne Bluetooth hack could affect millions of smartphones

Bluetooth is an important smartphone technology, allowing us to transfer files, or to listen to music, wirelessly. It’s so useful that many people leave it switched on all the time. But researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the technology that allows hackers to take control of a victim’s phone remotely. Known as “BlueBorne”, the technique can be use
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GDPR offers new protections for young adults

From May 2018, a new data protection law – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – will come into force, designed to better protect the privacy of European citizens. GDPR gives consumers a number of rights over the personal data that companies collect, and forces those businesses to better protect the information too. If a company does breach the GDP
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Why is Online Voting Not a Good Idea?

Online voting could introduce great risk into the election system by threatening voters It’s the 21st century, and we are living in the future as technology is advancing at a rapid speed. It has never been easier to shop online and to do online banking. It is possible money will even cease to exist as blockchain digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Monero
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Equifax hit with a data breach possibly affecting half of the US population

This Thursday Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus in the US, announced that cyber security incident involving consumer information of nearly half of the population in the US had been spotted on July 29th, 2017. In the press release published yesterday, they stated that based on their internal investigation the data breach began taking place in mid
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Cyber Security Tips for Parents and Children

How to protect your children from cyber threats The summer just gracefully glanced over our lives, and now it is time for things to get back to normal – we will soon start feeling the cold breeze and the days will become shorter. Even though that the good old days of casual dress code in the office are now gone, being back to reality has some positives too.
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Facebook Messenger: Beware of malware!

New cross-platform malware for Windows/Mac/Linux spreading via Facebook Messenger A cyber-criminal gang is using Facebook Messenger to spread a new malware specimen through links to spoof websites. This threat, which is highly sophisticated and has been customized for each Web browser, has been uncovered by a security expert who received a suspicious message
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Are All Hackers Bad? 7 Types of Hackers

Top Seven Types of Hackers You hear about leaks and hacks on a daily basis, but most of the times the identity of the people involved in these events remain hidden from the society. Every time there is a cyber-incident, the media releases a lot of information about the damages, but you rarely get much about the hackers themselves. Sometimes names of a myster
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