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How IT can limit the risk of popular messaging apps

In the fight against shadow IT, CIOs have faced for more significant challenges than modern consumer messaging apps. And the popularity of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Google Hangouts has, in many cases, led to a more open IT approach to consumer communication tools in enterprise. When IT leaders let employees use their
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Popular messaging apps present real enterprise threat

Today's mobile device owners commonly use messaging apps to send selfies, command bots to order takeout and collaborate with their coworkers — sometimes simultaneously, and oftentimes via the same app. Nothing in particular precludes messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook's Messenger, Skype or Telegram from being used for work, play and everything in
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Microsoft touts new, holistic approach to enterprise security

Microsoft is putting a lot of effort and money into building a holistic security platform that combines the attack protection, detection and response features built into Windows 10, Office 365, Azure and the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to help companies safeguard their data regardless of where it resides.Talking at the Microsoft Government Cloud
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Zero-day flaw in Google Admin app allows malicious apps to read its files

An unpatched vulnerability in the Google Admin application for Android can allow rogue applications to steal credentials that could be used to access Google for Work acccounts.One of the main aspects of the Android security model is that apps run in their own sandboxes and cannot read each other’s sensitive data through the file system. There are APIs for ap
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Google has another try at patching Stagefright flaw

Google has released another patch for the Stagefright vulnerability after a security firm said the first one didn’t fix it.Hundreds of millions of Android devices are vulnerable to Stagefright. A device can be compromised merely through the receipt of a specially crafted multimedia message (MMS), so an attacker needs only the victim’s phone number.The flaw w
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Use SAP's mobile platform? Patch now to avoid these 'high risk' vulnerabilities

Three high risk vulnerabilities in SAP Mobile could give attackers access to encrypted information stored in mobile devices, security firm Onapsis reported Wednesday.All three vulnerabilities were recently fixed by SAP, but systems are only safe if the patches are applied.“SAP runs so many of the world’s largest enterprises that any vulnerability must be tak
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Mobile banking apps in developing nations have weak security

The developing world is increasingly using mobile banking apps to move money, but new research shows those apps are often poorly coded and pose security risks.Researchers with the University of Florida looked at dozens of apps used for mobile money systems but extensively analyzed seven that have millions of users in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and t
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BlackBerry denies its OS was to blame in Jeep Cherokee hack

Responding to an accusatory blog post, BlackBerry has again denied that its embedded operating system caused the potentially dangerous vulnerability recently demonstrated in Chrysler Jeep Cherokees.Last month, security researchers demonstrated how to circumnavigate the in-vehicle entertainment system of the Jeep Cherokee to take over the car itself, includin
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Attackers could take over Android devices by exploiting built-in remote support apps

Many smart phone manufacturers preload remote support tools on their Android devices in an insecure way, providing a method for hackers to take control of the devices through rogue apps or even SMS messages.The vulnerability was discovered by researchers from security firm Check Point Software Technologies, who presented it Thursday at the Black Hat security
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Maliciously crafted MKV video files can be used to crash Android phones

A malicious application or Web page could be used to crash Android devices, in some cases persistently, due to a vulnerability in a multimedia processing component.The announcement, by security researchers from Trend Micro, comes days after other Android media processing flaws were revealed. Those flaws could allow attackers to compromise devices with a simp
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Does Your BYOD Policy Allow Bad Apps

BYOD policies enable economies of scale but also introduce vulnerabilities to the enterprise. Many employees unknowingly bring malicious apps to work compromising identities and enabling conduits for spies. But what is the effect of BYOD on enterprise security? What are the best-practice policies for organizations looking to embrace this new
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