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MAPS Helps Enterprises Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls

Gartner’s recently published Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls (July 27, 2020; Dionisio Zumerle) provides security and risk management leaders with must-follow mobile best practices to avoid data leakage from mobile devices and attacks to infrastructure. Zimperium – the global leader in mobile device and app security and provider of the Mobil
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Mobile App Security vs. Web App Security | How They Differ

Mobile Apps Are Different Than Web Apps; Mobile and Web App Security Must Be Different Too From a security perspective, almost every company invests in technology to protect their organization’s network, resources, websites and data. Even given the fast-expanding attack surface that mobile, IoT and other technologies are driving, many enterprises are
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The Latest Mobile Security Threats and How to Prevent Them

For many of us, the last few months have drastically increased our reliance on mobile capabilities. Through the increased use of corporate mobile apps, virtual private networks (VPNs), hot spots and more, mobile communications are more ubiquitous than ever. Because of this enhanced, unprecedented and sudden dependence on mobile capabilities, mobile security
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Confessions app Whisper spills almost a billion records

byDanny BradburyResearchers who uncovered a data exposure from mobile app Whisper earlier this week have released more details about the incident.Whisper is an app from MediaLab, a mobile app company that owns a host of other apps including the popular messaging service Kik. It offers a kind of anonymous social network service that allows people to post thei
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Google removed nearly 600 apps from the Play Store for ad policy violation

Google announced to have removed nearly 600 Android apps in the official Play Store that were violating two ad-related policies. Google removed from the official Play Store nearly 600 Android apps that were violating two ad-related policies, it also banned the same apps from Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager. “As part of our ongoing efforts —
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iPhone Apps you granted camera access can secretly take photos and record video

A serious privacy issue in iPhone that could be exploited by iOS app developers to silently take your photos and record your live video by enabling cameras. Do you use an iPhone? If yes, there is probably something that you need to know about it! The Austrian developer and Google engineer, Felix Krause, has discovered a serious privacy issue in Apple iPhone
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Do We Need to Worry About Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is still a challenge for organizations. With the constant introduction of new productivity and communication tools, as well as the adoption and evolution of existing services, users are more inclined to collaborate outside of IT-sanctioned applications. It is often easier to share information using one of the apps already integrated on our phones
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76 Popular iOS apps are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks

A study conducted on iOS mobile apps revealed that many of them are affected by security vulnerabilities that expose users to man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. A new study confirms that dozens of iOS apps are affected by vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to run man-in-the-middle (MitM) and intercept data from connections even if protected by
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Waze | Another way to track your moves

Millions of drivers use Waze, a Google-owned navigation app, to find the best, fastest route from point A to point B. And according to a new study, all of those people run the risk of having their movements tracked by hackers. Researchers at the University of California-Santa Barbara recently discovered a Waze vulnerability that allowed them to create thou
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Lyft customers face potential hack from recycled phone numbers

Giving up an old cell phone number for a new one may seem harmless. But for Lyft customers, it can potentially expose their accounts to complete strangers.That's what happened to Lara Miller, a media relations specialist living in California. Earlier this month, she discovered two credit card charges made in Las Vegas, over 400 miles away."I thought it w
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Telegram's encryption stymies French police but pleases their bosses

French government officials have been revealed as fervent users of Telegram, a messaging app that is frustrating their interior minister with its end-to-end encryption.Telegram's fans include the current head of the French judicial police, Christian Sainte, and his predecessor, Frédéric Péchenard. The app's security has also won over a number of
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How IT can limit the risk of popular messaging apps

In the fight against shadow IT, CIOs have faced for more significant challenges than modern consumer messaging apps. And the popularity of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Google Hangouts has, in many cases, led to a more open IT approach to consumer communication tools in enterprise. When IT leaders let employees use their
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BSidesLV 2016: Mobile App Attack

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the primary need of any user. Ease of use, portability, user-friendly GUI, robust computing, a wide variety of applications… all of these features makes a mobile device much more compelling than a normal computer.However, mobile phones are becoming more of a security concern, and organizations need to consider a new
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Black Hat security conference trims insecure features from its mobile app

Black Hat has disabled features of its mobile application because attackers could have logged in as legitimate attendees, posted messages in their names and spied on the messages they sent.The problem was discovered by mobile security vendor Lookout who detail the problem in a blog that says the method of registration and password resets were fla
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Surefire security fail: One. App. At. A. Time.

No one questions anymore that app security is critical, but leaving security to the app makers is asking for trouble. You need a centralized approach that makes sure all apps on your network are governed by the same rules.Think of it this way: If you concentrate your efforts on securing individual apps, your network will be as vulnerable as the w
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